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Loving The Reminders |Watty's 2019 by samanthaxjordyn
Loving The Reminders |Watty's 2019by Samantha Jordyn
Currently being edited "You're a fucking mother, you have kids? and you are just now telling me?" Percy yelled Emery is a 16-year-old mother of twin daughters...
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The Red String of Fate by kittytheoneyoulove
The Red String of Fateby Coffee Bean Rae
Eumelia isn't that type who doesn't want to be in a relationship, she doesn't want to have problems in her life. Her parents decided to arrange marriage with her childho...
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QFTS 50 | Unwanted Memories by undertalelover18a
QFTS 50 | Unwanted Memoriesby Xx_Alex_xX
FIFTY books, holy crap!!! X3
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A victim of Sexual Harassment by Jasmeet2126
A victim of Sexual Harassmentby servin.looks.not.tea
Some of my encounters and some from others. I know a lot of people go through it, so let's talk about it.
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher by fixmyteeth
The Increasingly Poor Decisions fixmyteeth
"It's fuck all about heat or chemistry or any such shit, Gallagher. You and's just a thing that cannot happen. The sooner we both accept that, the better of...
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Daffodils by TheGreatBigBlue
Daffodilsby Thegreatbigblue
When the higher ups at her job all turn their back on her mistreatment, Beneva turns to those from down below to help her get justice. *** I like to think that the w...
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The Art of  Being Broken by ushered_by_u
The Art of Being Brokenby Che
A lost soul. A girl with no control. An anchor slowly sinking into a pitfall.
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COLD (A Septiplier fanfic) by Clovertheperson
COLD (A Septiplier fanfic)by Clovertheperson
In this story jack is a female so here's the prologue jackie is abused by her boyfriend Erin. she has been abused everyday until one day it went to far. but a group of...
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Light of Hope | BTS by younique_nush
Light of Hope | BTSby Anix Nates
A story of an 11-year old girl who encounters a life unlike that of a normal 11-year old child. Her life isn't surrounded by love and compassion but with hardships. Unli...
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Hasnain Guerrero is is a famous actress, she is always first on the list hottest of celebrities year after year , but in her seven years as an artist she was ranked as t...
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Scram 《wlw/gxg》 by sapphicc_romanticc18
Scram 《wlw/gxg》by Tink
《 NOT COMPLETED 》 Sick of her Mother's mundane and tiresome rules, a stoned Cassie Hall starts packing her backpack to runaway from home. While making a quick stop at a...
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A Turnaround For Germany || Countryhumans Fanfic by WaffleToby123
A Turnaround For Germany || Soviet Gayion
Germany had always been the overworking, wealthy, and serious country everyone knew. But that changed when he decided to go to Poland's sleepover party with some of his...
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Sugar & Spice by YanitaCalmdown
Sugar & Spiceby Maria D
Sequel to Coffee & Biscuits (it's essential you read it first): With fall in the air Aria Willows is now at Hudson University alongside her friend Jane and her mentor/he...
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Sexual Abuse  by Anonymous_boop
Sexual Abuse by Anon be oopin
Ok this is just a story about a traumatic event that happened when I was in like friggin kindergarten. It's so ridiculous and I can't believe I never thought it was wron...
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PROMISES » #MeToo ✔️ by kcutlas
PROMISES » #MeToo ✔️by kay
[A Wattpad Featured Story] #MeToo Piper Lee is a girl struggling to make amends with her past, let alone go through high school. She prefers to stay away from boys, and...
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savior by seokjinswifeeeu
saviorby seokjinswifeeeu
Yuzuru is 17 years old. And he is bullied and he suffers from serious problems such as selfharm and eating disorder. He loves to skate because it takes all the pain away...
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Do Not Tell A Soul by pinklyperfect
Do Not Tell A Soulby pinklyperfect
I was sexually manipulated by a 16 year old at the ages of 7-8. I have never told a soul until today.
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"Miss Lovato I don't  need your help."  by Alexdyinq
"Miss Lovato I don't need your ALex
A story about a girl who is in high school. ( strong language )
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The story of Daniah by Famousoceannn
The story of Daniahby AestheticallyAmazing
Daniah is an amazing teenage girl, who is having trouble finding out who she is, she goes through her first everything. What she didn't go through is true love from that...
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Words From A Bad Liar by STORM_cloudx
Words From A Bad Liarby Aashna
Poetry comes from highest happiness or deepest sorrow And a poet is a liar who always speaks the truth.. A collection of my poems. Deep emotions are all you would find h...
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