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Hermana by No-4lifers
Hermanaby Lena
Victoria Romano was abandoned when she was 2 years old by her family, Spanish Mafia. That's when Ros, Russian Mafia boss found her and raised her as his own daughter. Th...
His Wicked Heart  by AuthorRednight
His Wicked Heart by Rednight
___ Men like him had wicked hearts. Could she trust her fragile one to him? ___ Genevieve Antonova was charmed by the monstrous man that ruled over Moscow. But she left...
Vixen by ThatScaryBisexual
Vixenby Sam
Alexis Vinnikov is a girl who has grown up in the center of a male-run world. The Mafia. She is the picture-perfect Russian Princess. So, she ruined that and became the...
DOA-Devil Or Angel by Favyx_viii
DOA-Devil Or Angelby Stephany Hazard
As a child, she lived a beautiful carefree life, but unlike her little imagination, life gave her more than she could afford... Her mother died, her father fled...
The Art of Perfection by jesuisvictoria
The Art of Perfectionby jesuisvictoria
Nikolai Ivanov has seen more in his life than any man should. Years of death, pain, and betrayal have turned him into a cold person without a care for anyone or anything...
Heartless Love by criminal_looks
Heartless Loveby sarah.fmx
Zoha was a confident girl, she kept her ground when needed. She had a heart full of love.....a heart that would crave love. Dimitri was powerful. He was cold and heartl...
Balalaikas Child [Discontinued] by Jackdreemurr
Balalaikas Child [Discontinued]by Yumi
Without any family, running homeless in the streets of Moscow, a badass woman, Balalaika takes you in, being a mercenary is hard work, and getting shot isn't fun, as you...
Alexei And Grace by HighestGround
Alexei And Graceby Ellie
Grace Perne is a hard-working young woman with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Brought up by her father, a doctor, after the tragic death of her mother, she is...
Fallen Empire by elqunote06
Fallen Empireby Elle_Romero06
After giving birth to a baby at a young age, Athena escapes from her torturous home. Finding many things along the way, Athena builds an empire on the one thing she doe...
fuck it by xhopefullydailyx
fuck itby Exlicx
A mafia family spilt apart after the triplets where taken. Finally after 16 years they find them, all completely different. They were bounced around from home to home th...
The Devil and His Angel by rhubie02
The Devil and His Angelby Efetobor Testimony
Anya Chirkov. A girl with so much tragic and dark past. She was living in hell and had no way to escape. Her life was literally a mess until she met him. Vincenzo Cassan...
The mafia children.  (ON HOLD)  by submissivesatan
The mafia children. (ON HOLD) by Ashley
YOU MUST READ THE FIRST BOOK. "The Russian mafia boss" You have read about there parents Alfanis, Oskar, rose, Eddy and Sofia. Now read about there children a...
His Only Obsession  by ICGrey
His Only Obsession by ICGrey
ANNIKA I hate him and I'm his lawyer. I can't stand him, despise everything about him and yet I can't stop wanting him. And I hate that I want him, knowing who he is, k...
Blood or Love? by everythingmafia
Blood or Love?by everythingmafia
The story of Anastasya Vankov,the most dangerous woman in the world. 'I grabbed his hand,twisted it on my left as I kicked his knee and shot him right in between his ey...
G5: Thats how we met by lovemyself024
G5: Thats how we metby Athean
"Why are troubling others" "Whats your deal" As soon as she heard her voice she thought to herself "her voice sounds familiar" then it ca...
Dangerous Pleasures  *COMING VERY VERY SOON* by hotterthan_ur_exxxx
Dangerous Pleasures *COMING hotterthan_ur_exxxx
~Xavier Knight~ The Italian Mafia Don that everyone has heard about and fears at the age of 10 he started his training for the Italian crown and by the age of 16 he was...
Only the moon is my witness by Yasibookworm
Only the moon is my witnessby Yasibookworm
The oldest daughter of the Russian Mafia isnt obeying her father. So she decides to work for herself. But her plans are ruined by some man with red mask on the face.