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The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke...by ĸεηdяα
She knew nothing. Not of who he was or that he would ever have an huge importance in her life. She didn't know he would be her best friend...her lover....but also....her...
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Hiding from shadows: The Rune-stones, book one. by Luvdblue2
Hiding from shadows: The Rune-ston...by SmartieQueen da fangirl
I am one of the last of my people, one of less than twenty. My city was destroyed, but our elders kept our relics hidden in a vault, and split the key into ten sections...
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Twisted Cravings by WickedStorms
Twisted Cravingsby Azure and Wicked
Nikita is a monster. A creature of darkness. Never to love again. Damned to never touch another soul as long as she lives; for her hands bring death. Anything she touche...
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The Absolute Best of Wattpad by bEsiLent
The Absolute Best of Wattpadby Nameless
I'm going to put my favorite stories of Wattpad on here and hope you read them. I'll rate it out of 10 how good I think it is and all. Anyways.........
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Only Once by medabee
Only Onceby medabee
There are events in life that are inevitable and occur for a reason. Two strangers soon become aware of this when they find their lives flipped around and become stuck i...
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The Boy Next Door by ILoveToWrite44
The Boy Next Doorby Reb
Mia has the perfect family. An older brother who gets straight A's. Two, proper, perfect parents who owned their own business. And her a sixteen year old good girl who a...
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Fear and Fate - A Collection of Poems by romanhobbit
Fear and Fate - A Collection of Po...by romanhobbit
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The Secret Princess Series - Hidden by kandeland
The Secret Princess Series - Hiddenby kande
Genevieve is a princess that has been hidden from the world her whole life, forced to live with foster parents who don't care about anybody but themselves. When it's tim...
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Treacherous by 1DUpdates_World0
Treacherousby Emma
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Hiding With My Husband by Liana0516
Hiding With My Husbandby Liana0516
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Hide & Seek by xDianaLovesCupcakesx
Hide & Seekby Diana (a.k.a. Emily)
Girl named Kathy with her boyfriend James, little brothers Henk and Nicolass and with her little sister Viola are trying to find a shelter from the storm. When Henk remi...
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Feelings by insomniareader26
Feelingsby insomniareader26
I felt like expressing my feelings(of my hopeless love life) through writing. This happened. Then went back and reread and edited it a little, and decided to upload it...
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They Call Me Angel (One Direction Fanfic) by savlol101
They Call Me Angel (One Direction...by Savannah
When 14 year old Angel stops the famous Niall Horan of One Direction from killing himself her life takes a turn for the better. 3 years ago her abusive parents abandone...
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The Broken Princess by poetryslammingdown
The Broken Princessby poetryslammingdown
A poem
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From Home Sweet Home to Hell, maybe, could be heaven by daydream48
From Home Sweet Home to Hell, mayb...by ShadyFigureWhoIsn'tFromAnywhe...
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Poetry by Isie98
Poetryby Isabel
Here is some poems I've written. I love poetry and if anyone has a request I'd be glad to write one for you!
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New story group random stories by Laninadejapon
New story group random storiesby AmberLee
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The Womanizer (Boy x Boy) by YaoiFangirl6
The Womanizer (Boy x Boy)by Danny
Charles Dennis Young is a millionaire-and a widely known womanizer. Every day you'll see an important female hanging off his arms, and at night you'll see another female...
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Poetry Collection by MissMe1313
Poetry Collectionby MissMe1313
This is a collection of poems I've written for about two years. Some are a lot more recent than that, and they cover a wide range of topics. If you don't want to read on...
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Finding You (Nayes) by lovingwolf21
Finding You (Nayes)by lovingwolf21
Hayes escaped his problems and left his home. Where will he go? Nash is looking crazy for him. Will Nash find him or will it be to late? This is a continue story from L...
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