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Jessica Voorhees by trioptimim
Jessica Voorheesby Trioptimum
A man had an encounter with a monster long forgotten, but now she's living with him. He might have gotten a little more than he bargained for.
Slasher One-shots And Scenarios  by Tcmboi
Slasher One-shots And Scenarios by Tcmboi
(Requests open) This is exactly what the title says. All of our favorite slasher boys placed in different scenarios and even a few requested one-shots. I will try to u...
Jason x Reader Scenarios by yuri-chr
Jason x Reader Scenariosby 💕
!REQUESTS OPEN! Different scenarios of you and the large, hockey mask wearing killer. From being super clingy-yandere to a sad lug looking for comfort. (Most are Jason x...
Unexpected Change In Plans (Slashers X Reader) (DISCONTINUED  FOR NOW)  by Marshlymonster
Unexpected Change In Plans (Slashe...by Monster :33
A girl named Y/N L/N, and Lilith Star went to a Camp, named Camp Crystal Lake. Lots of rumors spread saying there's tons of killers in the camp, and will kill you. But y...
Stay (A Jason Voorhees love story)  by ERRATIC75
Stay (A Jason Voorhees love story) by 9
As you can imagine this all started with a camping trip..... A Jason Voorhees love story Contains mature themes
Meeting Horror Movie Killers by AnonymousFan03
Meeting Horror Movie Killersby Someone
What would happen if you met horror movie killers. Disclaimer that is very obvious: I am not a Hollywood writer or director or a whole damn company, I am not claiming th...
My Gentle Giant, Jason Voorhees love story by AnneMarieGaming
My Gentle Giant, Jason Voorhees lo...by AnneMarieGaming
Raina is a very, very shy person. She often wishes she could be like all the pretty girls in her school and often found herself writing in her notebook, playing guitar...
Jason x RWBY:What I've done by EmikoVictoria
Jason x RWBY:What I've doneby NotAmused
Jason Voorhees abruptly wakes up in a forest with a mission: Defeat Salem and protect Ruby Rose
A Voorhees With A Cullen by Deathbat4life
A Voorhees With A Cullenby Heller Sawyer
Luna Moon Voorhees is Jason's sister. She moved to Forks, Washington at age 16. Jason now patrols the camp.
slasher x reader  by amythistcrowly
slasher x reader by Amythist Crowley (princess o...
Sorry if this turns out bad it's my first time writing or at least putting it on watpad/wattpad includes chucky freddy Jason jigsaw (John Kramer) norman Bates etc. agai...
Kidnapped reader x Slashers by tosqueezyfreezy4u
Kidnapped reader x Slashersby (・3・)
I drew the cover btw..... You were kidnapped by a man. he would always dress you in dressed and heals you didn't mind but you were scared. he beat you and threatens to k...
Slashers x reader by Samaroni1996
Slashers x readerby Samantha
the slashers x reader! Smut, fluff, and such! I take requests
Horror Movie Boyfriend Scenarios by RadKawaiiPrincess
Horror Movie Boyfriend Scenariosby ❤ Ali ❤
So far includes: Michael Myers (Halloween), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
It's always been you. (Michael Myers x reader) by PumpkinMilkTea
It's always been you. (Michael Mye...by .p u m p k i n m i l k t e...
You and Michael have been friends a while, you were the only person Michael could ever confide in and the only person who understood him and accepted him for all he was...
Fem! creepypasta x Jason Voorhees reader by TheHollowedCreator
Fem! creepypasta x Jason Voorhees...by THEHOLLOWEDCREATOR
okay so to start something off, thie story will takr place in camp Chrystal lake because well its the general place in the story, aldo there will be other areas you shal...
Slashers x Reader One-Shot by Marshlymonster
Slashers x Reader One-Shotby Monster :33
Quarantine Life is needing this 💁👏 Requests:Slightly opened.
Cursed Cullen  by Deathbat4life
Cursed Cullen by Heller Sawyer
Heller Grave Cullen is the youngest of her & Renesmee. She's more powerful than her sister. She has a curse mark on her right wrist. She has dreams of a guy in a white m...
Slasher Preferences/One-shots (Completed) by worldsfinestadmin
Slasher Preferences/One-shots (Com...by Admin
This is an anonymous request book. This book has been opened closed and reopened so sorry for so many author's notes.
Dead By Daylight Zodiac by MlCHAEL_MYERS
Dead By Daylight Zodiacby The Shape
"Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of a savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to...
Slasher Imagines by MyFantasticImagines1
Slasher Imaginesby Queen Dee 👑
A whole book for my Slasher stuff from my slasher account on tumblr @xoxoslasherimagines 2nd in #horrormovie (2/22)!! 1k reads!! (3/18) 2k reads!!! (4/9) 3k reads!!!! (...