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Zodiac Heroes - Cast Down to Earth by confusions-scrolls
Zodiac Heroes - Cast Down to Earthby 散蕼岽応湵岽浭熓 岽勧磸纱隃搬礈隃鄙磸纱
The first step of Orion's plan is complete. The Zodiac Signs have now been banished down to Earth, with no memories of their previous adventures on Celestia. Powerless a...
Responsibilities (a zodiac story) by BoOks_r_My_BeStiEs
Responsibilities (a zodiac story)by 鈼栤仩鈿嗏仩岽モ仩鈿嗏仩鈼
four kingdoms, 12 Royals each with their own powers that are yet to be discovered. There is a celebration done on a yearly basis where all the kings and queens of all fo...
Zodiacs on Crack by BrazilianDoll
Zodiacs on Crackby ~ bianca belle ~
REVAMPED VERSION Yeah to sum it up it's just your average zodiacs doing absolute stupid shit except a little more sus lol
The Zodiac Chronicles by THEOnlynarwal
The Zodiac Chroniclesby THEOnlynarwal
Aries. Taurus. Gemini. Cancer. Leo. Virgo. Libra. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Capricorn. Aquarius. Pisces. Do those names sound familiar? Yep. They probably should. The Zodiac...
| 饾懚饾懙饾懍 饾懢饾懓饾懟饾懐 饾懟饾懐饾懍 饾懞饾懐饾懆饾懌饾懚饾懢饾懞 | by milalemi
| 饾懚饾懙饾懍 饾懢饾懓饾懟饾懐 饾懟饾懐饾懍 饾懞饾懐饾懆饾懌锟 馃暥锔.
Scorpio's life is- well, was pretty decent. Despite losing his parents in primary school, things were fairly normal. That is, until his senior year of high school. Sudde...
Cloudy Sky: The Unlucky Thirteen by Spectrisla
Cloudy Sky: The Unlucky Thirteenby 饾懞饾拹饾拺饾拤饾拪饾挃饾挄饾拪饾拕
[completed - under editing] [last chapter edited - 8 | setting a trap for yourself] "You're told all your life that you're broken, insane, mentally ill. And then yo...
The Zodiacs Adventure by evelynthealien
The Zodiacs Adventureby alienverse
12 zodiac signs have woken up in a mysterious place. And have been chosen to rule the elements. Four elements were chosen for them to take care of "Water, Fire, Air...
12cs; conversation by chloelabae
12cs; conversationby chloelabae
love is all about timing
Creepypasta Zodiacs 鉁旓笍 by VikingMetalToby
Creepypasta Zodiacs 鉁旓笍by 猞
Oh look...another Creepypasta Zodiac Book... Sigh.
| SCHOOL FOR 饾惡饾憘饾憘饾惙  AND 饾惛饾憠饾惣饾惪 |  by milalemi
| SCHOOL FOR 饾惡饾憘饾憘饾惙 AND 饾惛饾憠饾惣锟 馃暥锔.
After a war a thousand years ago, the magical kingdom Celestia was split up into two parts. Half was wealthy, happy, innocent, while the other half was sinful, poor, and...
zodiac signs  by nostalgcs
zodiac signs by :)
zodiac signs scenarios, facts, squads, and more. enjoy!! all credits go to the creators. ~a proud virgo
Zodiac Signs  by OhKayeFine
Zodiac Signs by jeke
This is a mix of scenarios, short stories etc... If you are disappointed it's your own fault because I'm warning you in advance, this was written by my 12 year old self...
Trouble | zodiac story  by lanisinsandroses
Trouble | zodiac story by Lani馃尰
Here comes trouble. In Zodia, an island comprised of 12 Kingdoms all ruled under the same monarchy, there is a tradition. Every fifteen years the Queen's protectors, a g...
Zodiac Scenarios by OtakuArtistNekoChan
Zodiac Scenariosby Makkuroi
It's a book on various Zodiac Scenarios. Please favourite, comment and vote! These are all taken from the internet.
馃挄Countryhumans Zodiacs 2馃挄 by _ima_cl0wn_
馃挄Countryhumans Zodiacs 2馃挄by _ima_cl0wn_
Art cover by: teronii on Instagram
Zodiac signs by SeriaRose
Zodiac signsby Seria 鉁ㄢ檶锔
Everything and anything about your zodiac sign whether it be stereotypes Or real accurate facts, Who knows? What is your sign? I tried to be all deep and shit but it did...
Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
鉁 Completed 鉁 Facts, Descriptions, Scenarios, And interesting things about the 12 Zodiac Signs! Book 1 *Creds To Original Authors, mainly on tumblr so check them out to...
Dance with Death <3 (zodiac story) by Snuggly19
Dance with Death <3 (zodiac Snuggly19
A story following the 12 zodiac teenagers in a school for troubled teens, but is what they're told really the truth?
My Hero Academia Zodiacs by Cursedgemstone
My Hero Academia Zodiacsby Cursedgemstone
Maybe this has been done before, or maybe not. I tried to be original! All credit goes to the internet and myself. Sidenote: CHAPTERS DON'T CORRELATE WITH ONE ANOTHER! P...
| 饾懙饾懚饾懟 饾懏饾懚饾懙饾懙饾懆 饾懏饾懍饾懟 饾懠饾懞 | by milalemi
| 饾懙饾懚饾懟 饾懏饾懚饾懙饾懙饾懆 饾懏饾懍饾懟 饾懠饾懞 |by 馃暥锔.
The supernatural is real. But there's a reason why people refuse to believe it. On Gemini's 21st birthday, something inside her awoke and everything that used to only ha...