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Natalie by omfgreid
Natalieby Cassidy
Dr. Spencer Reid could care less if he had a girlfriend, he just wants someone to care for. So, when Natalie Cindy, a fifteen year old prodigy crosses paths with him, li...
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Do you want to play? - A Criminal Minds fanfic by elizzastone
Do you want to play? - A elizzastone
Crossover between Criminal Minds and Orphan. Emily and Derek Morgan get their hands full when they decide to adopt a sweet, little girl named Esther that was the only su...
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Tragedy and Prodigy by svenjapompeo
Tragedy and Prodigyby Svenja
Derek got a call that Emily has been brought to the hospital with great blood loss. He immediately took the next flight from San Francisco to Quantico so he could be wit...
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Confidence by ttpowerbeatsscisors
Confidenceby T or Kennedy
Spencer's life is long distance and Regan is okay with that even in the early stages of their relationship. So what's the big deal when Regan gets the opportunity to pur...
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Hard Life by cami090411
Hard Lifeby Cami
~*Book 1*~ It's a Criminal Minds Demily story, please read it and comment. I have been writing it for a long time, but now I'm writing it on Wattpad. •••••••••••••••••••...
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Roses (Spencer Reid/Criminal Minds Fan Fiction) by elizarose_
Roses (Spencer Reid/Criminal Eli
After becoming the best and youngest prosecutor in America, Angela Meyers studies to become an FBI Profiler to understand the criminal mind. Once offered a job, she acce...
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Look at things differently (boyxboy) (derek Morgan x spencer reid) by lunaticfringe101
Look at things differently ( WhateverLifeisAMess
This story is about spencer Reid and Derek Morgan from Criminal minds FANFICTION! Cerder or Regan ship story! (I don't not own characters but I own storyline)
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What About Now? by landrathe2nd
What About Now?by Queen Lee
Derek Morgan is the new technical analyst for the BAU and he soon becomes best friends with Agent Penelope Garcia. Their friendship is tested with treacherous situations...
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Love, Lies and Deception (*Criminal Minds+American Horror Story* Crossover) by Sherlocked_Watson
Love, Lies and Deception (* Nickie_DeadQuin-Pool
This is about the story of Alicia, once the dangerous teenager and now the BAUs Communication Organiser...a long and narrow life time. But like always...the BAU lifestyl...
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Forgetful by kaitlinglover99
Forgetfulby Kaitlin
BOOK 2 {Book One is Clueless} Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Reid think they've got everything figured out. They've got a good home, steady jobs, great friends, a beautiful daught...
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Criminal Minds: Central Intelligence by ThatGirlWithGlasses
Criminal Minds: Central Elena Weiss
***NOTE: this is an older story of mine that I have not edited in a VERY long time so the grammar is honestly horrible, so read at your own risk*** **Formerly Named: Bei...
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Derek Morgan, The Player That He Is... 02. by fanfiction91
Derek Morgan, The Player That He DerekMorgan_lovers
ATTENTION: YOU MUST READ BOOK 01. TO UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON. ❤️ With Emily revealing that she's pregnant... Derek's freaking out. On the flip side, Derek and Penelop...
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A Deadly Comeback by LeighAnnaC
A Deadly Comebackby LeighAnnaC
When the BAU is called to investigate a case in Florida, what appeared at first to be copycat killings turn out to be something none of the team have ever encountered be...
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Wildest Dreams (Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner) by LxttlxBxnnyKxt
Wildest Dreams (Spencer Reid/ Kat xx
Spencer Reid has had a crush on the star football player Aaron Hotchner for over a year. Spencer is a sophomore (though he could be in a higher grade if he wanted to) an...
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NONE ━ Spencer Reid (2) by emxsal
NONE ━ Spencer Reid (2)by emily
" One little Soldier Boy left all alone; He went out and hanged himself and then there were none. " Scout Wiley fell in love with the abyss: But the abyss cha...
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The Genius Couple by TheInternetIsMyLife2
The Genius Coupleby TheInternetIsMyLife2
Ashlynn Smith is a 22 year old genius, with an IQ of 188, with an interest in psychology. Her best friend, Carrie, has the same interest, just not as high of an IQ, hers...
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Kaleidoscope Minds by mochisunako
Kaleidoscope Mindsby Sunako
The behavioral unit in the FBI gets a new member, Daniella Rossi. Rossi's daughter from his first marriage. Dani is new to the world of profiling and just trying to get...
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Sick Reid by RachelHenry1
Sick Reidby RachelHenry1
Reid is sick but still goes to work
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Umm...No (MorganxReid) by TheAlaskanHybrid
Umm...No (MorganxReid)by TheAlaskanHybrid
Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid are both in denial about their feelings for each other. But one day Morgan catches Reid with a needle and clear liquid, that's right drugs...
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Criminal Minds Imagines by taylor14225
Criminal Minds Imaginesby taylor14225
Request ideas and I will write them! It can be anything!
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