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Zodiac memes  by dank_memes20
Zodiac memes by memes for life
I just felt like sharing some of the zodiac memes i came across None of these memes are mine For those of you wondering about moon sign or other placements I'll give yo...
Zodiac high (Under Editing) by Fishycat1311
Zodiac high (Under Editing)by Fishycat
Ok ima make this quick. Basically the zodiac signs have been born to normal humans. Their parents all got in touch and decided they'll all move to the same town so the z...
The innocent and The juvenile  by 7fairy_tail
The innocent and The juvenile by Freya
Girl cancer and boy Scorpio, a story of an innocent shy girl and a juvenile rebel boy. I will be following the stereotypes, just a warning. Sorry this isn't like any oth...
Trouble | zodiac story  by lanisinsandroses
Trouble | zodiac story by Lani🌻
Here comes trouble. In Zodia, an island comprised of 12 Kingdoms all ruled under the same monarchy, there is a tradition. Every fifteen years the Queen's protectors, a g...
Zodiac high :  Senior Year by JustYourAverageMess
Zodiac high : Senior Yearby JustYourAverageMess
This story is currently being re made Everyone lived a normal life, until things take a dark turn for everyone. Bombings in the city, murders, and unexplained mass suic...
Zodiac Street by Musa_Nova
Zodiac Streetby ♕ 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐚 ♕
Surely, you heard of those many zodiac stories about living in mansions and having countless adventures, have you? Well, what if I tell you this book is like that, but i...
The COLORFUL Teen Life of the Zodiac Signs by GalaxyKitten103
The COLORFUL Teen Life of the Zodi...by NJTheNerd
What if the Zodiac Signs have lived a normal teenage life like us teenagers do? And what if they also attend to highschool, the place where all the romance and shiz happ...
Angels and Demons /A zodiac Story/ by CareBare56
Angels and Demons /A zodiac Story/by CareBare56
Angels and demons have two very different things. One has halos and beautiful wings that could fly for miles. The other has horns and pointy tails with wings that could...
My Hero Academia Zodiacs by Cursedgemstone
My Hero Academia Zodiacsby Cursedgemstone
Maybe this has been done before, or maybe not. I tried to be original! All credit goes to the internet and myself. Sidenote: CHAPTERS DON'T CORRELATE WITH ONE ANOTHER! P...
Mental Case - A Zodiac Story by paelenico
Mental Case - A Zodiac Storyby Shadow of Death
12 Patients. 12 Mental Illnesses. They all want to heal, but how can they if they are being broken down even more? A story of loss, hope, regret and betrayal. TRIGGER WA...
Zodiac Highschool by lynncisco
Zodiac Highschoolby lynncisco
When 12 teenagers have been accepted into a "normal" highschool, they don't know what's to come for them.. tears, happiness, anger and possibly..love? They wil...
The Zodiac Life by zodiac_nutcase
The Zodiac Lifeby Grace_is_ready
Imagine if the Zodiac Signs were actual people, that would be cool, wouldn't it?? In this story we see all 12 zodiac signs living a normal life like us but like more adv...
The Zodiac Games by Dragon_Shot
The Zodiac Gamesby Dragon Shot
All of the Zodiac Signs have been captured and forced into a bloodlust game similar to the Hunger Games and forced to fight to the death. Who will die, and, more importa...
University of Constellations- A Zodiac Story by Sakura_Aesthetea
University of Constellations- A Zo...by 🌸Sakura🌸
University of Constellations, the school which the zodiacs, whom are the twelve people ought to save the world once it falls over, attend. This school is for those out o...
Zodiac Signs | ✎ by once-upon-a-star
Zodiac Signs | ✎by katie baer
A list of Zodiac Sign Scenarios.
Zodiac signs by SeriaRose
Zodiac signsby Seria ✨♌️
Everything and anything about your zodiac sign whether it be stereotypes Or real accurate facts, Who knows? What is your sign? I tried to be all deep and shit but it did...
ZODIAC SIGNS by avengefandoms
ZODIAC SIGNSby Jenny ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Credit to IG & Tumblr Posts*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ BOOK 2 IS UP♡
Mha/Bnha zodiac signs by cmonboi
Mha/Bnha zodiac signsby Cmonboi
Ye the title says it all :) Yep I was bored
Levanter | Stray Kids Reactions by glitterNsins
Levanter | Stray Kids Reactionsby C a l y t r i x
❝Promise yourself to me, love.❞ - Stray Kids x Reader, Stray Kids Imagines, Zodiacs, Reactions, and more!
Bnha zodiacs  by 1_anime
Bnha zodiacs by 💖💘💝
The title says it all❄️🔥