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Please Don't  Eat Me (Hannibal Lecter x Reader) by whalewrights
Please Don't Eat Me (Hannibal Lec...by Ur dad
When (y/n) is introduced to Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She unravels an emotional side to Hannibal no one has seen before. He grows very close to her. Some might even say obse...
Burn The Witch by HalloweenHeartbreak
Burn The Witchby Halloween
Hannibal Lecter is a strange man. He is seemingly superior to everyone around him. However, a new face in Chesapeake may change this entirely.
Attracting Will Graham  by Jonjio1
Attracting Will Graham by Jonjio1
After failing to get wills attention hannibal feels discouraged but after learning about his potential type can hannibal be successful in getting will's attention?
𝐓𝐄𝐗𝐓 𝐌𝐄 / the slashers  by -DAISUK1
𝐓𝐄𝐗𝐓 𝐌𝐄 / the slashers by 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐈
❑ ッ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 a crack fanfic abt the slashers texting a new serial killer - ૪ the slashers ૪ male reader ━━ 00000000 ━━ 00000000
Dr. Lecter by emileeparker
Dr. Lecterby Emilee Parker
Blaire is trapped in a nightmare, she has found herself in the clutches of the terrible and infamous, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Knowing that a gruesome fate could await her...
His Silent Lamb and The Stories She Tells  by somethickchick
His Silent Lamb and The Stories Sh...by somethickchick
"He was a dangerous sin, wrapped in angelic eyes; it made my heart pound with distrust and my mind cloud with bewilderment" as for Doctor Lecter his eyes were...
Hannibal's Daughter by jekyllxhyde
Hannibal's Daughterby Cynthia Romaine
The young daughter of serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, never knew him. Only that he was Dr. Lecter and some-what friends with her mother. She finally gets the chance...
Dancing with Danger by strayxxbullett
Dancing with Dangerby strayxxbullett
Samantha Amaranth did everything she could to feel a rush. She jumped off of cliffs and she drank until the world spun. They called her crazy and threw her into a mental...
Mostly Ghostly Hotel by GhostlyMostly
Mostly Ghostly Hotelby GhostlyMostly
Proud partners with Bates Motel for 20 years! Welcome to the Mostly Ghostly Hotel! Relax and enjoy our company as you take a break from your usual bloodlust! (Reques...
Bon Appetit! Yandere Hannibal x Reader x Yandere Will by xXYandereWriterXx
Bon Appetit! Yandere Hannibal x Re...by Yandere writer
Y/n Brock is the daughter of Eddie brock and she is currently the host of Venom. What happens when Hannibal and Will fall for Y/n?
Hannibal Lecter Imagines by chickenfangirl
Hannibal Lecter Imaginesby chickenfangirl
if you're a fan of classic anthony hopkins hannibal then this is the fic for you my friend
Bloody Regrets (Hannibal Fan Fiction) by noxeris
Bloody Regrets (Hannibal Fan Ficti...by Raven
Screams ripped through the halls like the madness that created them. Her body fought against the five men pinning her to the hospital bed. Fear and pure hysteria consume...
Hannigram Oneshots by SolTheNightmareStag
Hannigram Oneshotsby Solas
The title is pretty self explanatory, Will and Hannibal being cute, doing the do, being a murder husband duo because I live for Dark!Will. Enjoy my messy writing because...
First Confrontation (Part 1) by ParkChimsChimmy
First Confrontation (Part 1)by ParkChimsChimmy
Part 1 in the The Thirst series. What happens when two predators meets? One partakes in the life's blood and the other consumes the flesh. One created by nature and one...
Hannibal preferences by CelestialDeamon
Hannibal preferencesby J. M Wilder
I'm not sure if anyone will really read this, but upon looking I can't seem to find any of these. So I just thought it'll be a nice idea :) a friend of mine made the cov...
Eating Human Tartare by AliceHatter2018
Eating Human Tartareby AliceHatter2018
Fans of the movie Split and Hannibal Lector​ comes a story of a likely alliance. What if Hannibal Lector, the Beast, the Horde, and Casey were working together? Based of...
hannibal lector x reader  by sips___tea
hannibal lector x reader by sips
(y/n), the step sister of Will Graham fascinates Lector. You have an active imagination like your brother, but instead of using your powers for crime solving you instead...
Angel's Sojourn: Hannibal x Reader x Will by Lizziescafe
Angel's Sojourn: Hannibal x Reader...by Wolfmit
"The death, then, of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the word." -Edgar Allan Poe
Friend Of A Cannibal by LostWitch
Friend Of A Cannibalby Lost Witch
Hannibal Lecter finds himself falling for his patient. He can't resist her and she can't resist him. But they're not so different. Maybe a little romance is what the doc...
Falling into Hannibal (Yandere Will X Reader X Yandere Hannibal) by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Falling into Hannibal (Yandere Wil...by EPICNESSQUEEN+Co Author (The...
(Name) is a fannibal for Hannibal. Her sister steals her copy of the Hannibal series. She goes to a rental store and rents the series of Hannibal. When she brings it hom...