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post it (SEQUEL TO BITE) by uncrownedbillie
post it (SEQUEL TO BITE)by chrissy
a series of post it notes left in the room of billie in the beaumont asylum. read along with rowan as her love for a girl she'd only ever met in a medicated state, grows...
Cheater (#TheGrudgeContest) by SpookySnoops
Cheater (#TheGrudgeContest)by Gooby
After finding out her husband cheated on her, Maria takes revenge before taking her own life. Years after the incident, a new couple purchases the home. Will they be abl...
Time by ZephyrDarkMoon
Timeby Damion Tanley
#TheGrudgeContest Time is a terrifying thing. Especially when Time is truly a *thing*.
Room No. 113 by aguywhowrites123
Room No. 113by N
A lovely couple celebrating their honeymoon in a beautiful hill station decides to stay in a hotel room hiding a dark secret. Will escape alive or die ? Read the story a...
Cannibals In The Woods by MidnightWolf1382
Cannibals In The Woodsby Caitlin B. Newton
One minute, she was riding on a dirty road through a hill on a field trip. The next, she was flipping off the side of the hill and landing in the middle of a small cult...
ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋᴇʏʜᴏʟᴇ | ✓ by _RelleLebby_
ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋᴇʏʜᴏʟᴇ | ✓by *̩̩̥̟ܳ ࿐྄ྀ ☆ ʀ. ʟ. ☆ *̩̩̥̟ܳ ࿐...
What lies through the keyhole? Some wished that they haven't. ©️ _RELLELEBBY_// R. L.
Bound by SuperYandere
Boundby Gucci Taelien
'I can't escape'
To Hotwire a Mind | A Short Story Saga by aiceleste
To Hotwire a Mind | A Short Aries Cél
This collection consists of short stories that are mere expansions of the billions of ideas circulating in my head. Read at your own risk. 1. Delirium Imagination is a...
MINE TO TAKE by Yato2266
The bond between mother and daughter cannot be broken... Unless, of course... A curse takes root... ***My story submission for the Grudge Contest***
#TheGrudgeContest by fright
#TheGrudgeContestby Horror
In 500 words or less, write your own terrifying tale inspired by the curse of The Grudge and tag #TheGrudgeContest for a chance to have your story turned into an animate...
The Grudge by TravisF91
The Grudgeby Travis Frank
After a priest has failed to bless the house of a young couple, he begins to see and hear things that he cannot explain. He races to his car to try and put as much dista...
Roanoke by Feanor117
Roanokeby Joshua Jimenez
The "Lost Colony" of Roanoke is considered to be one of the great mysteries of early American history. Some believe the colonists were forced out by famine, so...
Spirited Paranormal Investigators: THE CURSE by sundog3
Spirited Paranormal sundog3
Connie would do anything to get her company recognized. The Curse House was just what she needed to accomplish that.
House at the End of Edgewood by iamunbroken548
House at the End of Edgewoodby Jodi
#TheGrudgeContest Every small town has an urban legend, but what if this one is true? **cover picture is not mine**
Welcome Back | ✓ by winterpenwell
Welcome Back | ✓by Winter Penwell
Emma is coming home. *Not an entry, published post-contest* ★ Featured on the official Wattpad Fright community profile's Scary Shorts reading list + the Horror profile'...
Boogeyman: The Fair Night by sousou_achkar
Boogeyman: The Fair Nightby celine_achkar
How would you feel if you got stalked? Well, three friends and their siblings decided to go to the annual town fair. But as they were getting ready to go, they feel like...
The End of the Beginning by chefzefronk
The End of the Beginningby Caitie
Loosely based on Dreamcatcher's debut MV, 'Chase Me'. Also, this was for my British-Lit class, so instead of putting Jo Dong Hyuk's full name or just Detective Jo, I cha...
Move In Day by m_ayxo
Move In Dayby Myah
Please read and enjoy.