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Loving the Mountain Man by AdrianaAnders
Loving the Mountain Manby Adriana Anders
A woman on the edge... Christa Evans is having a rough night. She's lied to and harassed, then she loses her job. And that's before the crash that sends her car careenin...
Into The Rift by Renegade_Russkiy
Into The Riftby Renegade_Russkiy
Jerome is at the height of his career as a United Nations Operative, his noble job has his skills placed on the line in low profile deployments all across the highly des...
Elderland by Mike_I_am
Elderlandby Mike
Manhattan, 1929. The City is on its knees following a devastating crash in the stock market. Thanks to the Prohibition, criminals are making a killing off illegal bars w...
A Proper Lady by peanutsMa_74
A Proper Ladyby Pea Nuts_Ma
All Sarah Gibbons wanted was to be a lady. But there aren't many opportunities for a scullery maid used to scrubbing the floors of the wealthy. Resigned to being nothing...
It will be me before it's you (And that's okay) by _TheFreak_
It will be me before it's you ( _TheFreak_
Lexa was a soldier in the us army before she was struck from duty with an attack that left her paralysed. Struggling to handle taking care of her sister alone, Anya hire...
RENEGADES by Neapheem
RENEGADESby Neapheem
Be Prudent in Thy Request: Marches INQUISITION 🌹 In a Curaissier By the DRVMS of M.Y.K.L 🥁 EM-WHY-KAY-EH-EL
The General's Cause by EdgemoonPR
The General's Causeby Edge
The General is devastated when his country is invaded and forced to surrender to enemy forces. Even more so, when he is threatened to work under the Conqueror lest he se...
Hero Of War (a Joshler fanfic) by InthenameofJoshDun
Hero Of War (a Joshler fanfic)by InthenameofJoshDun
Josh comes home from war after two years. His husband Tyler and he are both very excited to live their lives to the fullest from now on, since Josh doesn't have to go ba...
Adjusting by Phenixice
Adjustingby °Ezrand°
Silver and Grey are twins. They've gone through a lot together as government creations of war. The two guys were genetically modified humans. They were top of the tier b...
A Soldier's Love by FloribundaRomance
A Soldier's Loveby Jack Francis
*Tearjerker -- LGBTQ -- Historical / WWI* In Paris, at the end of World War I, also know as the Great War, everyone is a little broken. Some are more broken than others...
NOLA. by TasiaBryantJordan
#11 ♚♛tay❖tay♛♚
It's 2030 and the main threat has been neutralized in the dispute between Iraq and the US. After regaining control, thousands of troops are sent home for a job well done...
First Blood (JOHN RAMBO X OC) by stallonesgirl
First Blood (JOHN RAMBO X OC)by 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐢🧚🏻‍♀️
John Rambo, young Vietnam veteran returns home from war to starts live usual life and get terrible memories about war off his mind. His way ruins stubborn sheriff of lit...
Everyone's Guide to Wattpad by OrangeGuy
Everyone's Guide to Wattpadby Riley
I'm a writer, and I'm going to share all of my tips with you. Do you want to become an author? Read this guide. Is your story lacking something? I bet you can find what...
ღDawn Of Redemptionღ by JaceyLovett
ღDawn Of Redemptionღby JaceyLovett
Begin, Begun, Began by WrittenSin
Begin, Begun, Beganby Michael Bowman
Random poetry, and overly poetic short stories
Flippy X Reader by Adam_Dark_Stars
Flippy X Readerby Adam Dark Stars
Request story for a flippy x reader ship You are a retired Air Force veteran after being drafted to war at the age of 18, now that you are 31 and have a missing right ar...
That Golden Girl by xKatayaWinstonx
That Golden Girlby Kataya Winston
Amora Morris is all grown up. She has a veterinarian degree, a life plan, and the love and support of her family. Moving back to her home town to open her own large-an...
A Biker & The Vet by MonicaGuajardo
A Biker & The Vetby Monica
Emma is a indeed a Veteran as well as a veterinarian and horse trainer in the infamous town where SAMCRO happens to run. What happens when there's a miscommunication and...
The Scarred Man by Anchor87
The Scarred Manby Anchor87
Miles is scarred, to say the least. His scarring forces isolation upon him, until one man comes along. Dominic is a powerful man. His reputation proceeds him, and his c...
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Mission Unstoppable by MarlyMonster
Mission Unstoppableby MarlyMonster
Morgan Leroy and his team of highly trained Marines run into a complication on one of their missions that changes their lives forever, especially Morgan's. Will he be ab...