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In the Absence of Light by frangipanii
In the Absence of Lightby anne
If you were to ask Ivy what she thought of her neighbour, her response would be simple. Isaac West is a reckless, dangerous, criminal. And if you were to ask him the sam...
Breaking The Mirror [Edited And Complete] by LoveMyHateBabe
Breaking The Mirror [Edited And Ember Skye
"Go to hell." "Yes, sir." Jayden has a lot of problems and his new neighbor, Seaton Andrews, isn't helping matters... ~~ Jayden's life story is now...
❝When he calls to me, I am ready I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs ❞ ❝ Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain Even after three times, he betrays me...
Life isn't a drama  (seongjoong) by itsawhatever
Life isn't a drama (seongjoong)by itsawhatever
(completed) The story is about a 17-year-old boy named Kim Hongjoong who has good grades and works at the local cafe. One day at the cafe someone bumps into him makin...
Thief of my heart by infiniteflames_99
Thief of my heartby infiniteflames_99
Book of Yuktha and Indratan (AMS#3) Yuktha: An ever charming and ever-smiling person. A Gynecologist by profession and always wears her heart on her sleeve. Just like a...
Sugar & Spice by YanitaCalmdown
Sugar & Spiceby Maria D
Sequel to Coffee & Biscuits (it's essential you read it first): With fall in the air Aria Willows is now at Hudson University alongside her friend Jane and her mentor/he...
PROMISES » #MeToo ✔️ by kcutlas
PROMISES » #MeToo ✔️by kay
[A Wattpad Featured Story] #MeToo Piper Lee is a girl struggling to make amends with her past, let alone go through high school. She prefers to stay away from boys, and...
The One • woosang  by KangYeosnack
The One • woosang by 쫑 love bot
Soulmate au where the first words spoken to your soulmate are written on your body. And Wooyoung and Yeosang weren't exactly sure about the words written across their s...
 My Symphony [Genshin Impact! Xiao × Reader] by Anime_Fan589
My Symphony [Genshin Impact! Anime_Simp589
Being a popular girl at school and a famous singer-songwriter at the age of 17 Is a great achievement. Well, that's L/N Y/N's achievement. Loved and adored by many, Y/N...
Hatred For Men|✔️ by PearlBommoAwisiObeng
Hatred For Men|✔️by BACK TEMPORARILY
A young girl, who's innocence was taken away by her step father. Maria Louis was a nineteen year old girl living with her drunkard of a mother and step father. Even thou...
Do Not Tell A Soul by pinklyperfect
Do Not Tell A Soulby pinklyperfect
I was sexually manipulated by a 16 year old at the ages of 7-8. I have never told a soul until today.
How long is forever? by AngelikaHosp
How long is forever?by Basic B.
"forever," he whispers in my ear. - Eda just Eda that was her name. All her life she's moved from house to house and sometimes back to the foster care. Except...
Save Me by Istaneveryone_
Save Meby Mongtae
Maya, a sixteen year old girl woke up in an unknown place. Of all places she never thought she would wake Up in a place she doesn't recognize. Is this real or she's just...
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher by fixmyteeth
The Increasingly Poor Decisions fixmyteeth
"It's fuck all about heat or chemistry or any such shit, Gallagher. You and's just a thing that cannot happen. The sooner we both accept that, the better of...
Loving The Reminders | completed by samanthaxjordyn
Loving The Reminders | completedby Samantha Jordyn
Currently being edited "You're a fucking mother, you have kids? and you are just now telling me?" Percy yelled Emery is a 16-year-old mother of twin daughters...
PILIHAN ?[ongoing] by shahaiman550
PILIHAN ?[ongoing]by shah000aiman
So this is my first story, hope you guys enjoy it... _____________________________________________________________ [~"Pilih!!! Antara si tak guna nii atau aku.&quo...
Being a victim of sexual harassment  by prettyliesalwaysdie
Being a victim of sexual Floater
I was a victim. A sexual harassment case between my math teacher and I. *all of the events of this story are real, names will be changed for privacy reasons but I will b...
AA by onegus
AAby Hecatehatespeople
I'm Artemis I'm Adam I'm a junior learning to get through this toxic world who was born and raised in Chicago I'm a junior who's dad is a drunk and abusive and forced...
Her Best Friends Brothers by MCUScarletwitch
Her Best Friends Brothersby MCUScarletwitch
We see her everyday. Watching her. Wanting her. The time has come for her to be ours. No more waiting. We're taking her... rather she wants us or not.