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Cuts - Kellic (Book One) // boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Cuts - Kellic (Book One) // boyxboyby author
- Rewrite of Technically a Marriage is Saved - Kellin is hopelessly in love with his best friend Vic and can't shake these feelings, not even after ten years, not even w...
Band Smut  by mikesdrugdealer
Band Smut by piercetheveilTRASH
HAITUS Filthy smut for you horny pieces of trash
Babysitter »kellic« (boyxboy) by 420junhui
Babysitter »kellic« (boyxboy)by liana
Kellin Quinn is a sophomore in high school. One night when his parents go out for dinner, leaving him alone with his little sister, he accidentally starts a fire in the...
band texts [frerard, perrentes, cashby, kellic, jalex, & more] by helenasyko
band texts [frerard, perrentes, helena
these are probably real lmao » will contain boyxboy and in one case, girlxgirl so if you're not okay with that then wtf r u doing on the internet » the ships in this b...
Adopted by Tony Perry and Mike Fuentes  by Teenwolfmk55
Adopted by Tony Perry and Mike Mak
Sophie, is a 6 year old little girl, but the one thing is she is mute. She hasn't spoken since she was at the orphanage, because she doesn't trust anyone, and she's real...
Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Sequel to Class Dismissed) ✔️ by LexusRat
Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Mouse
This is the promised sequel for Class Dismissed so if you haven't read that, go do that first. Chelsea could not have been happier with how her life had turned out... S...
Perrentes- Mpreg by RachelPurdy121
Perrentes- Mpregby RachelPurdy121
Highschool and Mpreg fanfiction with Tony Perry and Mike Fuentes
Otp Prompts (and AU's) by holykellic
Otp Prompts (and AU's)by ・゜。 * 。・゜ミ★
hopefully this can help some of you ☻
Adopted By Perrentes (Perrentes) (Pierce The Veil) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Adopted By Perrentes (Perrentes) ( Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Mike and Tony, otherwise known as Perrentes by fans of their band Pierce The Veil want to take the next step in their relationship. Actually announcing to th...
Emo Band Imagines by _MintyFresh_
Emo Band Imaginesby _MintyFresh_
Includes the typical emo band members (I know 5SOS isn't emo by the way but it's a starting point) Mostly you and said band member but some are BoyxBoy Enjoy, vote, comm...
Gay one shots by worthnothing32
Gay one shotsby Meanie Trash
So this will be gay one shots! Along with the ships you guys know and I know. Like from bands, YouTubers, kpop shippers So yeah. I'll be updating this one whenever I...
Hold Me Close | Kellic by xQuentesx
Hold Me Close | Kellicby amu nadnapa
Kellin Quinn, a secretive demon and Vic Fuentes, a scarred angel. They don't know who they're talking to but they can hear a voice. When that voice becomes what each nee...
A-Z (Bandom Shots) by Getindarling
A-Z (Bandom Shots)by @Getindarling
A book of one-shots for different bands- which I don't own by the way. For example, one chapter might be 'A' is for Apple. Each letter is a chapter, so this book will h...
When I'm Talking To You (COMPLETED) by perrentestrash
When I'm Talking To You (COMPLETED)by i hate my username
Kellin is starting to believe he has no will to live. The world is just not his place, no one cares about him, he doesn't even care about himself. Kellin believes he is...
The First Punch {Perrentes} by JetBlack_Jay
The First Punch {Perrentes}by Jalyssa
Tony is the bad boy of the school. But he isn't your normal bad boy. He has a secret. He is gay. So what what happens when Mike comes to Ridge Way High?
Kings For Forever [Kellic] boyxboy by vicsbreasteses
Kings For Forever [Kellic] boyxboyby dude SICK
Kellin is not your average Junior in high school, he comes from a broken family and has an alcoholic mom. They just moved to San Diego from Michigan. Kellin goes to a ne...
Kinktober One-Shots (boyxboy) by Smdfuentes
Kinktober One-Shots (boyxboy)by A.B.
A collection of gay smut based on the kinktober prompt shown as media in the first intro chapter. - I hopped on the inktober bandwagon and couldn't complete it so h...
Kellic// Rainy Days by kellicslife
Kellic// Rainy Daysby ;)
(Completed) One rainy day, Kellin met Vic. Who knew that one little mexican boy could change Kellin's whole life
million dollar houses (perrentes) by _elaine_phillips
million dollar houses (perrentes)by _elaine_phillips
I DID NOT PUT IN ANY OF THE EMBEDDED LINKS SO DON'T CLICK ON THEM I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY GOT THERE.WARNING. there is boyxboy smut in this story. also i do not own any o...
in the eyes of a stranger: perrentes by bornofstupidity
in the eyes of a stranger: karen
mike: i think i'm in love with my bestfriend... am i?