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A rockstar dad? by animallover1604
A rockstar dad?by Isabella
Tony Desimone a 16 year old girls whole life as she knows it changes when she finds out the man she thought was her father truly isn't.But her real father is an idol o...
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Live Like We Want To (The Royale Siblings) by BloodSapphire
Live Like We Want To (The Royale Sapphire Von Asters
Acacia is the little sister of the Palaye Royale brothers. They have stood by each other's side their whole lives. After a betrayal leaves Acacia upsetting and seriously...
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He's my Heaven by Jasey_Moriarty08
He's my Heavenby Jasey Moriarty
I walked into the woods. I found the bridge over the deepest River. I stood on the edge. "what are you doing?" a male voice asked me. "what's it look like...
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To Be Lost by DelanaMD
To Be Lostby Delana (Koda) ♡
" Oh, what wonders would await you, if you were to be lost? " - Palaye Royale AU. Revamped Starting: May 24th, 2020.
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Adopted By Palaye Royale  by AllElseFails
Adopted By Palaye Royale by AllElseFails
13 year old Ivy was dropped off at a adoption center when she was only 5. Spent most of her life wondering what it's like to live with people other than a bunch of kids...
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Mentally in love (Remington Leith) by nerdy_girls_221B
Mentally in love (Remington Leith)by KrashKat
Framed for murder and shoved into an insane asylum, she was tortured and abused. Until one day, they find the killer and can no longer keep her. But after all the abuse...
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𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖜𝖊𝖊𝖙 (𝕬 𝕽𝖊𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖙𝖔𝖓 𝕷𝖊𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝕱𝖆𝖓𝖋𝖎𝖈) by MrsClockwork
𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖜𝖊𝖊𝖙 (𝕬 𝕽𝖊𝖒� Mrs. Clockwork
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Of all the beautiful porcelain dolls in this world, why pick an broken rag doll like me?", I ask as he squeezes my hand and glance...
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Adopted by BVB (a Emerson Barrett love story) by HarleyHorror69
Adopted by BVB (a Emerson HarleyBrock570
Jinxx has a 17 year old daughter, who he's been looking for. It's been 15 years and he finally finds her. What happens when he brings her on Warped Tour?
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Dying in L.A. by AWeirdEmoFreak
Dying in Anonymous
Monica has suffered from depression, Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. She has troubles ever since... the accident. However when Monica moves to L.A. from Las Vegas, she wants to...
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All Hype, No Heart by emmyyxrose
All Hype, No Heartby e m m y
"Please stay" "All you wanted was a meaningless fuck, so man no way," Ryan grabbed her clothes.
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What He Missed {Palaye Royale} by thicc_boy_soldier
What He Missed {Palaye Royale}by CUDGY RYNN
Emerson Barrett Kropp, an 18 year old boy who committed suicide. He was a soft spoken boy who had dreams bigger than himself. His death was so sudden and it took a toll...
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REMDY ONE SHOTS by wind_and_spark
☀︎One shots for Andy Biersack & Remington Leith because I love this ship <3 ☀︎Send me requests for one shots!! ☀︎Mostly Angst/Fluff which means LOTS of Remdy cuddles...
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Adopted By Palaye Royale by JustaPerson7
Adopted By Palaye Royaleby Just a Person
Six year-old, Flora Trace has never had it easy. Her parent were abusive to her and were very demeaning. One day, Flora's parents picked her up from school early. Flora...
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Various Band Member DDM by underscoreandy
Various Band Member DDMby alexandra
daddy daughter moments with various band members! REQUESTS OPEN! this book with include chapters with many different band members, but if you're looking for Brendon Uri...
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You're Looking Skinny, You Sleepy Head (Remington Leith Fanfiction) by RemingtonLeithAw
You're Looking Skinny, You Yeemo Emo Trash
Very Slow Updates #53 on Remington 3/23/20 #100 on RemingtonLeith 3/23/20 #5 on Remmy 11/7/19 #7 on Palaye Royale!!!! 11/10/19 🖤🖤🖤
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❝HYPNOTIZED❞ |:\ Remington Leith X Reader by -peachyawsten-
❝HYPNOTIZED❞ |:\ Remington Leith •ACAB & BLM•
❝I'm sorry❞ ❝Yeah, I bet you are❞
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unholy pictures of palaye royale by patchworkIove
unholy pictures of palaye royaleby ・゚。.☆.*。・゚
"all my friends say it's raining, but i don't see no rain today." they're fucking beautiful march 15th, 2018 july 31st, 2018
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palaye royale | completed by urantiexo
palaye royale | completedby e x o
Emerson(1) 'Maybe this time i will pin you against the wall.' Highest Ranking: #6 in Bands.
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one shots (remington leith) by soysawce
one shots (remington leith)by dad
love for a sweet boy. (x) = smut ;) AP soysawce 2018
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Remington Leith Imagines  by wherewolf88
Remington Leith Imagines by wherewolf88
The title says it all Try not to judge lmao
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