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Broken Spirit by marinaxanna
Broken Spiritby marinaxanna
Shane Walsh is slowly losing himself due to the effects of the Apocalypse, that is no denial. The sudden change of life has gotten to him, not to mention, he loves his b...
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Daryl Dixon Love Story ~When Darkness Comes~ by GetWreckedTic
Daryl Dixon Love Story ~When GetWreckedTic
This story follows the full TWD TV show. Its a love story with Daryl Dixion so please enjoy. I DO NOT own the walking dead
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The Outsider (TWD FanFic) by darylxcarl
The Outsider (TWD FanFic)by darylxcarl
Michelle Clutterbuck is alone in this messed up world, after everything has gone to shit. But, she comes across a group, including Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. What will...
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Remember Me by darylisbae1999
Remember Meby Brittney and Autumn
Since they were reunited, Jake and Michonne have been inseparable. But, as life journeys on, their relationship is tested. Could this strain push them to the breaking po...
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The Quarry: Book One by TheWalkingDead0429
The Quarry: Book Oneby XxCrybabyCassxX
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Alone Together - Carl Grimes by lokiapologist
Alone Together - Carl Grimesby serena¡
It only takes one second. One second and it's over. ongoing s4 and on ...
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Feral. (A walking dead love story) by yz0495
Feral. (A walking dead love story)by Zoeym
After an attack to their camp, Eve finds herself wounded and lost. She and her only two survival friends now surrounded by walkers when a misterious group come to rescue...
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Sophia Peletier. by MuricaxX
Sophia xonisionx
This story is about Sophia Peletier from The walking Dead, Actor; Madison Lintz. In this story you will see Sophia's POV from her first appearance to her last one. Some...
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The Walking Dead - Dixon Bloodfall (A Walking Dead ff) by lem0nsbr0
The Walking Dead - Dixon Archer
Following closely the third season of the series, this story reveals the life of a fifteen year old survivor, Quinn, and her unusually close, but platonic, relationship...
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We Are Together Now (Fanfic To The Walking Dead) by FanFictionWriter0
We Are Together Now (Fanfic To FanFictionWriter0
This fanfiction is about Enid and Carl. Yeah,read and see by yourself.
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Life with the dead by nannypoop8
Life with the deadby nannypoop8
A series of stories focusing on children born during the outbreak along with the main characters (Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie Ect...)
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Dead Planet by BazzaDude09
Dead Planetby BazzaDude
My name is Alice and my world has been destroyed by the dead. We fight everyday to survive. Alice is a 27 year old girl living in the zombie apocalypse but that's not al...
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Confide in Hope | DARYL DIXON •2 by A-TWDSPN-Love
Confide in Hope | DARYL DIXON •2by A
BOOK 2 OF 3 The group reaches Alexandria and is torn between decisions they have to make, while still going through sad, tragic losses in the group. Alexandra finds hers...
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Walk of Love » Carl Grimes by princessriggs
Walk of Love » Carl Grimesby princessriggs
Hailey, she was all alone with her big brother lost out in the woods looking for her. Her little brother to be taken responsibility of by herself, all she wanted was t...
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INVINCIBLE - A The Walking Dead Fanfiction by EllineBooks
INVINCIBLE - A The Walking Dead EllineBooks
"We all have lost someone. There is no point in giving up. You can give up when you are dead." A The Walking Dead Fanfiction
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Broken /// (Daryl Dixon //// The Walking Dead fan fiction) by bhe_anonymous
Broken /// (Daryl Dixon //// The Anonymous Writer.
A Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead fanfiction Bailey is a very head strong girl, very independent and likes to figure everything out on her own, and she just wants to find h...
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Never Before. by Perpetual_Endings
Never ~Mkay~
~ Under construction~ they lost everything they had, their family, their home and their safety. will trying to make it on their own cause them to grow further apart or...
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Sheriff's Kid and the Girl by twd_123
Sheriff's Kid and the Girlby twd_123
Macy Dixon was all alone in the Apocolypse and she was very lonely She'd running from a herd of walkers and is saved by Carl Grimes and fall in love. When she tells him...