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Orc Wars : Uprising by Ghost_Lord
Orc Wars : Uprisingby Ghost_Lord
Fleeing his home, Jace ends up starring on a reality show, playing "Orc Wars: Uprising". Only one avatar can win, and if he loses, Jace is back on the streets...
Trials of a VRMMO Healer by cambrian_era
Trials of a VRMMO Healerby Merisa Fairchild
In the near future, full dive virtual reality technology has finally been perfected, which is great and all, but what's really exciting is that with games running in acc...
Power Quest by nirlibrach
Power Questby Nir Librach
Ben could never afford to participate in the virtual version of his favorite role-playing game, so when the opportunity presents itself he takes it with (almost) no seco...
The Class That No One Else Chose by BixelatedK
The Class That No One Else Choseby boyblue
In the most popular game of 2088 "Requiem Online", a VRMMORPG that took the world by storm! With a wide variety of classes, one player chooses the class no one...
Cyber Mortality by jnbrouwer
Cyber Mortalityby jnbrouwer
CyberTech controls everything. They built self-driving cars, robots to work in factories and a virtual reality game that fills everyone's time. Maylea Temple wants noth...
Game Transcendence by DozyJov
Game Transcendenceby Johaiver
••~COMPLETED~•• Kian Sylvester enters Dimensional Heroes Online to pick himself up after a year of depression and experiences the wonders of the first ever game to trans...
Prophecy Unfold by Good_Man_Writes
Prophecy Unfoldby Sinister Universe
In 2069, the world of gaming changed into virtual gaming. A device called NIVH, or Neural Interface Virtual Headset appeared. This device connects games straight into yo...
Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story) [Vol.1 - Vol.4 Complete] by Renoe_K
Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story)...by Renoe Kisaragi
After being kidnapped and thrown into a VRMMORPG, 17-year-old Suzuki Mato must find the line between his real and in-game personalities before it kills him. ...
Divine World Online by CarlyleAusan
Divine World Onlineby Carlyle Ausan
The Real World has become monotonous. Everyday it's the same thing, work, eat and sleep. New adventures and fantasy has become a thing of the past. The imaginations of t...
Solitary Sword Sovereign by theonionjunktion
Solitary Sword Sovereignby The Onion Junktion
One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities. People gained levels and stats; like strength and agility. Will Chamberlain; a 16-year-old, was giv...
Persona 6 IMAGINE by Lunolion
Persona 6 IMAGINEby Lunolion Wrights
Last year, a Full-Dive VR MMORPG named "Persona Online" has been released. It has received record-breaking ratings as it got everyone's interest due to the urb...
Eden of the Eclipse by LotsChrono
Eden of the Eclipseby LotsChrono
In the game world of Eclipse where the antics of the players, the developers, and the NPCs abound, Lucy Heartfelt has the dream of leaving her mark upon it. A childish i...
Slime in Infinite Dendrogram  (A world of infinite possibilities) by Anos_Isekai_Fan
Slime in Infinite Dendrogram (A w...by Anos_Isekai_Fan
This is not a crossover story In the year 2043, Infinite Dendrogram the world's first successful full-dive VRMMO was released. In addition to its ability to perfectly si...
Siva (Volume 7) Immortal Ascension by JE_Reddcliffe
Siva (Volume 7) Immortal Ascensionby John Ethan Reddcliffe
A son, a brother, a victim, a teenager. Rex Kingsley's perfectly normal life comes to an abrupt halt when a freak road accident rent his family apart and left his body b...
Ark by kishinyx
Arkby kishinyx
Kim Hyun Woo lived the life of the wealthy thanks to his parents. But one day, he received a phone call informing him of a traffic accident which involved his parents. H...
Bofuri: Maple Tree's Titania by StarWaver
Bofuri: Maple Tree's Titaniaby Seven Hearts of Light
Yup, I'm doing Bofuri and our MC will be having Erza's magic/skill.
Overgeared Fanfic- Ascension of Destruction by Calebupnexxt
Overgeared Fanfic- Ascension of De...by Calebupnexxt
Satisfy is the number one VMMORPG worldwide. With over 2 billion users, its taken over the mainstream and made the Korean S.A. Group, Satify creater', more powerful than...
Eliona's War 3: Lethal Healer (V.1) by KurokageJS
Eliona's War 3: Lethal Healer (V.1)by Alex J Wynter
BOOK 3 of the Eliona's War series. *** Eliona has become a warzone. Now that he knows the true stakes, Severance begins the race for the mysterious Tower. The other Clan...
The Last Supreme Ruler: Overlord X Male Reader by TheSpectre21
The Last Supreme Ruler: Overlord X...by Spectre
Yggdrasil, the most popular game since VRMMORPG's launched. Unfortunately however, the game's servers are about to be shut down, so you take one last time to look around...
Yuri Empire by Axin_Venus
Yuri Empireby Axin Venus
Author:Hatago Bunraku/旅籠文楽 Horaiji Yuri lives every day while hiding her character of being homosexual. Yuri exposes her propensity only in the MMO-RPG called «Atros Onl...