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•Ⓢⓣⓞⓝⓔ• by The-one-and-lonely
•Ⓢⓣⓞⓝⓔ•by °Les°
Nick has been thrown around back and forth between different foster homes for as long as he can remember and has no idea where he came from or anything about his family...
Bouquet of Diamonds (Complete) by HagenDreemurr
Bouquet of Diamonds (Complete)by Hagen
Flora is Ava's twin sister, she's typically quiet, shy, and very helpful, with a mouth full of rainbows, but due to some things in the past she has a hard time trust peo...
All I Care About Is You  by zaidaw75
All I Care About Is You by zaida
Wei Ying almost died two years after being taken to the YunmengJiang sect. He was safe and taken away by two unknown people. A better future awaits. A fateful meeting. A...
I Became the Precious Daughter of The Villainous Grand Duke  by Romantic_Blossoms_22
I Became the Precious Daughter Milka
Aria, the adopted daughter of duke agnes who experiences death Seven times. In each of her lifetimes, she sacrifices herself for the sake of her family she dies believin...
King of Hearts - HP by Pcrw1233
King of Hearts - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry finds a little friend when he is taking care of the garden the two become friends but what if the snake wasn't just any snake and helps harry on his wishes of what...
Little hands [Foster Family AU] by thoughtbaby
Little hands [Foster Family AU]by thoughtbaby
Rossi and Hotch take in one last kid - Spencer. [Maybe this is important for a few: Ages:Spencer:7, JJ:9, Emily:14, Garcia:15, Derek:17 The rest of the characters are t...
•did you get enough love, my little dove?• by sunflowerwalls24p2
•did you get enough love, my Kaitlyn Scofster
August Miller is burning the candle at both ends. He's a freshman in high school yet he already works two jobs. He pays the bills at home and is responsible for keeping...
The Savior by hoothoottttt
The Saviorby Y’all 👏
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨This is not, I repeat, NOT in any way shape or form Snarry. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 This is going to be strictly a father and son bond between the two. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Will prob...
My Abused Luna by j_watson
My Abused Lunaby J_Watson
Bailey Summers isn't a normal, happy, average, 19 year old werewolf. She has been paying for a "mistake", for over a decade. A "mistake" costing her...
Butterfly Farm by UnderAfallingSkyR3D
Butterfly Farmby UnderAfallingSkyR3D
Sideswipe and Sunstreaker don't like humans. That's a well known fact. A solar cycle into their stay on Earth, a prank goes wrong, and the Terror Twins get stuck babysit...
A Daddy for Me by missyswife37
A Daddy for Meby Missyswife37
Dean Winchester has suffered from abuse physically, mentally, and sexually at the hands of those he should have been able to trust most from the earliest, most formative...
Cohabitation by Pani_Ischa
Cohabitationby Pani_Ischa
It was not Peter's plan to fall for his best friend and her pretty boyfriend Aiden, when he knocked on Olivia's door bloody and looking for a fresh start, but things rar...
A Fairy's Guardian (rough Draft) by Shaddow_pet
A Fairy's Guardian (rough Draft)by Melody Emery
Ember Hawrhorn was always good at stealing, it was how the young fairy survived. After leaving her abusive mother at the age of 14, she had spent the last five years on...
Bad Guy - HP  by Pcrw1233
Bad Guy - HP by Hellowerewolf1
Harry has always know about everything to do with magic, what happened to him, who put him there in the first place and why he is away from the magical realm until he hi...
An Outlaw by Physics_can_kill
An Outlawby roses_are_black
Wei Wuxian,after jumping down from the hill in the Nevernight battle with hate and resentment towards others. Those people whom he had given up his core for. He will not...
Favourite biker stories by DianaLamar3
Favourite biker storiesby DianaLamar
My favourite bikers books of Wattpad
The Midnight Moon by sisterdeqth15
The Midnight Moonby Angela
Haruhi and his twin sister are not what they appear. What will the Host Club do when they meet them and discover their world? Ouran High School Host Club/Harry Potter/A...
What Do I Call You by AParker1022
What Do I Call Youby AParker1022
Waiting on love becomes easy when you begin to focus on yourself. But, It can come at the most unexpected time. Luna had been single for two years and enjoying her life...
Won't you believe me? (Servant no more - book 2) by MydlaMydla
Won't you believe me? (Servant Mydla
After all his bad experiences serving in other households, Wei Wuxian now believes that his new master Lan Wangji and the Lans in general will be kind to him. How well w...
Coming Over/Over Coming  by liviaawritezz
Coming Over/Over Coming by liviaa writezz
Ahan Bansal, the Youngest son of the Bansal's, has everything in his life, whether it's money, looks, intelligence, sportsmanship or any other thing. There's no girl who...