Unpredictability of...
By tanlines88
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There were only a few things in this world which Em cared about -reading, boxing, eating and writing. But love is added to the list when she starts talking to a badass, tattoo bearing college student, who also happens to be addicted to drugs. Her original plan had everything to do with talking to him and writing an article about the reasons for drug addiction and nothing to do with falling in love. But Em is a mouthy teenager, with a dirty mind and the knack for being as unpredictable as Justin Bieber's next public scandal, so of course she's going to do more than write an article, especially when she is dealing with a stereotypical bad boy..... Just a heads up, I won't be censoring any words like 'fuck' etc. Hopefully, it won't piss too many people off :) This book has a rank now, for some reason: #59 in humour! (13/6/2016) Cover by: @andywilliams_

When You Become A Creep [Prologue]

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by tanlines88