Goldie And The Rock...
By MyGirlAster
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My body calmed but my stomach knotted and my heart thumped hard against me at his hands fixing around my waist and at the closeness between us. I could feel the heat in my cheeks radiating off of me. His fingers felt so electrifying against my flesh as if it were a forbidden action that my body secretly longed for. My breath froze in my throat as Cameron's eyes caught onto mine with dear life. "I'm here, don't worry I won't let you go," His words reassured me warming my insides. . Cameron and Lanny were polar opposites. But they were human and every human needed a friend, needed company, needed a shoulder to lean on and most importantly longed for love Story Status : Ongoing © copyright2019

|Goldie And The Rockstar|

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Goldie An...
by MyGirlAster