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The Land of Elysian (Velysia Academy) by rain_rainie30
The Land of Elysian (Velysia Raineloveloves
Isang mundo kung saan lahat ng imposible ay posible Lahat ng tao ay nagtataglay ng kapangyarihan May mga taong malalakas at mahihina Pero isang hindi ordinaryong babae...
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Cardinals: The rise of Damian Bryne by Giyani2
Cardinals: The rise of Damian Bryneby Emmanuel Giyani
Bran was abandoned by his parents when he was still young, he spent his life on the road and on the run also while searching for his father until one day something happe...
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The Easter Play by jakrabbit
The Easter Playby Jak Rabbit
Jack had a gift, but it only got him in more trouble... until one day he got sent away to a special school to learn discipline.
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Superhero Corps: The Australian Blaze  by Davin40
Superhero Corps: The Australian Davin40
Welcome again, to the action packed adventure of Super cop Andrea Qinn and her trusted aid Jade. This time they solve the mystery of the fires that threatens the Austra...
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GLITCH by MingJun_65
GLITCHby MingJun_65
"What are you?" "I'm your assistant, I am the caretaker of this power you wield. I sense that this is the time for you to start using this power. Thus, I...
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The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times by butterfly_effect
The Villainess who has Reborn butterfly_effect
The villainess who has reborn five times just wants to rest in peace. I am Odette, I was once an heiress who had it all, be it money, status or fiance. When my perfect...
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Twice Supers (Prev. GOTPW) by Hazewkii
Twice Supers (Prev. GOTPW)by ha~zu~ki
// Dahyun-centered story // What if you're surrounded with gifted people who are born to protect you even if the cost is their lives. "I'm not like you guys! But I...
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My wife is the underworld Queen by PraveePRAVEENA
My wife is the underworld Queenby praveena reddy
One day, a car accident happened in city Q and that person died on spot. In city Z, another person died because of blood loss in hospital. That body is taken over by the...
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Story Of a Random Highschool Girl by Randomlifuu
Story Of a Random Highschool Girlby Randomlifuu
I am... this is probably bad but okay... Its been a long ass year since i had an idea of this... Original fiction but also anime style romance high school people... so l...
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I Am Not Okay With Me: A Character Study of Sydney Novak by Max_Caulfield
I Am Not Okay With Me: A Casey
An overview into the life of our favorite angsty telekinetic teenager, with a glimpse into her relationships, her day to day life, and her powers, all rolled up into one...
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The Shooting Star by caiimamchey
The Shooting Starby ขายิมมเฉย
Henrie and Jasmine have known nothing but solitude their entire lives. They both have seemingly uncontrollable abilities and parents who are a little off. Turns out, the...
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Just Smile (Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fiction) by WaterMistress
Just Smile (Boku no Hero vibe check
just had this idea... uh huh Related to Bakugou Katsuki?! Thought to be quite the exact same as her older cousin, fortunately she isn't! Her father is related to Bakugou...
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Blades of Blood Sweat and Tears by 64nobody
Blades of Blood Sweat and Tearsby 64nobody
Andrew Argent thinking it's a joke, agrees to enter a competition that turns out to be very real. Where almost everywhere he turns he is engaged in battle, making him be...
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My Unusual Academy by NekoSansowo
My Unusual Academyby neekosansowo
Everything that exists has an opposite. Black, white. Water, Fire. Heroes, Villains. In a world filled with superpowers, what option will a civilian choose? Will they be...
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The Wonders by Braedenwilson1
The Wondersby Braeden
A very few special people have superpowers. These people are called Wonders. And every year, there's a worldwide tournament for the wonders to compete and see who will b...
Sticks and Stones by tobyt1214
Sticks and Stonesby Toby Thomas
After his older brother dies, Oliver Vawn is left to care for his family. The problem is he's a walking bonfire--and Oakley's got his own issues, if everyone's being hon...
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EL Barios Academia by Winonaneninonuxx
EL Barios Academiaby Winona Lamar
Gift. A special power given by the Gods and Goddesses to the people who are living in EL barios. So, What's your gift?
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