The Zodiac Signs by IonaA1001
The Zodiac Signsby Iona 💋
Everything you want to know about your Zodiac Sign Personality.
  • taurus
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  • aries
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Kpop Zodiac Signs~ by Multistan889
Kpop Zodiac Signs~by Multistan889
Know your Boyfriend, Brother, Husband etc in this book. Sorry if you didn't get your bias, it's just a game ~ I hope you enjoy it sweeties, love you <3 :D
  • bts
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  • infinite
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Yugioh: Zodiac Signs by Tsukiko05
Yugioh: Zodiac Signsby Tsukiko Shiun'in
  • fun
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  • horoscope
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TOD: Zodiac Edition by GirlGirl007
TOD: Zodiac Editionby Gem (Active)
Gem: Hello everyone! Welcome to TOD (Truth Or Dare). I am Gem, the host, and you guys suggest truth or dares for the zodiacs so they can do them!
  • sagittarius
  • taurus
  • dare
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zodiac romance by ragexian
zodiac romanceby rage
*Gemini* My back hit the wall as I was harshly pushed back to my locker causing a searing pain run through my entire body. I winced shutting my eyes tightly as if doing...
  • romance
  • zodiac
Fullmetal Alchemist |zodiacs| by Cynthia_Weiss
Fullmetal Alchemist |zodiacs|by Cynthia Weiss
  • alchemist
  • fma
  • fullmetalalchemist
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Marvel Zodiacs by Eekkgamer
Marvel Zodiacsby Eekkgamer
Marvel Zodiacs
  • captainamerica
  • hawkeye
  • blackwidow
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zodiac signs by v_for_vendetta2401
zodiac signsby vendetta
  • capricorn
  • libra
  • taurus
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Different Worlds by BluefireGirl123
Different Worldsby Anonymous 101
"Okay Nash, listen to me. Okay. Look at me, breath and don't talk okay." My hands cover over Nash's mouth trying to make sure what ever I say comes out before...
  • leadership
  • mate
  • zodiac
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Zodiac Signs by ArtisticBookie1809
Zodiac Signsby 💠Book_Lover💠
Basically the zodiac signs' personalities,and etc etc.... I'm bad at descriptions Just go read the book ❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤
  • pisces
  • scorpio
  • gemini
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"this is home" | zodiac signs by aurevoirlune-
"this is home" | zodiac signsby ᶜᴬᴹᴱᴿᴼᴺ
"turn off your porcelain face i can't really think right now in this place" in which i post stuff according to your zodiac
  • uwu
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zodiac lives  by icemiffielol1
zodiac lives by icemiffie lol
this book is dedicated to the zodiac signs reimagined as humans with a basic life with there basic traits let's see how they get along!
  • signs
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  • zodiacsigns
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zodiac book part 2 by Too_Weird_To_Live_
zodiac book part 2by Trash
just more random zodiac stuff 😛
  • random
  • cancer
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Gemini by Alexsus_Wilkinson
Geminiby Lil Red
I'm a true Gemini and I wanted to spread some Horoscopes and quotes about Geminis.
  • gemini
  • opinions
  • may
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Creepypasta Zodac Signs by Mino_Yui
Creepypasta Zodac Signsby Aima
I've been reading a lot of these, and they seemed pretty interesting. So I'm gonna try it out myself! Woo hoo!!
  • aries
  • zodiac
  • pisces
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combo ninos as zodiac signs by cookies33456
combo ninos as zodiac signsby Jahleel Honorable
Paco Aries,Taurus,Leo,Sagittarius Azul Virgo,Gemini,Capricorn,Aries,Sagittarius Serio Cancer,Libra,Scorpio,Pisces Pilar Pisces,Cancer,Aquarius,Gemini,Taurus,Scorpio
  • niños
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NCT ZODIACS BOOK:) by yeosungislife
NCT 2018 Zodiac book Johnny Winwin Chenle Jisung Taeyong Ten Haechan Kun lucas Mark Jaemin Taeil Jungwoo Doyoung Jeno Renjun Jae-hyun Yuta
  • nctdream
  • kpop
  • nct127
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Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
This is the second part to my first book "Zodiac Signs" Hope you all like it! *Credit to original authors*
  • pisces
  • capricorn
  • virgo
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LUCY ; FAIRYTAIL ZODIAC SIGNS by -fairytailsociety
LUCY ; FAIRYTAIL ZODIAC SIGNSby fairytail society !
In which the admins put your zodiac sign in a series of Fairy Tail Scenarios. Random // Fairy Tail // Zodiac Signs
  • random
  • sagittarius
  • aquarius
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Celestial Queen | GUARDIAN OF THE ZODIACS by gh0stwr1ter-chan
Celestial Queen | GUARDIAN OF THE...by - A L A S T O R -
"As mother of these children, I can no longer stand at the side and watch them suffer. It's time you and I have a little 'chat'."
  • fiction
  • humor
  • action
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