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What is this mysterious feeling? [COMPLETED] by marichat_furlife
What is this mysterious feeling? [ Wan Allyna
Lila found out Marinette's secret- that she is the protector of Paris, Ladybug. She blackmails Marinette in hopes to ruin her friendship with her crush, the one and only...
Together Forever, No Matter What by 1Moonflame8
Together Forever, No Matter Whatby 1Moonflame8
Lila goes too far, forcing Marinette and Adrien to flee from Paris. 10 years later, they come back untouchable. Look out Lila, you're going down!
The Reveal 🦋 by mariichats
The Reveal 🦋by mariichats
Marinette has finally gotten the very thing she wanted, to be in a relationship with Adrien, but at what cost?
MLB || social media by Brixxmiraculous
MLB || social mediaby Brianna
If the MLB characters had Instagram! 😏 Au: Future, they are all 22 for most of it. I'll say when the Au changes...
Secret Spy's! by Butterflykingdom33
Secret Spy's!by Butterflykingdom33
What if Nino and Marinette have a secret past and were trained to be spies? what if everything everyone knew about them was a lie, what if their whole life was a lie in...
Loving All of You by cherrygrl313
Loving All of Youby YY
Sequel to When I knew You, After Adrien finds out his father is Hawk Moth and wants to use the miraculouses to bring his mother back to life he runs away from home conf...
On The Run - A Miraculous Fan Fiction by LunarPup26
On The Run - A Miraculous Fan LunarPup26
As a result of lies spread by Lila, Adrien and Marinette are forced to live on the run. Will they make it, and will they be able to prove to the world that they are inn...
welcome home •• Miraculous Ladybug AU by miraculousblogg
welcome home •• Miraculous Miraculous Blog
~• Tried to kill it with silence But the silence didn't take •~ •Miraculous Ladybug AU• •• Marinette disappeared during freshman year, nobody knowing where she went, nob...
Tattoos ➳ 𝓜𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓾𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓼 𝓢𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓶𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓼 by Miraculously_bored
Tattoos ➳ 𝓜𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓾𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓼 𝓢� 🌸Miraculously bored🌸
[ALMOST COMPLETED] In which the tattoo that appears on your wrist on your 16th birthday is the same tattoo on your soulmate's wrist. --- It was as though her whole life...
Stay by my Side by Peachyanimelover
Stay by my Sideby PeachyAnimeLover
Ladybug and Chat Noir exchange cell phone numbers, and Chat Noir and Marinette exchange cell phone numbers. Will they be able to protect their identities while getting c...
The Missing Purrincess by TheSpottedTigress
The Missing Purrincessby Melanie
Marinette Dupain-Cheng has ran away, and Ladybug seems to have no interest in finding her. THIS TAKES PLACE BEFORE SEASON 4! (This is my first fanfic please go easy on m...
Change for Marinette by snowflake_231
Change for Marinetteby snowflake_231
Lila continues to blackmail en bully Marinette behind the scenes, no one notices that Marinette is under Lila's control and is failing school. Lila isolated Marinette fr...
Miraculous One-Shots by burrito1122
Miraculous One-Shotsby burrito1122
!!COVER BELONGS TO RESPECTED ARTIST!! The title explains it I might include some salt aswell I take requests aswell I like making chloe and Marinette team up against Lil...
Felinette (Felix x Marinette) Oneshots by Rainbowdash_lover_03
Felinette (Felix x Marinette) Cassey
Felinette, don't hate me. If you're into Adrienette or Lukanette there will be some but it is mostly about Felix and Marinette. For those who don't know who Felix is, he...
No More Mr. Nice Guy [Completed] by fandom_official
No More Mr. Nice Guy [Completed]by Blake
[Prequel to 'MLB: Leave Me Be'] Marinette has had it! She's sick and tired of being pushed around. She finally sets aside her morals and lets her dark side take over (wi...
Revenge by Summikogurashibrown1
Revengeby Summiko
Marinette is back for Revenge but only to find out how deep her relationship with Lila gets. Would Lila turn over a new leaf or stab Marinette on the back when they beco...
Just our luck- Adrienette Fanfic [Completed and Fully Edited] by itzzmeloll
Just our luck- Adrienette Fanfic [ itzzmeloll
1 year after Hawk Moths sudden surrender the two super hero's are going to reveal themselves. What they don't know is that it's going to be one hell of a reveal. I do no...
Miraculous One-shots by Famousfivefan
Miraculous One-shotsby 💙💚❤🖤 Goodness in you🖤❤💚💙
Some Miraculous Ladybug one shot ideas which popped in my head. I enjoy writing this a lot. Hope you enjoy reading! There are some salty ones too. Chole: salt and sweet...
Day of Justice by SalandraWolfe
Day of Justiceby Salandra Wolfe
In this AU of the Miraculous Ladybug series, Marinette is akumatized after all of her classmates believe Lila's lies. Now Princess Justice, will Marinette choose to obey...
Marinette's Return by gabrielsdeadwifey
Marinette's Returnby gabrielsdeadwifey
When Marinette returns to Paris after four years,life seems to have changed a lot.Lila still has everyone wrapped around her finger with her lies.What will happen when C...