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Johnlock - Oops... by Yuuki428
Johnlock - Leticia
~I found this idea from pinterest and thought it would be a fantastic idea to make it a fanfiction~ ~So credit goes to the person who came up with this idea~
Johnlock Imagines by Euphoria_Sam
Johnlock Imaginesby Euphoria_Sam
A compilation of scenarios I've thought of to do with John and Sherlock. Based off of the BBC show Sherlock :) I'll keep publishing chapters when I think of things, bu...
Intrigue me [Johnlock Teenlock] by Euphoria_Sam
Intrigue me [Johnlock Teenlock]by Euphoria_Sam
What will happen when John becomes Sherlock's roommate? *Johnlock teenlock au*
Secrets [Johnlock] by Euphoria_Sam
Secrets [Johnlock]by Euphoria_Sam
Sherlock is not one for relationships, yet he has feelings for John Watson. John Watson is not gay, yet he has feelings for Sherlock Holmes. At a time when feelings can...
The Ineffable Game by Khonggioihan2000
The Ineffable Gameby Khonggioihan2000
Sherlock và John không còn là cặp phá án duy nhất của London nữa. Sau khi Sherlock đã vô tình xúc phạm một chàng quỷ nọ, hắn nhanh chóng nhận thấy mình đang ở trong một...
Johnlock & Ineffable Husbands by bisexualawkwardness
Johnlock & Ineffable Husbandsby the awkward bisexual
just a bunch of crappy one-shots for all those johnlock and ineffable husbands lovers out there. request are open, so feel free to leave some requests.
Sherlock oneshots by soul_cab_co
Sherlock oneshotsby soul_cab_co
This is a book where I can express my love for various Sherlock ships! There's gunna be a lot of different ones, if u want one specifically feel free to request it! All...
Teach Me by SurpriseLube
Teach Meby Sherlock’s Sociopath
John's failing school, Sherlock's failing life. Maybe all they need is the right motivation. And some tutoring. Teach me. Teach me to smile. Teach me to cope. Hold me...
Johnlock Oneshots by signed_aj
Johnlock Oneshotsby signed.aj
John Watson x Sherlock Holmes 1: You Can Just Ask (Smut) There hasn't been a case in weeks and John and Sherlock haven't had sex in over a month 2: You're Enthralling, J...
Monsters in the Dark by 24nightrider
Monsters in the Darkby Katheryn Rogers
You remember nothing of your past. But have nightmares of moonless nights and a person that you must have known at some point. You soon hear of a consulting detective wh...
Back to day one. by Sherlock_HW
Back to day Max
Back to Day One. By: faerywhimsy (persephone20) Summary: Alternate title, Sherlock: Never One to Make Things Easier. When Sherlock finally comes back to London, he's a b...
Johnlock Stories by SurpriseLube
Johnlock Storiesby Sherlock’s Sociopath
John is here, Sherlock is here, and they're in looove. Probably going to do this story for a while but be forewarned, I have really inconsistent updates. Enjoy, fellow J...
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I Only Have One. A Johnlock Ficlet. by Jay_Is_A_Rat
I Only Have One. A Johnlock Jay The Rat
For my johnlock fans out there, here you go.
Rosamund Mary Watson-Holmes by MischiefManaged33
Rosamund Mary Watson-Holmesby MischiefManaged33
Rosie was the daughter of Mary and John Watson. After her mother died, her godfather slowly became her father.
You Stole My Heart With a Smile (Johnlock) by TheEddsworldTrashbag
You Stole My Heart With a Smile ( TheFandomTrashabg
Ok so far I've only watched the first series but I ship Johnlock a LOT, I know Sarah exists but for the convenience of this fanfic we're throwing her out the window and...
Sherlock Gets Coronavirus by LauraUrie
Sherlock Gets Coronavirusby A silly Hufflepuff
In the middle of the semi-apocalyptic Coronavirus epidemic, Sherlock gets sick. It's up to John to deal with it.
Sherlock One-shots by justenoughofabastard
Sherlock One-shotsby justenoughofabastard
Some hella gay oneshots about my hella gay beans
Eine kleine Weihnachtsgeschichte (Johnlock) by Isellmysoul4Drarry
Eine kleine Weihnachtsgeschichte ( Sherly Holmes
Es ist kurz vor Weihnachten und die Festtagsvorbereitungen stehen vor der Tür. Sherlock verbringt mal wieder seine freie Zeit gelangweilt auf der Couch, während John ein...