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Quotes (and probably poems) by IronAnimal
Quotes (and probably poems)by Ironanimal
Random quotes I might say and probably some poems.
Her Sound was Silence by AttackOnTak
Her Sound was Silenceby Vonté
Elliote was born deaf. Her mother told her that she was special. Others said she was disabled. However she decided to see it wasn't her real concern - all that mattered...
Short Stories  by bananaboy73
Short Stories by DemonBananaKing~:~
Here is a bunch of random short stories
The Weird Noise in My Closet by Charles_GreatestPlan
The Weird Noise in My Closetby Miyu Kasha
There's no one near me. All alone in my home with no roommates or family members. I only hear the croaking sounds which happens to be in my closet. The sound of it is cl...
What A Nightmare by QueenSlayy900
What A Nightmareby Kathy .O
Jenna struggles with a huge amount of depression. She uses her depression to drink or to kill herself at times. Jenna's friend Melissa convinces her not to end her life...
To Hotwire a Mind | A Short Story Saga by aiceleste
To Hotwire a Mind | A Short Aries🍂
This collection consists of short stories that are mere expansions of the billions of ideas circulating in my head. Read at your own risk.
lost in the dark abyss i call my mind by iamurdestiny1
lost in the dark abyss i call my destiny
this is poetry regarding to experiences/thoughts that run through my head, which makes up for who i am today.
The Fogo Island Reclaimer by seanconeil
The Fogo Island Reclaimerby Sean O'Neil
A Irish ship in the late eighteen hundreds, bringing Irish Men, Women and Children to North America gets caught in a freak storm off the coast of Newfoundland Canada and...
The Lost Boys Of Sudan by anonymousreadwriter
The Lost Boys Of Sudanby t p w k
After losing their families in the civil war of Sudan, Malek and Ayen join a group of other children as they seek refuge from the war. *** Set in Sudan, Malek and Ayen b...
The Bride in the Trunk by 5belive
The Bride in the Trunkby Ashlyn Avery
A creepy Story Of the Bride in The Trunk
My Hooded Girl by TheStar2004
My Hooded Girlby Unknown Girl
{Still editing} The girl who always stay quiet in school, and not talk to much with other students. sitting in library alone. What happened to her when a guy approach h...
Countdown by writerbrittanyb
Countdownby Brittany Buckland
Seven hours in an old abandoned sanitarium, with only a flashlight and herself for company. It was a dare done in poor taste, yes, but five and a half hours had gone by...
The Ghost in the Dream by PookaTheProxy
The Ghost in the Dreamby IrishWicca16
This is story of a 18 year old girl who currently has sleep paralysis. in the beginning, she has a dream of a kind friendly ghost girl but later on shes trapped in a dee...
What's In The Woods  by Mya101789
What's In The Woods by Mya
Something in the woods they say. They tell people to keep their distances to never step foot inside but what is that might be in the woods they ask well no one knows onl...
The Therapist. by Thatoneleogirl
The Leo
The grudge is pale with raven black hair. Her eyes are large, tall, her skin is pale as snow. Inhuman. Her face is so pale, white as snow. The grudge herself is not fr...
Devil angel by mccnsxrit
Devil angelby author nim
"Princess? Please, dont move." He said sleepily. It was new. Something I've never seen from him.
Short Horror Stories           by KiwiKawaiiXx
Short Horror Stories by iamexhausTAEd
Short horror stories that I wrote myself! Enjoy~ My entry for #The GrudgeContest Best ranking on #thegrudgecontest: #7
Tabitha Tormentica. ( On Hold) by WHYTEBIRD
Tabitha Tormentica. ( On Hold)by WHYTEBIRD
In love with her Tormentor; #grudge contest. A tormenting 4d virtual reality called the Blue sand has been invented by Blu entertainment. Anyone that can enter it and c...