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Ariadne: Almost an Alpha | ✓ by luluminous
Ariadne: Almost an Alpha | ✓by luluminous
Ariadne has always been self-reliant. Four years ago, she became the leader of a small group of rogues, and her group has slowly grown in number. Now, to be better prote...
Brew Books 2 by ellekirks
Brew Books 2by elle kirks
After a difficult first few months working in the Brew Books café, Jane is finally feeling at home - until the past comes back to haunt her. ...
The Alpha  (Dynasty#1) by QueenJemma101
The Alpha (Dynasty#1)by A.J Fabella
She is different...an outlier and she will not bend. Kaya will rise and claim what is rightfully hers...no matter who she has to crush along the way. "I reject you...
Brew Books by ellekirks
Brew Booksby elle kirks
19-year-old Jane, newly-single, moves to London to work for her friend, Kitty. But Kitty is hiding something about the café - and about Jane and Kitty's past. ...
The Two Billionaires by mon1sha
The Two Billionairesby Monisha
Gwen Carter, the top of the food chain. A billionaire who owns the world. No one knows, who she is or where she comes from. All they know is if you mess with her, you wi...
Alpha camp  by bruhh___5555
Alpha camp by Sad Hoe
To become alpha you must go to alpha camp. To train, and learn to become the best possible alpha. But. In a place full of strong male alphas. What happens if there's a s...
The Female Alpha | ✗ by reneefuzzybunny
The Female Alpha | ✗by bleepbloop
Armelle Addison Dakota Donovan is one heck of female who would stop at nothing to make sure her pack was safe, even if it meant to ignore your mate and use him to win a...
All of Me by lydiahephzibah
All of Meby Lydia
Storie Sovany is used to being dismissed as the fat friend, until she moves from New York City to rural Ohio for college and the charming frat boy Liam Alexander approac...
Sharing Cigarettes by oliviahoney1
Sharing Cigarettesby oliviahoney1
"Look at you, look how pretty you are," I told her. She fluttered her green eyes open and watched, watched me continuously fuck her with my fingers.
The Last She (Books 1-3, the Last She Series) by hjnelson
The Last She (Books 1-3, the Last...by H.J. Nelson
Ara, the only woman left alive after a plague, is searching for a way to save humanity. She thinks there isn't a man she can trust, until she meets Kaden. ...
Yall Just Don't Like Black Women by jasthefeminist
Yall Just Don't Like Black Womenby Jasmine ✨
A book full of angry black feminist op-eds and rants written by this black girl so keep your misogynoir to yourself ✨ i am not a teacher so please don't ask me teach you...
Diary of a Dying Woman  by tiredoldsoul
Diary of a Dying Woman by ...
"I'm in the mood to dissolve in the sky..." -Virginia Woolf
Enola Holmes- The Fox In The Henhouse by A_wild_lyle
Enola Holmes- The Fox In The Henho...by Lyle Faulkner
Enola Holmes has disappeared, leaving behind a cryptic clue, a bloodied dagger and a room full of secrets. It's up to Sherlock to follow the trail she left behind. A...
Stalking the Alpha by KatLeBlanc
Stalking the Alphaby Kat LeBlanc
Darcy Summers has been in one too many car trunks in her life. None more important than the one she currently resides. Hog tied, with a bag over her head. Stalking the A...
Unshackling the King (The Dragon Lorde #1) by CblaRae00
Unshackling the King (The Dragon L...by Rae
"Yes, I am!!!" Kaede leans down to her ear his hot breath tickling her cheek in a tantalizing way, as swooping butterflies made way to her stomach. "I see...
The Workaholic Wife (COMPLETED) by gopikah
The Workaholic Wife (COMPLETED)by gopikah
A workaholic doctor never thought about marriage a day in her life until she woke up to find a man in her bedroom. Her mother wanted grandchildren and she wanted to abid...
Break ups & How To Move On by IffatFatimahh
Break ups & How To Move Onby Iffat Fathimah
Well, post break up stress is a real thing! I know it's hard and I've felt it too. Think of this as a small booklet about things that I have found to be really helpful i...
The Ephemeral (Book 1: Breeder) by gtgrandom
The Ephemeral (Book 1: Breeder)by Erica Gallegos
She's an outcast cursed to consume the memories of anything she touches. A woman fated to repopulate the nation's army. A breeder barred from the sword. And she's de...
Beauty and Beastly | ✓ by atria_x
Beauty and Beastly | ✓by atria♥️
THIS BOOK IS COMPLETED but it will be HEAVILY EDITED and have things added to it in the future. I wrote this book when I was much younger. I didn't expect it to reach th...
𝑺𝑬𝑿𝒀𝑩𝑨𝑪𝑲™ | Femdom Oneshots by -SXTXNDEMIE
𝑺𝑬𝑿𝒀𝑩𝑨𝑪𝑲™ | Femdom Oneshotsby 𝐴𝑀𝐵𝐸𝑅 𝐷𝐸𝑀𝐼𝐸
Its time for women to stop cooking and cleaning and get to work! On their subs that is... female Domination is the new solution to everyones problems. So leave 2020 beh...