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Hiding From My Mate  by NuShaGreen
Hiding From My Mate by Nusha
"I need to talk to you Elly" "Why?!" "I know that you're my mate" I laughed sarcastically. "What?! Are you trying to make fun of me ag...
The Billionaire's Children by notyourlittlesaint
The Billionaire's Childrenby Saint Aquilaria
Aviva Lorelei Del Rosario wants the best for her family that's why she ended up being away from them to earn more. Pero there are things which happens unexpectedly kaya...
KENZO ETHAN YUEN x SAMANTHA ALTHEA MARQUEZ Start:July 17,2021 End: October 19,2021 Sc: January 15,2022
Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate  by iinfinityy_starxoxo
Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate by Lilac Addison
All rights reserved, please do not copy my book. *** Loving another person takes courage and strength. Those are two things that 24 year old shewolf, Kaira Regan, d...
Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
Hiding my twins on their Father (Complete) by Macxy_Maxx
Hiding my twins on their Father (C...by M
He Hurt me so I promised to my Self that he will never met our baby mag salubong man ang aming landas pero Hinding hindi niya malalaman Ang tungkol sa mga anak ko becaus...
The Truth ✔ by Karenj128
The Truth ✔by KarenJ128
Kaleb Knightly, Briarwood High School's own bad boy. But he's not your typical 'bad boy.' He makes straight A's, he doesn't sleep around, and he cares about people and i...
Rays of hope (mpreg) Manxboy  by Deedee104624
Rays of hope (mpreg) Manxboy by Deziredee
Aubrey is married to a very rich man whose wealth attracted a lot of attention.... Uncover d secrets that affects their lives. Start: 21st June 2018 End: 9th April 2019 ...
Found You by chill_pill_all_day
Found Youby Daddy Issues
"Long time no see, Mia." Cold notorious mafia boss finds himself having feelings for the girl he met once in the club. They felt the pull between them and did...
Hiding His Twins[COMPLETED] by Xxvineee
Hiding His Twins[COMPLETED]by ꧁Mae꧂
Clarkson Cousins Series #1: Nicholas Evan Clarkson 🔞WARNING: MATURED CONTENT🔞 Nicholas Evan Clarkson once said: "Bakit ang tagal mo, wife? Kanina pa naghihintay...
Hide and Seek by Merioanlytha
Hide and Seekby Merioanlytha
Ri likes a quiet life, without drama, and certainly without all that mate crap that the world seems to revolve around. To her exasperation, it seems to be all anyone car...
"HIDING THE CEO SON" by AuthorNethNeth
What if magkita ulit kayo ng ex-husband mo? What if makita niya ang anak niyong matagal mo nang tinatago? What if magkatagpo ulit ang landas niyo? Presenting! Pinagtagpo...
But if I'm not? {Tommyinnit au} by da_internet_cat
But if I'm not? {Tommyinnit au}by da_internet_cat
Tommy was tired and wet, and every second he felt a new wave of pain from his right front paw. He was tempted to just lay down on the ground and give up. But the house...
Haven [Marvel | Bucky Barnes] by DarkLadyAthara
Haven [Marvel | Bucky Barnes]by DarkLadyAthara
*Complete* A Marvel Cinematic Universe FanFiction Formerly Titled "Please Stay" When a nameless man showed up in Iris' doorway holding out the ad she'd pl...
Flightless (LokixReader) by DontTellAuntieTasha
Flightless (LokixReader)by Just Keep Your Hopes Up
You are a dragon. Well... secretly, that is. When hunters of Asgard tried to destroy your kind, your dragon parents cast a spell over you. To turn you human, and send y...
Escaping The Darkness by Erratic_Creations
Escaping The Darknessby Artificial Unintelligence
A group is stuck in a bunker, periodically going out to fix fuseboxes, and repair generators alike; but there's always someone or something out to kill them each time th...
Joined Inheart by JxkeDraws
Joined Inheartby Jxke Kula
Xela, Wanted to start fresh now that she moved with her dad and on the upside no one here knew her and she didn't have to be known as "The Sick Girl" or "...
The One Who Fell Ahead by eighty_three
The One Who Fell Aheadby its.eight
Alexandra the one who fell before, thinks that there is room for everyone to be both fair and inaccurate. Not to mention that life's been giving her the most cruel thin...
Hiding you in my heart by Sono_Sognatrice
Hiding you in my heartby Sono Sognatrice
Would you believe you'll meet someone whom you've admired since you were a teenager? no, right? that's what happened to her, Priya, Priya Kashyap a self-made billionai...
The Finding Tree by JELyrica
The Finding Treeby JE Lyrica
Janey Cameron's life is falling apart Caught in the middle of her parent's tragic marriage she has no one to turn to and finds herself searching the woods at the fami...