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(RusAme) ~ Roommates ~ (CountryHumans) by sec0ndacc0unt
(RusAme) ~ Roommates ~ ( ~Second Account~
Russia finds out that he's having to share a dorm room with the one and only America, a country that's too loud, too excited, and too touchy for Russia's taste. However...
Intoxicated // Countryhumans RusAme by CandyZONE
Intoxicated // Countryhumans RusAmeby Candy
Oh boi this one's gonna be one hell of a ride. I think I hate myself enough now to write this trash. Basically, America gets 'intoxicated' with a love curse that makes h...
RusAme  by YaoiFansOnly
RusAme by YaoiFansOnly
THIS IS A SMUT BOOK!!! 18+ please!
Darkness of Ours (RusAme) by Amaura1406
Darkness of Ours (RusAme)by Amaura
The year is two- thousand, twenty-seven. The USA has collapsed. America is dead. The Cabinet of States has arisen from its ashes. Their very own Countryhuman, Cabi, in...
wishes // a CH rusame story by uzanemu
wishes // a CH rusame storyby nem
In a world where you receive a power on your eighteenth birthday, America received the power to see people's biggest wishes. This year is his second year of college, an...
Pretending Stupid | America's Backstory [ONGOING] by FudanForeva
Pretending Stupid | America's Definitely FudanForeva
[SLOW UPDATE] "Isn't it abnormal for a baby to write while they're still 9 months old..?" "There's no way a little baby did those stuff." "Aww...
Paused // They Call It the Honeymoon Stage ( RusAme )  by PeekySikeCH
Paused // They Call It the Peeky Sike
Russia and America have been together for months now, it was a wonderful relationship. Both loved each other and took care in making sure one another was happy. Though...
Borders (A rewritten RusAme Story) by Dark_Magic_Disaris
Borders (A rewritten RusAme Story)by Bloody Red
I appreciate the views and likes of my old Borders book. It is time for a new chapter of this book. More fun times, element knowledge, and introduction of other CH chara...
Stuck With You (Rusame) by buzzeebee1001
Stuck With You (Rusame)by BuzZeeBee
Every country can turn into either a dog or a cat. When in other forms, they normally have a necklace so that the pound doesn't take them and so that they can control wh...
Sleep Remedy by KurikuKun
Sleep Remedyby KurikuKun
Alfred is exhausted from his economic status, so Ivan decides to help him sleep
To The Moon And Back [Rusame] by SammyTheMurican
To The Moon And Back [Rusame]by Usa-america
this is a rusame fanfic the cover dose not belong to me I do not own it, the art that is mine will have the signature sammynicole1200 or usa-america, anyways hope you en...
you'll never be alone <3 (Rusame) by future_funk
you'll never be alone <3 (Rusame)by marsie
Russia has been depressed for a long time, until he one day decides to get a job at a coffee shop to save up some money and move away from home. Guess who works there...
Russame - Drunk confession by FrancineGo4
Russame - Drunk confessionby MEEKO
This is cuss free bc I want this to be for all audiences! But like, there's vodka involved so.. EH- Update: Hello, MK/Francine here. Just note I'm no longer in the count...
Crazy mess by Deafbeatbox
Crazy messby Berating green tea
*FINISHED* DISCLAIMER: This book contains suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and depression. If any these things bother or trigger you, then consider this a warning. This bo...
Ruse Devil And Angel ⚠️discontinued ⚠️ by Leah_muffinhead
Ruse Devil And Angel ⚠️ Leah_muffinhead
it's about Russia and America being together.... obviously...but Russia is the devil and America is the angel.....while Russia is the king of hell America is the unwante...
Sinclaire Academy [ CH AU ]    by lvy_127
Sinclaire Academy [ CH AU ] by lvy_127
Sinclaire Academy is a well-known elite school in Hangrove. This is where one's social status, Rank. and blood is everything. A place where humans and vampires coexist...
♠Meeting♠ Russia x Fem!America !LEMON! by BrokeClockwork
♠Meeting♠ Russia x Fem!America ! Alice's Cottage
I don't own Russia or America, all characters are from anime/manga Hetalia. This is my first lemon so I am not so *cough* experienced. A story about how Russia and Ameri...
A never ending love~|RusAme| countryhumans|NSFW| by mobsk100
A never ending love~|RusAme| Shinseizu.mob
Rus and Merica are getting Invited to a party from england and france, after they arrived they saw themselves for the first time..and are getting to be great friends...m...
MY OMEGA (Russia x America-Omegaverse) by dontmindmealr
MY OMEGA (Russia x dontmindmealr
Russia is a Alpha who is going to be the next leader of the pack he's from but he has to find a mate too and America is a beautiful omega who's Father is the leader of t...