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The Kids Aren't Alright by b_a_mcdermott
The Kids Aren't Alrightby B.A. McDermott
When four teenagers find themselves at an Alaskan reformatory camp, it becomes increasingly clear that the camp is full of secrets, no one is trustworthy - and no one is...
The Gates of Tartarus | I ✓ by fandomsarehorcruxes
The Gates of Tartarus | I ✓by Jocelyn
"Prove you're an Olympian, and I'll listen." Hermes held out his hand. The air shimmered, before a staff burst into existence. And i mean literally burst into...
My Alpha's Hatred ✔ by Akifah_R
My Alpha's Hatred ✔by Akifah
Alpha Aaron- The feared ruler of the largest pack in the world had found his mate, unfortunately for Phoebe. He was the one who people had to be aware of, they hid in t...
The Adventure That Lies Ahead | PJO x HP by whatisupmydoodz
The Adventure That Lies Ahead | whatisupmydoodz
What if Harry Potter wasn't the only son of Lily Evans? What if Percy Jackson wasn't the only son of the Sea God? What if these two people had a child together? A daught...
His Little Maid by maycrusade
His Little Maidby maycrusade
Lark is an Alpha of one of the top packs in the state. He is a great leader but he has spent his days lately on a huge mansion in solitude since he is still mateless at...
ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction) by LivBowman24
ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction)by Liv
Elizabeth Pearce is a mutant experimented by Hydra 50 years ago. The experiment caused her to grow wings, aged much slower than normal humans, and have energy manipulati...
GOLDEN DAYS |JASON GRACE| {1} by Jackisnotokay
GOLDEN DAYS |JASON GRACE| {1}by Jackisnotokay
Kyra Pafford has been at Camp-Half Blood for three months. The gates to Olympus have closed and she has yet to be claimed. When three demigods show up to Camp Half-Blood...
To Be Claimed by Monstreph
To Be Claimedby Monstreph
(Book #2) "I'm capable of many things, but love isn't one of them - monsters are incapable of love." Just when Emma thought she knew the worst of werewolves, s...
Epiphany // bts / taejinkook by taejinkookie_
Epiphany // bts / taejinkookby ~
In which the Gods and Goddesses decided to put their children in one place as all of them has one thing in common, they are all half mortal.
BERRY BLADES | JJK ✓ by alleequido
[ A FEATURED BOOK BY @YAFANTASY and @MAGIC ] ❝Kiss me, soldier❞ Jeon Jungkook was Busan's favorite boy, the country's best warrior, and the Queen's trusted soldier...
Becoming Empress But she isn't a girl(Volume 1) by PannKhattWaiio
Becoming Empress But she isn't a Pann Khatt Waii
own creation. Not translation! Original novel is MINE! Not perfect but try my best! Cover by @Akari_Xing
I need you (CORPSE X Sykkuno) by Ty_2739
I need you (CORPSE X Sykkuno)by Ty
Corpse and sykkuno are invited to play among us and they both start to develop feelings for eachother. Sykkuno goes and meets with corpse and he admits his feelings but...
The Past Gods Read The Percy Jackson Series (Book 1) by ArtemisDianaJackson
The Past Gods Read The Percy 💞Artemis Diana Jackson💞
The demigods from the future are being sent back to Ancient Greece time to.... read books??!!! Well, The Seven, Nico, Thalia, Rachel, and Grover are being sent back. The...
The Human Luna by JasmineAlcorn
The Human Lunaby Jasmine Alcorn
"She's human." He voiced bending down to eye level before me. His head cocked to the side as my eyes once again got caught in his entrancing gaze. "Humans...
Bad Santa : CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF by LEPalphreyman
**CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF** The time for being good is over. It's time to be bad... --- Klaus is eccentric, arrogant, and irritatingly charming. He's also the CEO of a...
Draco's Suffering by LokiThorodinson4king
Draco's Sufferingby Cerrina Helene-Hope Foster
When Draco is in his sixth year at hogwarts, at sixteen, before he leaves, his father, Lucius Malfoy, beats him to try to get him to do better in his classes, but really...
THE MIDNIGHT SUN; Archangel Book II (Marvel Fanfiction) by LivBowman24
THE MIDNIGHT SUN; Archangel Book Liv
Ever since the battle with the Chitauri, Elizabeth Pearce has been living and recovering at the S.H.I.E.L.D base, after Thor convinced the Avengers of her innocence. Lok...
Mo Dao Zu Shi: Together |Zhuiling| ✅ by alisha_limbu
Mo Dao Zu Shi: Together |Zhuiling| YOONIVERSE✨
"Being friend is nice. But being yours sounds better." I couldn't stand the Yunmeng brothers being nothing but strangers. So, in this story we'll see them tyin...
Army Swan by LadykraD
Army Swanby LadykraD
A brother? Of Bella? But he's M.I.A. What happens when he comes back?
Dried Lilies, Withered Hearts And A Lonely Path by _Ahankara_
Dried Lilies, Withered Hearts _Ahankara_
Khushi Singh Raizada was a normal elite housewife. Living a life of luxury and love where everything was fine until it wasn't. Her second marriage anniversary wasn't any...