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System, are you messing with me? by CountOfDarkness
System, are you messing with me?by My Lord
A shameless and sometimes even sadistic beauty. That's how the people would describe Shu Ning. He was very popular with men and woman equally but of course there were al...
[Quick Wear] Beautiful White Lotus Online Teaching  by Royallilium
[Quick Wear] Beautiful White Mia
This novel is not mine, only for offline reading proposes. All credit goes to the real author. PURE MTL Source: Description: 1V1 main...
Souls : Finding Love by resscruez
Souls : Finding Loveby Ress Cruez
Ivanov Williams had rightfully died after saving a good little dog that had belonged to him but the irony was that just the day before that the dog had been kicked out o...
Turn on the Love System by Star332211
Turn on the Love Systemby Star<3
Tao Yuan was willing to take the peach blossom system to go to different worlds to complete the tasks, and the most important task is to fall in love. And every relation...
Unbridled by your side by Nikolai-umi
Unbridled by your sideby Nikolai-umi
The Top martial artist has been chosen by the Lord God to be reborn after his dead because of the meritorious deeds he did during his life, As the world top martial art...
I Have A Chronic Illness System wu wu wu (BL) by System008
I Have A Chronic Illness System System008
[System008 has logged on] System008- " Welcome host to the I Have A Chronic Illness System... IM SO SORRY :(つд⊂):゜。" Qiao Chen softly caressed the glowing ball...
The One True System by cyantea
The One True Systemby milk
[BL] Xiao Yi wakes up bound to a system named QT, and with no memories to speak of. He is soon given a purpose: to travel to different worlds and complete the tasks give...
High In Pursuit by nia948
High In Pursuitby nia 94
Ryan, an outstanding police officer with the highest criminal arrest rate in the city. He is kind toward the innocent, but cruel and violent to the criminal. There are...
To Live a Peaceful Life in Multiple Worlds by snomellow
To Live a Peaceful Life in snomellow
"And the winner issssss..." Angela Li wanted to live a normal life, grow old, and die peacefully in her sleep, but who would have guessed that this lovely drea...
Stir Up the Whole World by Evil_Megane
Stir Up the Whole Worldby Megane
Synopsis: Original Title: 撩遍全世界[快穿] Author: 寒花一梦 (Cold flower one dream) Copywriter: Every single world, Lu Man is confronting the entire love hard mode- Problem student...
I Have 48 Hours a Day (我的一天有48 小时) by Little Bleary Zhao (English Translation) by BoredWanderer00
I Have 48 Hours a Day (我的一天有48 小时) BoredWanderer00
Growing up with eccentric materialistic parents who left him in the care of his grandfather for a job overseas, Zhang Heng had learned to adapt and be unfettered by the...
Angel Diaries by RayvenLunaNite
Angel Diariesby Rayven Luna Nite
"Whoever said one person can't make a difference was wrong." I'm Nyxie, a fallen angel of Heaven. Why? During the wars of Heaven and Hell, I turned on Heaven...
A System's Glorious Everyday Life by snomellow
A System's Glorious Everyday Lifeby snomellow
Anne had just lost her job as a secretary to a younger, looks-like-she-just-graduated, college student. The reason? She was too boring. Enraged, she decided to finally...
Kalesa by arzhenne
Kalesaby (a)rzen
Whether or not proven, dimensions lurk around the vast darkness, with different galaxies, and inside those galaxies are universes. And, inside those universes are worlds...
Life isn't a game ... Or is it by Yeetboi27
Life isn't a game ... Or is itby Yeetboi27
He was a bastard, orphan and son a woman who merely had him because of a sexual affair with a random man. To him you can't trust no one but yourself. An ideology laid un...
restart: one more by tuxedoaly
restart: one moreby tuxedoaly
🍒 a transmigration tale Kale Jualas dies peacefully, only leaving one regret during his life. His soul gets delivered to several worlds to fix bad endings, while doing...