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Galaxy High~ Zodiac by Nighttime678
Galaxy High~ Zodiacby ☾ 𝕋𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕒 ☽
Junior year for the zodiacs is gonna be full of drama, heartbreak, comedy, horror, and a bunch of idiots! Welcome to Galaxy High! The zodiacs uncover secrets about thems...
Nightlight | A Zodiac Story by theunimpressedwriter
Nightlight | A Zodiac Storyby saturn
"Well what do you think? That you can do, control me?" "That's precisely what I know I can do" "You think too highly of yourself," her lip...
Zodiac Murder Mystery by paelenico
Zodiac Murder Mysteryby Shadow of Death
When Ophiuchus is found dead at her own sleepover party, the 12 Zodiacs are left in a huge mansion miles away from town, with no signal, transport and a killer on the lo...
The Star Blessed Twelve (SDS Fic) by Sinful-stories
The Star Blessed Twelve (SDS Fic)by Commit Arson
Before the Seven Deadly Sins, there was another group of powerful individuals. Each one bearing a blessing from the stars. They vowed to protect those who live among thi...
Zodiac High by Mia_loves_bts
Zodiac Highby Mia_loves_bts
What will happen when all signs are gathered in one school? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aries: Male Taurus: Male Gemini: Female Cancer: Female Leo: Female Virgo: Female Libra: Female...
Zodiac Signs - Way of the Stars by UnderConstellation
Zodiac Signs - Way of the Starsby UnderConstellation
A Zodiac Sign Story. The children of the stars shall always shine strongly forever and ever, yet a darkness from the past will search for them, blood-thirsty and powerfu...
Zodiac Tower || A Zodiac Story by drowned_deity
Zodiac Tower || A Zodiac Storyby Raye<3
"For the wages of sin is death" When a mysterious tower appeared centuries ago, many adventurers attempted to climb it. Those with nothing to lose saw it as a...
From Another Place (A Zodiac Story) by Annamooonie
From Another Place (A Zodiac Story)by Annamooonie
The Fairytale world's Zodiac Signs was born.. but not from the same root. Some are Royals, some are Villains..
Central Z-telligence  by Z_White
Central Z-telligence by Jinteresting 🤔
From the Author that bought you In The Name of Orion... 6 Brains, 6 Brawns. One World. The Zodiacs have arrived. Released: 3/23/17 Ranked: 1 in Brains 11/22/19 1 in Zod...
Fairytale~~A Zodiac Story by just_libra
Fairytale~~A Zodiac Storyby <3
Highest rankings: #1 in zodiac (thx I ilysm) #1 in Aries #1 in Taurus #1 in Virgo #1 in Libra #1 in Sagittarius #1 in zodiacsigns #1 in Horoscope The twelve zodiacs...
Zodiac Chronicles by Briella_Bae
Zodiac Chroniclesby Briella Bae
The Zodiacs that we've all come to know and love are humans. Teenagers living on Earth, to be exact. Each one is content to their own groups, until one day, something go...
Just a Fantasy (Haitus) by Star_night_Ocean_sea
Just a Fantasy (Haitus)by Lovely
Aquarius a writer because so engulfed in her writing one day she wished to be in it and then she woke up as one of her character. What will happen in her fantasy cause t...
Zodiac Life by b33pb0opz
Zodiac Lifeby ♡
The life of the zodiac signs when they turn into humans and end up having to survive/live together and find a way to get back to their home. What will happen? ~~~ Update...
life with the zodiacs by aroace_gemini
life with the zodiacsby vidya (semi hiatus)
don't judge the name i suck at titles it took me a good week to figure out a name for any of my other books and i don't feel creative the zodiacs used to live in Celesti...
With love, ~ A zodiac story  by Ragaloona82
With love, ~ A zodiac story by Ellana
Fist slammed against the table and everyone turned to her, "I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not allowing my city to just sit and rot here. We're going to...
The lost zodiacs 1- Trapped on earth by emmstx
The lost zodiacs 1- Trapped on Emma :3
All the signs were send to earth and live a normal live like other people. Till they know they're actually stars, and have to start war. Just like every other story haha...
Zodiac- falling in love under the stars  by 7fairy_tail
Zodiac- falling in love under Freya
13 students. All with bad backgrounds. What will happen if you put them all in one house in Zodia College? Explore the early adult years while the 13 teenagers battle w...
Zodiac Academy by Zodiac_Quests
Zodiac Academyby ChloMarie
This has ships, friendships, enemies (to lovers, oop-), drama, possible TW. But it's a basic book about high school drama, with zodiacs and other characters. This is onl...
Zodiac One Shotz  by Zodiacing
Zodiac One Shotz by Zodi
One shots about the signs getting together. All the combinations,all of them I say, ALL OF THEM, to meet your needs if you don't like the one in my other book. Enjoy! �...
Astrological Melody by Z_White
Astrological Melodyby Jinteresting 🤔
**Will be updated following the end of Central Z-Telligence** It's Senior Year and the Zodiacs are itching to make their mark on the school- scratch that- the world! Jo...