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Scary Stories by KatiexAvery
Scary Storiesby Pumpkin Spice
Twisted entities live among us. Some are lucky to live without meeting them...and some are not. These are the stories of the unlucky.... Enjoy 😈 [Highest Rank] #1 in c...
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Urban Legends and Creepy Stories by HanWatson
Urban Legends and Creepy Storiesby Hannah
If you like a nice horror read than this is a book for you. This is a collection of old urban legends of all countries and creepy stories written by many people. Some m...
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Transient by Musings_ofamillenial
Transientby Musings_ofamillenial
Alex wakes up in a hospital bed only to face her cryptic mother and shy nurses. Why was she in the hospital and how long has she been there? Follow her journey as she un...
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Collection of creepy stories by Raupanzel
Collection of creepy storiesby Raupanzel
Started as a oneshot, now a collection of shorts.
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Horror A Day Creeps The Doctor Away by Library_Panda
Horror A Day Creeps The Doctor Awayby Hunter Quinn
A bunch of random horror short stories counting down to Halloween. Illustrations by google images.
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Goofy the Clown's Disappearing Act by loverdolphin57
Goofy the Clown's Disappearing Actby insecure_poet💛
❝Hell isn't as hot when you're the one controlling the flames.❞ Goofy the clown. He was once a jolly young individual. Loved by all and envied by the masses, he was a so...
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Dead Again - Jeff The Killer x Reader by jupiters-star
Dead Again - Jeff The Killer x Jup
Jeff The Killer x Reader *Mature language *Gory/upsetting scenes *Basically just a meme at this point *im on crack For all you Jeff fangirls :) (I'm one myself don't w...
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Cry Baby - BEN Drowned x Reader by jupiters-star
Cry Baby - BEN Drowned x Readerby Jup
It started with tears, but will it end in tears? -BEN Drowned x Reader -Profanity -Mature themes -LGBTQ+ representation (cause fuck homophobes) -Don't be an asshole if y...
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The Children Are Laughing Again by Dubhdara
The Children Are Laughing Againby Darren Gallagher
Just a short creepy story that popped into my head a few nights ago. Enjoy! I've marked it as completed but I'm considering making it into a much longer piece. I'd love...
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Creepy One Shots ✔️ by Michin_Cleo
Creepy One Shots ✔️by Michin_Cleo
scary and creepy one shots for the brave souls out there...
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The Half Breed (Slenderman x Reader Fanfiction) by RatedKrazy
The Half Breed (Slenderman x Rated Krazy
I seemed to have made this a "Story Based" read, then of a "Lemon" read. But dont worry, I'll eventually get to the lemon every loves. BTW: I use lot...
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Creepy Riddles, poem And Urban Legends  by keikoshii
Creepy Riddles, poem And Urban kei.shii
Most are from internet ehe
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INVITING DEATH by introvertaf
"You really thought, I am dead. I am not, look here. Fucking look at me." I said holding her cheeks with my long and bloody nails, digging in her skin painfull...
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The holiday  by Blossom_girl09
The holiday by Blossom_ berry
This story is about a 15 year old girl and her family going on a holiday to a cabin, she takes her best friend with her but there not realising what the owner of the cab...
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Creepypasta Facts by sorenisalivingmeme
Creepypasta Factsby Soren
You ever wander what your favorite Creepypastas do during their time? What their favorite things are? Do you know some things about them that others don't? Well, for tho...
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Creepy storys!!! ⚠️Warning do not read at night!!!⚠️ by gymnast44286
Creepy storys!!! ⚠️Warning do gymnast44286
These are very scary!!! Do not read at night!!! ⚠️WARNING SOME STORYS ARE REAL!!!⚠️
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Manila Encounters by heenimbiblee
Manila Encountersby Jae
These spooky tweets from #ManilaEncounters might keep you up all night :)
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[L¤ve Triangle¤] Proxies x reader  by deylivasquez1345
[L¤ve Triangle¤] Proxies x reader by Im Creepypasta Fan
You meet a tall man in the woods, helps you and soon you were going to be a proxy but you had 3 teammates. Toby , hoodie and masky. They liked you every since you fir...
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MOON CHILD (reader x Ticci toby) by AsmaAwadhi6
MOON CHILD (reader x Ticci toby)by Asma Awadhi
moon child, that's what they call me. with hope in my my eyes i walk this cruel world trying to survive i met a terrible fate but this is what they all say we learn...
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Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer x Reader) (Reader x Ticci Toby) by UnicornLoverF1
Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer Sum
(Yn) (Ln) was never normal. She read about creepypasta's from time to time. She was abused by her parents and only had one friend. She was bullied and had attempted suic...
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