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Fgod Error sans Oneshots  by tiredwaffles
Fgod Error sans Oneshots by tiredwaffles
I don't know why I'm writing this. All I know is that this will probably be terrible. :) enjoy chaos my friends. WARNINGS. This story will most likely include: bad writi...
Era Bliss (Forced God Of Destruction) by Eodbfus
Era Bliss (Forced God Of Eodbfus
Where Error has had enough. He wanted to end it all, the voices, Ink, Fate. What was the point if Ink wasn't going to pay attention to the balance? He loses it. He can't...
The Forgotten God by angielucy000
The Forgotten Godby Demipan Therapist
Error was fighting ink and Thad star Sans', except you know Blue because there on the same side, Ink and Dream land two lucky shots and gravely injured Error, he opens...
Error x Ink x Nightmare by Weird_Person222
Error x Ink x Nightmareby Kris McYeetusDeletus
This is my first story so my apologies if it is trashier than the multiverse itself. This story is also very inspired by other people so don't flame me. qwq Error is the...
Error's book of angst and fluff by Leffee
Error's book of angst and fluffby Leffee
(Cover belongs to yufy01 on tumblr) Please for goodness heavens, don't comment if you're really young, I had to delete enough of cringy comments. Just some one-shots ab...
€®®∅®'$ ¡ⁿ$†@g®@/\/\ by Error_and_Izuku
€®®∅®'$ ¡ⁿ$†@g®@/\/\by Ev da Pan
! s@w @n !nk @nd @ Dr€@m d∅!ng th!s @nd w@nt€d t∅ trÿ t∅∅! (#17 in ukeerror? Yeah!!)
The New Killer by ErrorSans144
The New Killerby Error Sans
(Art not mine) This is my first story if there is any mistakes please tell me
new life for me by heregoes_sAAAAAANss
new life for meby heregoes_sAAAAAANss
error is forced to destroy and suddenly he found himself in a different multiverse where everyone is a student and a teacher what is he going to do? what will happen to...
[⚠︎︎Kinda Heavily 𝙴diting⚠︎︎] ꧁ 𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕪 𝕆𝕦𝕥𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 ꧂ Kinda F!God by IcedDusk
[⚠︎︎Kinda Heavily 𝙴diting⚠︎︎] ꧁ � ꧁𝕀𝕔𝕖𝕕 𝔻𝕦𝕤𝕜꧂
⚠️ 𝙸𝙼𝙿𝙾𝚁𝚃𝙰𝙽𝚃 ⚠️ News: Unpublished chapter 2 and 3 for a bit to redo them. I will try to upload them again this week after I tweak them a bit. Also will try to...
Destructive Death, Or Is It Really? by Bonbon3984
Destructive Death, Or Is It Really?by Uncaring lover
I have an idea. Just an Error X Reaper fanfic. SLOW UPDATES! First fanfic in this account. Oop- now I actually moved here-
The Lady Who Caught My Eye by MisunderstoodSoul15
The Lady Who Caught My Eyeby DownFall In The Abyss Of Insa...
He always dreamed to have a family... . . . But he was deemed to be dangerous and unstable... . . . They turned their backs on him... . . . They wanted him gone... . . ...
He changed (Rewrite) by Bonbon3984
He changed (Rewrite)by Uncaring lover
Rewrite version Old version is here -> @LonelyFujoshi3984 Error's been missing. Finding him with two kids, others might think he kidnapped them. Well, he was welcomed...
Yandere sanscest by Yumiko111316
Yandere sanscestby Yumiko Yumiko
One-shots. Yes, i take requests. And even when the title says 'sanscest', you can still request something not 'sanscest'. Yes, you can request x readers. Yes, you can re...
The Forgotten errors by DahRadSkeleDude
The Forgotten errorsby JJ_loves_Ruru
What if. . .after the ambush with ink, error tries to end his life by jumping into the void in OuterTale. . . But it doesn't end his life, but erases his memory?? Dream...
Inkerror story(skelepreg) by Afellowshipper
Inkerror story(skelepreg)by afellowshipper
All the character don't belong but I don't know who they belong to and I don't think you want to read a long Description so just keep in mind these are not mine
Shelter(old) by MikkiMausu
Shelter(old)by MikkiMausu
Error Sans forced god of destruction never believe he could find someone to call family. On his way doing his job destructing AUs he founds a girl trap in a empty Au by...
Uke Error Oneshots by Feelthegaybethegay
Uke Error Oneshotsby .-.
Whelp, this is my life now. (Cover art does not belong to me)
Shelter  by MikkiMausu
Shelter by MikkiMausu
This is the rewrite! Error Sans forced god of destruction never believe he could find someone to call family. On his way doing his job destructing AUs he founds a girl...
I'm Not An Ordinary Skeleton (Error x ??????) by Weird_Person222
I'm Not An Ordinary Skeleton ( Kris McYeetusDeletus
Error is a BIG Tsundere. He is easily flustered, embarrassed, and he refuses to show he cares for somebody unless needed, Error has haphephobia which means fear of being...