Sarah Who? [On Hold...
By aqsamustaf
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" Life is not as straightforward as it seems to be on first glance... you just have to be careful that when you stumble, you don't bring the whole world down with you..." A young orphan named Sarah has a very dangerous secret. A secret that could very easily cost her her life, if ever discovered. But it WILL be discovered... And then Sarah will be on the run, away from those who mean her harm, but they will forever pursue. Help comes from where it was least expected and then a comparitively simple matter of being on the run will morphe into something much more sinister... Will Sarah and her companion, the very Prince Edward, uncover the secrets of what they are? Follow Sarah through the twists of a journey where dangers greet her at every step as she attempts to find, WHO SHE REALLY IS....

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Sarah Who...
by aqsamustaf