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Horror Movie Quotes by Platinumfandomtrash
Horror Movie Quotesby Platinumft
For all your horror movie quote needs
Seven Minutes #TheGrudgeContest by ClaireValdez
Seven Minutes #TheGrudgeContestby claire ᴮᴸᴹ
Seven minutes in heaven quickly turns hellish.
The Grudge by kat225may
The Grudgeby Kat May
(This is not an entry for The Grudge Contest). After obtaining a work visa, I have lived in Tokyo for about a year. After my shift ended one day, I decided to take a st...
Billy Yates' Bar by byebyebyron
Billy Yates' Barby Byron Black
After a long night, a lone detective comes face to face with a monster from her past; a past she thought she had left behind.
Countdown by writerbrittanyb
Countdownby Brittany Buckland
Seven hours in an old abandoned sanitarium, with only a flashlight and herself for company. It was a dare done in poor taste, yes, but five and a half hours had gone by...
MARKS (TheGrudgeContest)  by lynndreamer17
MARKS (TheGrudgeContest) by Lynn
We all have our scars...our broken parts Then, there are those people...those places....they carry more than scars. Involuntary repercussions lasting beyond their own ti...
Tales of the Three by PaulCarro
Tales of the Threeby Paul Carro
Three true ghost stories and one ghostly tale. If you like your pasta cooked extra creepy then you will love these three terrifying true ghost encounters and one short s...
Buried Truth | #TheGrudgeContest by KazuKazuyas
Buried Truth | #TheGrudgeContestby kazu ♡
The babysitter for the late Saeki family has returned to their house to seek forgiveness and pray for their souls. ●●● This is an entry for #TheGrudgeContest I do not ow...
Shallow by cas_no
Shallowby Mista_Pottah
This is my entry for the #TheGrudgeContest! It's now the length it's supposed to be, I hope you enjoy reading it! :))
ホテル [HOTEL] #TheGrudgeContest by MrJigsaw
ホテル [HOTEL] #TheGrudgeContestby MrJigsaw
My submission to The Grudge Contest. About a man staying at a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, with his daughter and being visited by a presence. #TheGrudgeContest
44 Rayburn Drive (3/4) by Lady-Madara
44 Rayburn Drive (3/4)by Lady-Madara
...At the end of the hallway stands a pale woman, hair covering her face. Reagan hears the croaking again. The lights flicker and she's suddenly standing before him with...
Revenge (The Grudge Contest) by TheOfficialDroplet
Revenge (The Grudge Contest)by Ash
Two children- one dead, one alive- decide to explore a now abandoned house, to uncover the mystery of a curse that has been gripping the minds of the local neighborhoods...
Once It Has You by Piscesemotions
Once It Has Youby Piscesemotions
Short paranormal / horror story.
44 Rayburn Drive (4/4) by Lady-Madara
44 Rayburn Drive (4/4)by Lady-Madara
...Reagan panics realizing he's not done. Fumbling to open the next vessel, Reagan watches Kayako's slow approach when he's tackled from behind...
My Grandfather's Farm by DreamRealmReality
My Grandfather's Farmby Jay
Written for the #TheGrudgeContest. A short story of a man going back to his grandfather's farm one last time after he died. You wouldn't think anything bad would come of...
Scary short stories by Renyalltooit
Scary short storiesby Reny Love
From murderers to things you can't explain these stories will leave you shaken.
44 Rayburn Drive (1/4) by Lady-Madara
44 Rayburn Drive (1/4)by Lady-Madara
..."Th-there's a head! In the tub!" Lizzy blubbers. Ryan fishes around in the bathtub. Removing the hairwad, the water quickly drains revealing nothing else. ...
Therapy: The Grudge by KevinDPhillips
Therapy: The Grudgeby Kevin Phillips
Allen attends a meeting with a new therapist, who compels him to reveal more about his tragic past. A short story set in the universe of "The Grudge"
44 Rayburn Drive (2/4) by Lady-Madara
44 Rayburn Drive (2/4)by Lady-Madara
...Morgan hasn't lifted her face to acknowledge him, so Devin steps closer. "Morgan?" Morgan begins croaking then raises her head but it's the pale woman's fac...
Silence by Silver_Moonie
Silenceby Silver Moonie
Lana Keegan is a medium that is trying to find her place in the realm of the living. However, her strange ability ropes her into a dangerous situation when one of her ne...