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Billionaires At War by LouisaDiamond
Billionaires At Warby O. M. Louisa
Billionaires and Monsters #1 Casandra Hernández is a young hard working billionaire leaving in Santa Montes along with her widowed mother. After being abandoned at the...
BFL STORIES: BOOK 1 Billionaire's First Love by RamyaSuresh0
BFL STORIES: BOOK 1 Billionaire's...by Ramya Suresh
MASON XAVIER KNIGHT Smart, hansome and rich playboy, girls beg for his attention... AMY KENSWORT Reserved girl, works in a cafe and has a very dark past... Fate plays a...
One last chance - The Death of Percy Jackson by Bowette
One last chance - The Death of Per...by ~Kaleidoscope~
The final sacrifice is about to be made, Gaia has captured Percy and Annabeth ... Thanks to Percy Annabeth is saved, but as it was said, there had to be a sacrifice...Pe...
Broken by Lightning_Stryker
Brokenby Jay 👑
[COMPLETED] An average girl in an average world, KL Kiyano had no idea of the amount of power that she possessed. After all, she was just a normal teenager that was tr...
The Subzero by johnschorwinson
The Subzeroby jonathan
Twelve years back, the land collapsed, the sea rose. Ten years later, the asteroids rained down, the other planets gone. Then, the Subzero started. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬...
Penance by Missing_Puzzle_Piece
Penanceby Aria
In the near future, the human race has been forced to quarantine an entire country after the Known Virus, also known as the K-Virus, spread throughout their lands, killi...
Say You Won't Let Go. by Caffeinated_writer
Say You Won't Let Go.by Rishika Arora
Short stories about a certain Detective and a Pathologist. Requests are most welcomed.-RA.
High School Lies [on hold] by sadreadingchick
High School Lies [on hold]by sadreadingchick
• UKNOWN WRITERS AWARDS WINNER 2017 - BEST OF ALL • ___ "Ever heard the story in which curiosity kills the cat? Well, here, satisfaction doesn't bring it back."...
Nathaniel by AstridGreene
Nathanielby J. M. Santiago
Dreams are fragments of our thoughts and imaginations. Jennie James, an orphan working two part time jobs while studying, have been dreaming things unknown to her sinc...
Betrayal Is Inevitable | The Gifted Series: Bk#1 by MalikR1525
Betrayal Is Inevitable | The Gifte...by Malik Rosser
(Major editing in progress) Every day you walk around blind to what's been hiding in plain sight for centuries. Everything you've experienced: tragedies, natural dis...
Daughter of Eros by Reading_Mermaid08
Daughter of Erosby The Reading Mermaid
Ariel was the privileged Princess of the air. When something threatens the kingdom her father sends her away for her protection with one of his most trusted guards. 2nd...
Our Beating Hearts by Lightning_Stryker
Our Beating Heartsby Jay 👑
"But she knew it was more than this- it ran deeper than the brown skin pigmentation of her skin, deeper than the blood that coursed through her very veins, and even...
The Three Best Friends by lowlifefrenchfry
The Three Best Friendsby Me
A story where Aspyn convinces her best friends to go on an adventure with her without letting them know it might be her last.
👑The Unlikely Prince - Featured Story👑 by MalikR1525
👑The Unlikely Prince - Featured S...by Malik Rosser
👑 2016 Watty Award Winner - Writer's Debut 👑 -Milestones- •1K Votes - (1.2.17) •44K Reads - (8.15.17) •Highest Ranking: #18 (Short Story - 8.16.2017) **Ranked...
Mendeve: Descendants by sweet_addiction
Mendeve: Descendantsby Remedy
Mendeve. Four Regions. Eight companions. One enemy. Hidden secrets. Betrayal. A fatal quest. When Belle Leverway finds out the truth about herself, will she become the p...
Race Horses and Racing Hearts by animalfriends
Race Horses and Racing Heartsby Mimi
Horse racing runs through Claire Farwell's blood, however, she'll need more than just natural talent to ready her for the rollercoaster of both horse racing and life.. T...
Daughter of Stark #Wattys2017 by goldblossom
Daughter of Stark #Wattys2017by Megan Peterson
This is a story about me, in this book you will read all about my life and the interesting experiences I've had, who am I you ask? I am the daughter of Tony Stark. Discl...
Survival (ON HOLD) by neelimadubey
Survival (ON HOLD)by Neelima Dubey
"As I tread on the barren and dry land below me, I think about my ancestors who surely had time to save this wrecked planet I live on, named 'Earth'." Alice, a...
Superhero Crash Course by denareez
Superhero Crash Courseby I D A
Highest: #2 in adventure "My second question is what should my name be?" I raised my brows. "What? You don't have one yet?" He chuckled...
Unknown Writer Awards [Closed] by UnknownWritersAwards
Unknown Writer Awards [Closed]by UnknownWritersAwards
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