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𝐓𝐖𝐎 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐋𝐃𝐒 𝐀𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 by lipsticklovers
Celestia and Hella are two opposite kingdoms, home to either angels or demons. They've been at odds since anyone could remember, but there is always one day a year when...
Zodiac- falling in love under the stars  by 7fairy_tail
Zodiac- falling in love under the...by Freya
13 students. All with bad backgrounds. What will happen if you put them all in one house in Zodia College? Explore the early adult years while the 13 teenagers battle w...
°trouvialle zodiacs° ~ (zodiac story)  by zodiacical
°trouvialle zodiacs° ~ (zodiac sto...by voятєχ
"... what the hell is going on?"
What is this groupchat? (a zodiac gc) by vikimonster2004
What is this groupchat? (a zodiac...by tori
3am, that's when the idea hits differently and that's when a bored person decided to open a groupchat with a bunch of not so random people from school.
Agents Of Zodiac by TRAVALERRAY
Agents Of Zodiacby Lady Of The Lake Of Jord
12 agents 1 goal Find the key to the wheel of zodiac. The agents of ZODIAC have their job cut out for them as they race against time and the Seven Deadly Sins to aquire...
Our own world together | Zodiac Story by Rulesofthebroken
Our own world together | Zodiac St...by Rulesofthebroken
I give a big thanks to the girl @lil_moony for creating the cover! Ahh ahah I'm so happy thank youuu! READ THE THING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE DESCRIPTION. Soooo.... The zodi...
Zodiac High (ON HOLD)  by notsoinnocentchild_
Zodiac High (ON HOLD) by They call me papi~
Meet the Zodiacs, Aries,Taurus ,Gemini ,Cancer ,Leo ,Virgo ,Libra ,Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn, Aquarius ,and Pisces. And follow them as they get into trouble, br...
Claws and Talons [Kyo Sohma] by CrystalDove27
Claws and Talons [Kyo Sohma]by Crystal Dove
Ami was a part of the Sohma family because of her mother but her mother never liked her family and left home. Ami's mother always told her the story of the zodiacs. She...
Making Senpai Notice Me (Pisces x Scorpio) by Little_Penguinz
Making Senpai Notice Me (Pisces x...by L i l y
|completed| A love story between a Pisces girl and a Scorpio boy. "Don't expect to plant a rose garden without any thorns" [Making Senpai notice me]
Zodiac Academy by Zodiac_Quests
Zodiac Academyby ChloMarie
This has ships, friendships, enemies (to lovers, oop-), drama, possible TW. But it's a basic book about high school drama, with zodiacs and other characters. This is onl...
Love for the Troubled  | Zodiac Story by Rulesofthebroken
Love for the Troubled | Zodiac St...by Rulesofthebroken
Thank you to @pasteloverdose for creating the cover !! <3 it means a lot • • • • • • • • • • • • > angels and demons... great, aren't they? In the World above, t...
Crazy stars (a zodiac story) by vikimonster2004
Crazy stars (a zodiac story)by tori
Four schools, twelve challenges, one winner A story about twelve students who got picked to represent their schools in a tournament, which takes place once a decade.
Z O D I A C : supernaturals  by 7fairy_tail
Z O D I A C : supernaturals by Freya
The zodiacs are in high school! The only twist is that they're supernatural beings. Werewolves, witches and vampires at high school. Such fun, especially when there's a...
The Twelve Realms (A Zodiac Story) by SilverRose244
The Twelve Realms (A Zodiac Story)by Silver
The twelve Zodiacs all live together at a boarding school, but all that changes when Gemini claims she saw a magical airship hovering over the academy. The other eleven...
The Zodiac House   {DISCONTINUED} by Andro-meda-
The Zodiac House {DISCONTINUED}by Andromeda
The Zodiacs are enjoying life on Earth for an entire human lifespan, shaving off a few of the first years, just to get head start But you know how they can get, and what...
The Descendants Of The Gods!  by KYMoreLove
The Descendants Of The Gods! by DoneWithLife
The Zodiacs who also happen to be the Descendants of God are on a Mission... A Mission to save the world.... The thing is that they are 2x stronger than the previous Zod...
𝐈𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐑 by lipsticklovers
𝐈𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐑by briar ♥
Welcome to the Everball. Every one hundred years is the Convergence of Stars, and Queen Ophiuchus has sent out the next set of invitations to celebrate. Gods and goddes...
Astronomically Chosen || Zodiac Signs || Zodiacs by 0BrainsHere
Astronomically Chosen || Zodiac Si...by Sanity, Who that?
Top Rankings~(ilysm for this!) #4 in Aries (7-07-23) #1 in Aquarius (27-10-23) (AaaAaAaAAh) #2 in zodiac (29-08-23) #3 in zodiacs (15-09-23) #6 in Libra (15-10-2023) #1...
To Rule the World | A Zodiac Story by FlipFlop101
To Rule the World | A Zodiac Storyby FlipFlop101
"If the world is to burn, I will be the one who sets it on fire." "And if the world doesn't burn?" "Then it shall bow." ------ Two...
Zodiac- learning to live under the stars by 7fairy_tail
Zodiac- learning to live under the...by Freya
So we're back again! This time the zodiacs are battling with adult stuff like jobs, marriage and... general life. I strongly advise you to read the first book (zodiac- f...