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Man-Eat-Man World: a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fanfic by make-your-own-evil
Man-Eat-Man World: a Texas Chainsa...by tana
Walking down the Texan dirt roads with only the hot sun in the sky to keep her company was usually how the first few months in Newt went for "Sunshine". A norm...
My Cannibal Companion - Bubba Sawyer (Strangers to Lovers, SFW to NSFW) by bluerhin0
My Cannibal Companion - Bubba Sawy...by bluerhin0
💖NONE OF THE PICTURES USED ARE MINE, I ONLY EDITED THE COVER!!💖 (female pronouns and genitalia used) Smut later on in the book, so older readers are encouraged. Had t...
Fem! movie killers x male smart reader  by underboundsans34
Fem! movie killers x male smart re...by underbound sans
You've inherited billions from your parents after they died of a heart attack and cancer. Your parents business is something you could run, but legally are unable to. In...
His Anchor -Jedidiah Sawyer. (Leatherface) by hannahxx98
His Anchor -Jedidiah Sawyer. (Leat...by Hannahmariexx
Candace was a nurse at Gorman House, she worked beside her friend Lizzie. She meets Jackson, a patient at Gorman House who immediately draws her in. When a couple of the...
Leatherface girl. by tiffanyxoxo08
Leatherface girl.by tiffany
What would happen if your horrible 'friends' took a road trip to Texas and dragged you along. What if you ran out of gas and stopped at Luda Mae shop but all they do is...
Antecedent (Tex Sawyer) by MindOnJupiter
Antecedent (Tex Sawyer)by MindOnJupiter
Based on a story from my old account and from the third instalment of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Lori and her friends are taking a road trip to celebrate graduation where...
Flesh and Bone  by Blood_Blooms
Flesh and Bone by Blood Blooms
Grace's entire world has fallen apart. Betrayed by those she trusted the most, she sets off on her own under the blistering Texas sun in hopes of finding her way home. I...
The Family (VOL. 1) by 1MeganAnn
The Family (VOL. 1)by LivinDeadGhoul
Matilda and her boyfriend Matt are injured in a car crash and left stranded in the rural backwoods of Texas. All the commotion draws the deadly attention of a sinister f...
Our Beloved - Slashers x Reader Headcannons by Slimpuffz
Our Beloved - Slashers x Reader He...by Slimpuffz
Just a little insane. Yeah, they're killers but can you blame us? (Taking Requests) "We all go a little mad sometimes." - Psycho (1960) "He don't mean you...
I See Dead People by Metalmankayden
I See Dead Peopleby Metalmankayden
You're roommates with a bunch of slashers (listed below), what else can I say? Not all slashers are included, just ones that are widely known with one exception. I don't...
Incorrect Slasher Quotes by TheMoonsAceCard
Incorrect Slasher Quotesby Ace
This is for comedic purposes only. None of these quotes belong to me None of the characters belong to me. Ships are going to include - - GhostMyers (Ghostface x Michael...
Leather bound (Leatherface x male reader) (Discontinued) by slasher_fanboy
Leather bound (Leatherface x male...by Vance
One hot summer day in the year 1972 y/n is out in Texas to meet a family friend. Once at the house he realizes something is wrong, but before he can leave a big man in a...
ChopTop X Reader [Try And Keep Up] by TheReader_TheWriter_
ChopTop X Reader [Try And Keep Up]by TheReader_TheWriter_
My name is Y/n, I'm in an abusive and Really one sided relationship with a guy named Dan, He used to threaten to kill me before when I was still Really happy about life...
Horror Slasher Preferences by emomettybear
Horror Slasher Preferencesby Nova_Solanine
Slashers x Reader One-Shot Book by BlankHorrific
Slashers x Reader One-Shot Bookby Joshua
Lots of oneshots for when I feel like writing a specific scene but don't feel like developing characters before or after. It'll mainly be for my writing practice but I a...
slashers x readers by BunnyBoyOz
slashers x readersby BunnyBoyOz
nothing like ignoring ur current projects to write smut about fictional murderers <3
Incorrect Slasher Quotes 2 by TheMoonsAceCard
Incorrect Slasher Quotes 2by Ace
Continuation of the first book. This is for comedic purposes only. None of these quotes belong to me None of the characters belong to me. Ships are going to include - ...
Meeting Horror Movie Killers by AnonymousFan03
Meeting Horror Movie Killersby Someone
What would happen if you met horror movie killers. Disclaimer that is very obvious: I am not a Hollywood writer or director or a whole damn company, I am not claiming th...
(♡ A Gentle Old Soul♡) Selfship Fic by troublingdiarrhea
(♡ A Gentle Old Soul♡) Selfship Ficby Bruno Universe
I'm a trans male nurse that works at a nursing home. while handing out panflits to seniors that had just moved to town, one of them takes an interest in me and makes me...