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Balconial Conversations by exoticfinn
Balconial Conversationsby s
bal-co-nee-al ; of or referring to a balcony \\ in which a cynical girl and a disastrously (self-characterized) aromantic psychology student have daily discussions betwe...
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The Blonde Bitch Syndrome by Izavbell_14
The Blonde Bitch Syndromeby ˗ˏˋ iz ˎˊ˗
[ O N G O I N G ] "They are blondes. They are bound to be bitches. Right? " - Previously known as "Pretty Faces". - Status: Raw Draft
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I Don't Date Stupid ✓ by cryingcoffee
I Don't Date Stupid ✓by CASS
"So, Juliet? Will you date me?" Jack asks. "No, I don't date stupid," I flat out lie to his face. "Come on, Kat, you wouldn't be dating stupid...
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Thank God For Girls by NeverCatchMe
Thank God For Girlsby Never
Fairly Feminine poems about Ferociously Feminist things in a Frequently Figurative way. ------------------ "I'm so glad I have a girl to think of Even if she...
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What Will You Do If I Die Today? by chuckae
What Will You Do If I Die Today?by hiatus
About a girl who liked to eat healthy and smoke weed. Delirah Cruz isn't suicidal. She wants to die. She doesn't think of a million ways to kill herself. She imagines he...
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What Is #ProjectNoIsNo? by ProjectNoIsNo
What Is #ProjectNoIsNo?by #ProjectNoIsNo
Learn more about #ProjectNoIsNo (or #PNIN) here!
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#iGotCancer Bites by ProjectiGotCancer
#iGotCancer Bitesby #iGotCancer
Cancer Bites is a collection of poems and short stories that our beloved wattpad users have written for this campaign. We bring to you the supporting team, the surviving...
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Tolerance  |Rewrite&Editing| by the-bias
Tolerance |Rewrite&Editing|by Danni
In the world we live in, women were forced to submit. I, on the other hand would do anything to make him proud. A story about one girl's submission to a powerful man tha...
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SALSA by H4meee
SALSAby Cedya Hazel Sahin
My whole body paining like hell. I crawled weekly towards the wall and rested my back on it. My breathing unsteady, the marks on my body giving me the pain, the same pai...
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Hollywood Whore  by it_will_be_okay_
Hollywood Whore by TeLiah K. Robb
"Hollywood whore passed out on the floor. I'm sorry but the party's over..." For Meagan Steno the party isn't over; in fact, it has just started. Moving in wit...
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How to be Miss Popular [ON HOLD] by xxoluomzxx
How to be Miss Popular [ON HOLD]by ugh.
"Maybe you should do something first Andrea" he said as my world started to crumble before me ____________________________________ Andrea Philips' life is fli...
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Efflorescence [✔] by headqueerleader
Efflorescence [✔]by ✨ Queer Queen ✨
(n.): an example or result of growth and development; to flourish
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Goldie And The Rockstar by MyGirlAster
Goldie And The Rockstarby || a s t e r ||
My body calmed but my stomach knotted and my heart thumped hard against me at his hands fixing around my waist and at the closeness between us. I could feel the heat in...
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What is #TrueLoveWaits? by ProjectTrueLoveWaits
What is #TrueLoveWaits?by True Love Waits
Wondering what true love really is? Join this campaign and find it out what the true definition of love is.
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His Story of Tainted Travels and Painted Miseries by HailMikhail
His Story of Tainted Travels and Hail
Let's be honest. Peter is a guy with a girl's heart. His friends joked about him being too feminine. He will be a gay not unless he takes a shot of gin. He didn't want t...
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TSZ Magazine: December 2016 (Issue #4) by TheSafeZone
TSZ Magazine: December 2016 ( UnderYourWing
Abuse is an issue often whispered about in corners, or hidden behind through romantic movies and music. Depicted as the new normal, very few stand against it. This month...
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Unspoken by echoroom
Unspokenby e m i ☼
Eleanor Clark has always been at the top of the world. With her popularity, good looks, and bright personality, she wins the affections of everyone she meets. She's Carv...
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Why Me? by TheSilentWriter23
Why Me?by Kaylynn
Bailey Carter is one girl you don't want to mess with. With a father that was murdered, a mother dead from breast cancer, and a brother who died on a tour to Afghanistan...
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Perfidious (Bittersweet #2) by EtherealSomnambulist
Perfidious (Bittersweet #2)by Limerence
Perfidious (adjective): not able to be trusted. © EtherealSomnambulist [Dutch version: Verraderlijk]
Finding Valentine  by temptedcookie
Finding Valentine by Nessa
A sixteen year old girl walking alone in the dark, busy streets of a city isn't exactly considered safe. And so the chain of events are set into motion after a group of...
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