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Chains: Eyeless Jack X Reader by Apple_Chips
Chains: Eyeless Jack X Readerby The name's Chips
I didn't write this but I have been given permission to post this all credit goes to Valentinesdaygreen and a link below to the original story origin http://valentines...
Repellent (An Eyeless Jack Soulmate AU) by pokemon240
Repellent (An Eyeless Jack Soulmat...by Pokemon240
She placed her hands on the sides of my mask. Her breathing was steady; she looked calm. Slowly, her fingers found their way under the rim of the mask. Before she could...
Changed Life (Eyeless Jack x Reader) by AngieRose2
Changed Life (Eyeless Jack x Reade...by Angie Rose
An ordinary girl that has a family by her side is what [Name] let's people think. But behind those closed doors and windows is another story. A story that causes her to...
Jeff the killer x Child reader by o_Writer_o
Jeff the killer x Child readerby o_Writer_o
Sequel is out! There aren't many stories like this, so I decided why not? this story is about a child named Y/N who gets adopted by the creepypastas. (No photos are mine...
I'll take what's mine | Eyeless jack x reader by Salty-Taco
I'll take what's mine | Eyeless ja...by Gæ Gorl
High school begins okay, girl meets boy and they become friends. But little did she know, this year and the rest coming would never be the same normal life ever again.
Give it a Week (Slenderman X Reader) by brokensamurai
Give it a Week (Slenderman X Reade...by brokensamurai
Slenderman X Reader. Y/N is a girl who is living on her own but hides that fact from everyone. She works as a teacher in an elementary building, loves the creepypastas...
Eyeless Jack x Reader - My Wife  by MsDementia
Eyeless Jack x Reader - My Wife by MsDementia
Nothing much can be said about her. She's a plain office worker who lives like a lonely teenager outside of work. Her life is pretty mundane, but she'd never admit it. W...
Save Me Slender (Slenderman x Male! Reader) by 8kakeru8
Save Me Slender (Slenderman x Male...by Kakeru
(M/N) is an abused and misunderstood boy. He doesn't know where to belong. He calls himself a bad luck charm, for wherever he goes he causes trouble for everyone around...
Eyeless x Reader (smut) by daddyymadison
Eyeless x Reader (smut)by madisov
You see a figure outside your window...they start getting closer..
Eyeless Jack x Reader (you) (Finished) by CPgrl4Lf
Eyeless Jack x Reader (you) (Finis...by CPbrl4Lf
You were born as a cannibal. You and your family lived in woods. One night you go to the nearest house for some human flesh. When you were in the victims room you saw a...
The Cannibal and The Mute | Eyeless Jack x Mute! Male! Reader by Ramen_Speghetti
The Cannibal and The Mute | Eyeles...by ∆Pasta_Pins∆
(M/N). A young boy who is unable to speak. Not able to make a sound. To make up for it he has amazing art skills. His parents hated it. They didn't want to pay for lesso...
I'd Kill For You (jeffxreader) by vanaleamodglin
I'd Kill For You (jeffxreader)by Savana Lea Modglin
y/n is the daughter of Offenderman. Her uncle, Slenderman, has a bad feeling that something will happen to y/n. So he packs the Pastas up and stays at Offender's for a...
Wide Eyes (Jeff the Killer Romance) by FindingLife10749
Wide Eyes (Jeff the Killer Romance)by Dylan Vincent
A young woman has the displeasure of meeting Jeff the Killer when he tries to murder her. Everyone has an adam's apple.
The kid(creepypasta x Child reader) by HaileyRamos9
The kid(creepypasta x Child reader)by I'm dah idiot
you were always paranoid but when you meet a sertaint person how will you react?? read to find out more
Facts to DIE for: CANON CREEPYPASTA FACTS by HeavenlyInferno
Facts to DIE for: CANON CREEPYPAST...by ЯУмерлаВТуалете
So, I decided to make a fact book about Creepypastas because why not. Plus, people need to know the truth about these, um..... beings. Most facts will be canon or confir...
Creepypasta Lemons by eyelesslady45
Creepypasta Lemonsby eyelesslady45
Hey guys this is my first story ever so I'm really sorry if it sucks. Please give me feedback it would really help me out and this is a Lemon so there will be adult situ...
Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader) by DemonGirlMe
Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader)by Qhim
You couldn't stop it. The evil that was taking over, you couldn't control it. You needed to kill. It was telling you to. You've done it before, so why do you stop the...
Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios by KreepyKitten2000
Creepypasta boyfriend scenariosby KreepyKitten
This is a creepypasta boyfriend scenarios book. Accepting new characters and chapter ideas. When suggesting new characters, please give me a bio on the person. Name...
(Ticci TobyxReader Fanfic) Love at first murder by creepypastahz
(Ticci TobyxReader Fanfic) Love at...by creepypastahz
A quiet walk in the woods, that'll settle your crazy imagination. 'There is no guy with goggles stalking you, there is no guy with a mask stalking you!' Suddenly your fa...