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Love Behind A Mask by AshleyNapoles14
Love Behind A Maskby AshleyNapoles14
Our favorite chainsaw killer falls in love with one of the vitcims of his family, will she fall in love knowing she was kidnapped by him and his family or will she see p...
Beauty And The Cannibal- TCSM (REMAKE) by HorrorFangirl23
Beauty And The Cannibal- TCSM (REM...by HorrorFangirl23
This is the remake of my first story but set in the remake timeline of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Jennifer Hewitt was separated from her family as a baby and several years...
Slasher One-shots And Scenarios  by Tcmboi
Slasher One-shots And Scenarios by Tcmboi
(Requests open) This is exactly what the title says. All of our favorite slasher boys placed in different scenarios and even a few requested one-shots. I will try to u...
Horror Slasher Preferences by emomettybear
Horror Slasher Preferencesby Nova_Solanine
Slasher x readers by mmmmmyers
Slasher x readersby JJ
Requests r cloooosed lol pls respect da fact I'm takin a hiatus from writin I got brainrot =] this was mainly for me but then I wanted to share them so here we are. It's...
Horror imagines (discontinued) by Pickmeaname
Horror imagines (discontinued)by Pickmeaname
Just some imagines of different slashers and horror/thriller characters . . . . I own no images I use. I'm also a bit rusty at writing lol.
Beauty Behind a Mask {Leatherface x reader} by IceT3a
Beauty Behind a Mask {Leatherface...by IceT3a .
What happens when one of the nations most notorious serial killers falls for one of his victims? One hell of a mess. That's what. Will the family accept this? Will she...
Meeting Horror Movie Killers by AnonymousFan03
Meeting Horror Movie Killersby Someone
What would happen if you met horror movie killers. Disclaimer that is very obvious: I am not a Hollywood writer or director or a whole damn company, I am not claiming th...
The Family [COMPLETED BUT UNDER CO...by _HubbaBubba_
Matilda and her boyfriend Matt are injured in a car crash and left stranded in the rural backwoods of Texas. All the commotion draws the deadly attention of a sinister f...
Slashers x Reader One-Shot Book by HadesFromHecc
Slashers x Reader One-Shot Bookby The Biggest Simp
Lots of oneshots for when I feel like writing a specific scene but don't feel like developing characters before or after. It'll mainly be for my writing practice but I a...
The Family: Ties That Bind by 1MeganAnn
The Family: Ties That Bindby _HubbaBubba_
Book two in my Leatherface fanfiction series. If you haven't read my first book, The Family then I highly suggest you do before reading this one. Matilda has accepted h...
Never ( Jedidiah Sawyer x OC)  by IcyDelirous17
Never ( Jedidiah Sawyer x OC) by IcyDelirous17
-Based off of Leatherface 2017- Ruby Kate was just Another Angry, Young Degenerate that the sheriff scooped up to place in that Damn Gorman house of Youth reformatory. H...
Horror Characters: Smash or Pass by -devilsfxckinrejects
Horror Characters: Smash or Passby Pooka!
I think everyone knows how these work by now - I give you a character, and you tell us whether you'd bang them or not. This book is dedicated strictly to characters in h...
Slasher Headcanons by HadesFromHecc
Slasher Headcanonsby The Biggest Simp
This will mainly be bullet points for how the slashers act and things they enjoy, etc. When I see it fit, I will add little blurbs and tiny stories to help round out the...
Incorrect Slasher Quotes by Wolflove1o1
Incorrect Slasher Quotesby 🖤🐺𝕺𝖐𝖆𝖒𝖎 𝕿𝖘𝖚𝖐𝖎🐺🖤
This is for comedic purposes only. None of these quotes belong to me None of the characters belong to me. Ships are going to include - - GhostMyers (Ghostface x Michael...
Man-Eat-Man World: a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fanfic by cryote_
Man-Eat-Man World: a Texas Chainsa...by cryote_
Walking down the Texan dirt roads with only the hot sun in the sky to keep her company was usually how the first few months in Newt went for "Sunshine". A norm...
Horror Fuck Marry Kill by -devilsfxckinrejects
Horror Fuck Marry Killby Pooka!
Each chapter, I'll give you three different horror characters! You tell us which one you'd bang, which one you'd marry, and which one you'd kill. You have to have /one...
Double Love: Yandere Freddy Krueger X OC X Yandere Leatherface (Christmas Gift) by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Double Love: Yandere Freddy Kruege...by EPICNESSQUEEN
Kuno was going down to Texas to escape her past on Elm Street and leave behind the memories of Freddy Krueger. Her car breaks down and she goes to a farm house. There sh...
The Son Of Leatherface.  by Jordanbois990
The Son Of Leatherface. by Jordanbois990
Warning: Very Strong language, sexual content. Hope you Enjoy the story!!! :DD
ANSWER THE PHONE, BUBBA! (Ghostface x Leatherface DISGUSTANG) by Screen_Shits
ANSWER THE PHONE, BUBBA! (Ghostfac...by yeehaw
mk first of all, before you read just so you know ITS DISCONTINUED and very hard to read, I can't even read it myself and I don't know what possessed me to write it so p...