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The billionaire want me ♡ {Completed} by LovelyShifah
The billionaire want me ♡ { Shifah
"Give me your hand." He ordered and i looked at him confused. He sighed before taking my left hand. I gasped when he suddenly put an engagement ring around my...
Their Bella by Hannabanana1779
Their Bellaby Hanna
Isabella Beatrice Marino has always lived with her mother and step-father. After her mother dies she is left in the care of her step-father, Tom. After a series of unfor...
I'll be good by Sunset536
I'll be goodby Sunset536
Damian Al Ghul has been sent on a mission by his mother, Talia Al Ghul in order to prove his worth to her and his grandfather as a suitable heir to their family. Damian...
Mafia Princess by Sanjwrites05
Mafia Princessby SANJANA 💜
Maddison Russo has to live with her father because her mother passed away . what will happen when he finds out his daughter trained in mafia and is willing to join the A...
I'm adopted?! by disturbingfapper
I'm adopted?!by disturbingfapper
15 year old Mireya Romano is a girl who has a simple life without any trouble and her parents and sister love her. When her parents tell her that she's adopted, she is d...
Unlikely Allies by lilyeteller
Unlikely Alliesby Lily Teller
The Italian and Russian Mafia have been enemies for centuries, what happens when both mafias find out they share the same daughter.
Guns, Brothers, and Other Things That Might Kill Me by sloanesteele
Guns, Brothers, and Other Things ☽ Sʅσαɳҽ Sƚҽҽʅҽ ☾
Sixteen-year-old Evelina Volkov is on the run. After finding out the dangerous family secret her late parents and six older brothers had been keeping from her, she left...
Out of the shadows by escaping_reality_122
Out of the shadowsby escaping_reality_122
Being rejected by anyone is hard. Being rejected by your family is even worse. The only people in the world that are supposed to love you unconditionally... Don't. Aless...
Game over  by HakunaMatata077
Game over by HakunaMatata077
Evianna got kidnapped at 10 years old. 6 years later and she's back. But nobody knows she's back. Yep she's undercover! During those 6 years she was taught to be a assas...
The Regretted Words {Tae ff} Completed ✔ by W0RLDWIDE_
The Regretted Words {Tae ff} Alex Armanto j-min
Y/n was always neglected by her whole family. They only adored her twin brother,Kim Taehyung. Whatever y/n does to get her parents attention always fails. But even if he...
Ha. by kookykim_
#11 kookykim_
"Did your leader send you? Is he too much of a wimp to face me?!" She seethe, we make eye contact and her pupils dilate. "He? The leader's all female...
The Lost by ammabarbiegorl
The Lostby Rosie <3
10 siblings were left to their own devices from a young age, with only the eldest ones to guide them. They never had a normal life and were always on the run from someth...
Running through my veins  by Teenwolfmk55
Running through my veins by Mak
Keir Winchester... The youngest Winchester, littlest brother to Sam and Dean. At 5 years old, he was abandoned by his dad on a very rainy and stormy night. That event l...
Before She Even Knows by TeaInTheGarden02
Before She Even Knowsby TeaInTheGarden
''There is only one thing crossing my mind right now. If he hates me so much, then why the hell is he kissing me back?'' ----------------------- Emma White has always be...
The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration [BL] by Rezioj27
The Spiritual Plant Master EvilBerry
Short Title : SPMT Alternate Title : 穿越之灵植 Author : Ye Yiluo Rebirth of a wild child who was abandoned the family. Xiao Jingting, who had been playing bachelor for more...
la famiglia è per sempre by lilyeteller
la famiglia è per sempreby Lily Teller
At birth she had the most powerful and dangerous man wrapped around her finger, and a army waiting if she ever needed it. Sent away at three years old for her own protec...
The Light Through His Darkness ✅ (Book 1 - The Marriage Contract)  by FadeLove27
The Light Through His Darkness ✅ ( Moeisha Able
*¡NEEDS MAJOR EDITING!* Isabella Knight is a delicate young lady with a warm heart for every living entity. She works in her Mom's pastry shop due to some circumstances...
Billionaire ransom  #Book 1 by Authoresra
Billionaire ransom #Book 1by Wattpad Esra
"I told him your taken." "You told him I was taken." "Taken." "Taken by who, exactly?" Then he claims my mouth with his.
The Mafia Boss's Baby Boy 😏-Jikook by Bmdncr11
The Mafia Boss's Baby Boy 😏-Jikookby Jikook shipper💜
What happens when Jimin falls in love with The most feared Mafia boss in the whole world, The leader of the Jeon Mafia, Killer of Many, The youngest yet most dangerous m...