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The Bottom of the Sea by mmmartin10
The Bottom of the Seaby Dawn M.
[COMPLETE] Twenty-six year old photojournalist Sara Brusseau knows that if she stays with her abusive partner, Shane, she will die. She plots a daring escape to a tiny t...
Urban Legends and Creepy Stories by HanWatson
Urban Legends and Creepy Storiesby Hannah
If you like a nice horror read than this is a book for you. This is a collection of old urban legends of all countries and creepy stories written by many people. Some m...
[Jeon Jungkook]  Submission Contract by Prismfictions
[Jeon Jungkook] Submission Prism보석Fictions
Y/n is a new teacher assigned to work in the Health & Sex Education department of a high school. She expects to be working with students, leading her own classroom...
The Breed by Itara13
The Breedby Itara13
*cover image is not mine* A pack of shifters inhabits an abandoned town. Full of males and seeking females, they travel to other cities and take what they need. Renna a...
Scary Urban Legends by painfullyilleterate
Scary Urban Legendsby e.
A collection of equally terrifying stories for those readers that are easily scared 😈 My goal is to scare my readers shit less Also I just realized not all of these ar...
Michael Myers X Reader by pictoralExtrovert
Michael Myers X Readerby Euclid
You heard about the rumors of the infamous killer Michael Myers, you just never thought you would seen him in person. You lived in the small town of Haddonfield in Illi...
Lock the Door | KTH Oneshot | ✔ by Aris_FFs
Lock the Door | KTH Oneshot | ✔by •ᴀʀɪꜱ•
• This story contains 🔞 so read at your own risk. • This is only a work of fiction and has nothing to do with real life.
The Half Breed (Slenderman x Reader Fanfiction) by RatedKrazy
The Half Breed (Slenderman x Rated Krazy
I seemed to have made this a "Story Based" read, then of a "Lemon" read. But dont worry, I'll eventually get to the lemon every loves. BTW: I use lot...
My Creepypasta Experiences/Dreams by MissEclipse56633
My Creepypasta Experiences/Dreamsby MissEclipse56633
These are either the dreams/experiences from 5th grade or from Now
I like ur ticks (ticcitoby x reader) COMPLETE by ticcitoby_562
I like ur ticks (ticcitoby x ticcitoby_562
(y/n) is a demon/Angel princess from hell and is sent off to earth to stay with slendy for a bit. Along with her own 2 proxies hoodie and masky (just go with it) DISCLAI...
Unsolved Murder Mysteries by aaveryelizabeth
Unsolved Murder Mysteriesby ♡•Avery Who?•♡
In this book we will go over graphic and violent yet quiet and covered up murders. Think you can handle it? We'll find out.
The Insane House | billie eilish by tcsticles
The Insane House | billie eilishby tcsticles
"You're so fucked up Billie." "Aren't we all fucked up in this house? Lighten up kitten." copyright 2019 @tcsticles
The Figurine | A short horror text message story | Complete by KozmicKookieDxD
The Figurine | A short horror *hiatus*
Erika's little brother gets a birthday present in the mail-a figurine. Everything's fine at first until creepy, sinister things start to happen as the days go on... A mu...
creepypasta one shots by BandsLight
creepypasta one shotsby BandsLight
So this is one-shots of creepypasta so enjoy! Requests are open! Examples- Jeff, BEN, EJ, Hoodie etc.
Secuestrada por amor (ofender, trender, splendor, slender x TN) by Lian356
Secuestrada por amor (ofender, lian siren creepy
TN (tu nombre)Roberts es una chica de 22 años, que vive con su padre pero lamentablemente... es secuestrada por... por CREEPYPASTA y exactamente, por the Slenderman fam...
SlenderMans Daughter by xxbyebyelovexx
SlenderMans Daughterby Diana
Yo! first story ever! Maxine is, well was, a normal person. for the first 5 months of her life. Hopefully you like Maxine, and if not. Bye Bye Love.
The Mansion by bubblewriites
The Mansionby Bubble ⭐️
Zoya hears her mother call her name from downstairs, so she gets up and decides to head down. As she gets to the top of the stairs, her mother pulls her back and whisper...
Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer x Reader) (Reader x Ticci Toby) by UnicornLoverF1
Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer Sum
⚠This book is under construction/having a rewrite⚠ (Y/N) (L/N) never seemed to be normal. As an outcasted, abused child, she didn't really live as much of a normal life...
The Night Stalker by DestinyRobinson037
The Night Stalkerby MuffinTime17
Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Do you always think that someone is following you and watching every move you make? This is about the Night Stalker. He is...