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The Makeup Artist (Norman Reedus) by hannahbombanna
The Makeup Artist (Norman Reedus)by ~•Hannah•~
Louise Fuller, 28, makeup artist working on films and tv shows for the past 5 years, became a mother age 17 with her then partner hollywood actor James Franco. Working...
✔️ A Life Worth Saving ~ Daryl Dixon ✔️ by TheWalkingDead_Norm
✔️ A Life Worth Saving ~ Daryl NOPE.
Megan Grimes, thirty two years old and pregnant with her first child. It should be a happy time for her but instead she's fighting to survive with her sister in law and...
All I've Ever Known by Pellegrinoe3
All I've Ever Knownby erika pellegrino
She's a fighter. A warrior. A survivor. She's also alone. When the world stopped turning and the dead started living 24 year old Ellie Mitchell was left to make it thr...
Used & Abused • Daryl Dixon✔️ by TheWalkingDead_Norm
Used & Abused • Daryl Dixon✔️by NOPE.
"I would have thought with your family background that bullying would be that last thing you did." Lorna scowled. "You don't know anything about my famil...
For The Ones I Love | Negan #Wattys2017 by longnightswriting
For The Ones I Love | Negan longnightswriting
When you're thrust into a situation you never thought could happen, would you do anything to protect the ones you love? "This was hands down the best negan book ive...
Another Lincoln by Luci1996
Another Lincolnby Lúcia Tomás
Lucy Clutterbuck, or Lucy Lincoln, is Andrew Lincoln's little sister. She is also an actress and a mother. After watching her last movie, Norman Reedus is very impressed...
Her Strength His Weakness by bigbaldhead2020
Her Strength His Weaknessby Norman's wifey 😜
Amara Grimes life has been turned upside down. First her mother dies. Then her father is shot. A zombie apocalypse is the next logical step right? Will Amara be able to...
The Sheriff's Sister {Daryl Dixon} by addy_gray
The Sheriff's Sister {Daryl Dixon}by addy_gray
Addy Grimes is Rick Grimes' little sister. Since the start of the apocalypse she assumes he's dead. What happens when they find each other in Alexandria? {Season 5B~8} *...
Living On The Edge (A Norman Reedus Love Story Wattys 2019) by Chupacabra94
Living On The Edge (A Norman Jess
Amanda, or Mandy as her friends call her is 26 years old trying to live her life. She decides to move in with her older brother, Jordan, who lives in New York. The city...
Apocalyptic Love by Celia321
Apocalyptic Loveby Celia Rayanne
Midnight is the shy one in the group, even though she's 25 Years young. She doesn't speak, no one knows about her past. No one knows; she has weapons, skilled in combat...
peaches & softie | daryl dixon ✅ by babyboyace
peaches & softie | daryl dixon ✅by 𝖆𝖈𝖊
" Alright... If I'm bein' truthful I'd call you Peaches." " Why?" " Always liked peaches, plus if I know Merle he'd definitely be lookin' at y...
Little Reedus || N.R by MeanVillan
Little Reedus || N.Rby MeanVillan
Little 4 year old Charlie is the daughter of the one and only Norman Reedus. She is the younger half-sister to Mingus. There are quite a few years between them but they...
The Road Ahead | Daryl Dixon [EDITING] by emmymay96
The Road Ahead | Daryl Dixon [ Emily May
Rosalie Walsh is the sister of Shane Walsh, she has a 13 year old son named Connor. They're the only family she's got left and when the apocalypse happens she will fight...
Breathin // Glenn Rhee  by Imagine-Ari
Breathin // Glenn Rhee by Imagine-Ari
When the world ends, it's small and you think youd never have to worry about anything else but keeping yourself alive. And that's the real struggle. Keep yourself full o...
Dixon's Baby Girls by abbid2003
Dixon's Baby Girlsby abbid2003
This story is about Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead,but add in two daughters how will Daryl's story change? I don't own any of the Walking Dead characters. I just own...
My Best Friends Daughter {COMPLETED} by JeffreyDeanNegan
My Best Friends Daughter { JeffreyDeanNegan
Does he fall in love with his best friends daughter?
Falling During Filming by Neganlover94
Falling During Filmingby Neganlover1994
Skylar is an actress on the walking dead her best friend is Norman Reedus who is also best friends with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, when Jeff joins the cast during season six a...
Daryl Dixon x Reader One-shots by ravenswood1701
Daryl Dixon x Reader One-shotsby Fanfic, my dudes
Daryl Dixon x Reader one-shots Prompt // one-shot requests are open! Message me or leave a comment on what you'd like to read next. (If there are no requests, I do origi...
𝐇𝐀𝐙𝐀𝐑𝐃 │ 𝐃𝐀𝐑𝐘𝐋 𝐃𝐈𝐗𝐎𝐍 ¹ [✔] by dewitts
sometimes, the world doesn't need another hero. sometimes, what it needs is a monster. [ #67 IN FANFICTION ] ...
Home is You ('Home Is' Book One - Daryl Dixon) by cantgettosleep
Home is You ('Home Is' Book cantgettosleep
Semi Mature. Completed. Nate's a teenage Aussie tomboy who grew up in a country town with 4 big brothers and parents who adored her as much as she did them. She's str...