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Into the Shadow of the Future by JagPanther44
Into the Shadow of the Futureby JagPanther44
A man thrown forward in time wakes to a world unrecognizable to the one he left behind. Read the tale of loss and progress as the man walks through the shadows of the fu...
Human Pet (New Version) by unidentified562
Human Pet (New Version)by Unidentified
You were out with your babysitter on a hike in the woods that he dragged you on since his girlfriends house was on the other side of a trail and he was using you to scor...
Became a Furry by sanariasepher17
Became a Furryby Sanaria Sepher
Kevin is a gay furry who lives a normal life until suddenly he died after getting hit by a truck. When he wakes up he gets himself in someone else body, which is furry...
the medic and furry girls (human male x furry females by Crosbytheghost
the medic and furry girls (human m...by Crosbytheghost
Medic has no name he fought in ww3 but then a nuke killed everyone but not him. he thought he died but he didn't he look at the world later he see not humans but furrie...
Behemoth x Male! Reader Oneshots by Snowflakes720
Behemoth x Male! Reader Oneshotsby Snowflake720
Finally decided to get around in doing this. Now, personally, Behemoth is my number one husbando of all time for a few solid reasons. Reason number one being that he's t...
Gotta bang em all by Jason_sky
Gotta bang em allby Jason_sky
Your a young breeder in a world where pokemon are sexy creatures used for the purpose of sexual pleasure, not battling. Go forth and register as many girls to the Pokedi...
New Animal Life (Isekai Gender bender) by Shiki763
New Animal Life (Isekai Gender ben...by Senko Sans
After dying a group of friends find themselves waking up inside the bodies of other people. If you can call them people. They later find out that they have to learn a wh...
Love You To The Moon and Back  by FanciFox
Love You To The Moon and Back by FanciFox
Garret Lawson, a high school student involved in countless extra carricular activities meets a anthropomorphic wolf in the forest on his way home from school who appears...
My New Home (male human X furry world)  by Eggsandbutter6667
My New Home (male human X furry wo...by Eggsandbutter6667
Book summary: You're Y/N, a kid that had an abrupt waking from stasis after an incident broke out at a government base. You're met by 2 creatures of a new race that help...
Falling for a Furry: College Days  by jpt8953
Falling for a Furry: College Days by jpt8953
Life for Jackson has taken a turn for the better ever since he and his friends graduated from high school. He has more class work and more responsibilities. Join him on...
A Protogen's Misadventures by Skillz2Play
A Protogen's Misadventuresby Skillz2Play
When a strange but friendly alien crash lands on Earth, Jack must make a choice. Help him back home, or let him stay and face the dangers. Find out in this story. (i hop...
Sent To Another World | Male Reader x Female Furry Harem by DireLaxion
Sent To Another World | Male Reade...by Lakay
YN was a shut-in NEET and decided to go outaide his house only to meet something unexpected.
The Time Traveler's Guide to Zootopia by The_Cheribim
The Time Traveler's Guide to Zooto...by Kmpona
Cheribim is one of the last human survivors from a doomed future civilization plagued by warfare and darkness. Alone and without a home, he stumbles upon Zootopia: A wo...
Meant to be | Male Reader x Female Furry by DireLaxion
Meant to be | Male Reader x Female...by Lakay
YN a sadboi Credits to the owners
Alphas by kolloidaa
Alphasby KΘL
Elliot is a normal boy. He goes to a normal school and (doesn't) have normal friends. But everything changes when he is selected to go to the Beast Isles, a dangerous pl...
My Roomie is a Furry by DireLaxion
My Roomie is a Furryby Lakay
Dun dun duuuun Credits to the owners of the art!
My opinions on fnaf   gacha :> by debunkingnightmare
My opinions on fnaf gacha :>by Evan Afton
Opinions on the fnaf gacha content and parts of fnaf :)
levi x eren ~ smut and fluff by Lil_Victoria4545
levi x eren ~ smut and fluffby Lil_Victoria4545
just a bunch of Levi x eren fluff and smut books. cover for book not mine
Twist (Melon x Reader) by Katjaface
Twist (Melon x Reader)by Katjaface
BOOK THREEEEEEEEE Things took a twist. That's all you could say.
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Reader x Furry Female Harem) by DireLaxion
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Reade...by Lakay
In a world full of zombies and mutated zombies Y/N and his companions goes through the depths of hell. Will they survive?