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I Don't Date Stupid ✓ by cryingcoffee
I Don't Date Stupid ✓by CASS
"So, Juliet? Will you date me?" Jack asks. "No, I don't date stupid," I flat out lie to his face. "Come on, Kat, you wouldn't be dating stupid...
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Tolerance  |Rewrite&Editing| by the-bias
Tolerance |Rewrite&Editing|by Danni
In the world we live in, women were forced to submit. I, on the other hand would do anything to make him proud. A story about one girl's submission to a powerful man tha...
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Goldie And The Rockstar by MyGirlAster
Goldie And The Rockstarby || a s t e r ||
My body calmed but my stomach knotted and my heart thumped hard against me at his hands fixing around my waist and at the closeness between us. I could feel the heat in...
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His Story of Tainted Travels and Painted Miseries by HailMikhail
His Story of Tainted Travels and Hail
Let's be honest. Peter is a guy with a girl's heart. His friends joked about him being too feminine. He will be a gay not unless he takes a shot of gin. He didn't want t...
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How to be Miss Popular [ON HOLD] by xxoluomzxx
How to be Miss Popular [ON HOLD]by ugh.
"Maybe you should do something first Andrea" he said as my world started to crumble before me ____________________________________ Andrea Philips' life is fli...
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Unspoken by echoroom
Unspokenby e m i ☼
Eleanor Clark has always been at the top of the world. With her popularity, good looks, and bright personality, she wins the affections of everyone she meets. She's Carv...
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Charmed to death by Aanika_
Charmed to deathby ●Aanika●
She was bullied, he was the bully. She was the punching sack, he was the master. But it was all for nothing because suddenly she vanished away. One day she was suffering...
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Plummeting Virtue by OddballWriter
Plummeting Virtueby Kay Valencia
(New cover made by @Hecticly!) A homosexual teen boy with social anxiety tendencies is said to have been assaulted during a break-in at his house, which leaves his boyfr...
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The Blonde Bitch Syndrome by Izavbell_14
The Blonde Bitch Syndromeby ˗ˏˋ iz ˎˊ˗
[ O N G O I N G ] "They are blondes. They are bound to be bitches. Right? " - Previously known as "Pretty Faces". - Status: Raw Draft
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How to Save a Life by TheVenn
How to Save a Lifeby Sneha Venkatraman
"Life is like a rollercoaster that you just can't wait to get off." Alex is suicidal. Alex is depressed. This much is true. When Emma finds her crying in the g...
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Come Home Copper [On Hold] by jobonomo262
Come Home Copper [On Hold]by Bonnie
Izzie's life changes when her sister comes home from college with big news. Everything sort of tumbles to the ground, and she's hit with things too hard for her lips to...
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Finding Valentine  by temptedcookie
Finding Valentine by Nessa
A sixteen year old girl walking alone in the dark, busy streets of a city isn't exactly considered safe. And so the chain of events are set into motion after a group of...
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gavin (#projectnoisno) || ✓ by Just_Jae
gavin (#projectnoisno) || ✓by jae
The tale of how Gavin Lucas turned from Ingrid Moore's sunshine to the ticking time bomb that frazzled everything she believed in. Copyright © 2016 Just_Jae
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What Will You Do If I Die Today? by chuckae
What Will You Do If I Die Today?by hiatus
About a girl who liked to eat healthy and smoke weed. Delirah Cruz isn't suicidal. She wants to die. She doesn't think of a million ways to kill herself. She imagines he...
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TSZ Magazine: December 2016 (Issue #4) by TheSafeZone
TSZ Magazine: December 2016 ( UnderYourWing
Abuse is an issue often whispered about in corners, or hidden behind through romantic movies and music. Depicted as the new normal, very few stand against it. This month...
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#iGotCancer Bites by ProjectiGotCancer
#iGotCancer Bitesby #iGotCancer
Cancer Bites is a collection of poems and short stories that our beloved wattpad users have written for this campaign. We bring to you the supporting team, the surviving...
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Efflorescence [✔] by headqueerleader
Efflorescence [✔]by ✨ Queer Queen ✨
(n.): an example or result of growth and development; to flourish
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Why Me? by TheSilentWriter23
Why Me?by Kaylynn
Bailey Carter is one girl you don't want to mess with. With a father that was murdered, a mother dead from breast cancer, and a brother who died on a tour to Afghanistan...
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Unpredictability of Love by tanlines88
Unpredictability of Loveby Cyan
There were only a few things in this world which Em cared about -reading, boxing, eating and writing. But love is added to the list when she starts talking to a badass...
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SALSA by H4meee
SALSAby Cedya Hazel Sahin
My whole body paining like hell. I crawled weekly towards the wall and rested my back on it. My breathing unsteady, the marks on my body giving me the pain, the same pai...
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