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Hetalia High! by SenpaiStacy
Hetalia High!by ~◇The Ultimate Senpai◇~
Ah, Hetalia High, a high school for students placed in the heart of Europe. But what makes this school different than the others is that these students are not ordinary...
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Like Water For Chocolate: Rosaura's Story. by tee_ess101
Like Water For Chocolate: Rosaura' tee_ess101
Based on the book, 'Like water For Chocolate' by the mexican author Laura Esquivel, this monologue portrays the other side of the story- through the apparent antagonist...
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Marry You by Scrumches
Marry Youby scrumches
"Just you and me?" "Yeah, why not." and the rest was history
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Renegades by dave89898989
Renegadesby Sean Lindemere
Two people are on the run from the law, crime, and everything inbetween. They must become refugees to survive, travelling to places all over the planet. But soon they'll...
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Words and Reason by CynthiaClampitt
Words and Reasonby Cynthia
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The Victim. by InklessPens
The InklessPens
A story about the struggle of a teenager who is trying to run away from his past. In hopes for a new fresh start. Mike has faced bulling in his old school and now he ran...
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The American Spirit by AmericaOHYA
The American Spiritby AmericaOHYA
Everyone just thought that America was only a hero obsessed idiot. Take a peak into the real mind of The United States of America and discover what it really contains. *...
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Guarding Summer [ON HOLD] by ElleTheodore
Guarding Summer [ON HOLD]by Elle Theodore
Summer Elizabeth Young loves money, drugs and men. Before going to the college her parents have picked out for her, she has exactly 14 weeks to celebrate her freedom. In...
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Random Play by hedgehogpotatomasta
Random Playby hedgehogpotatomasta
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It's Not What You Expected by CupCake_Cream
It's Not What You Expectedby Emzii
One girls journey of revenge gets slightly more complicated as she runs into her old childhood friend, Maver along with his friends the ''M-Boyz''. They all insist that...
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Hetalia: Viva Mexico! by jellybean2revolution
Hetalia: Viva Mexico!by jellybean2revolution
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Mexico was in the anime Hetalia? If you have, today's your lucky day, because i am writing a story about this. In this s...
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Hetalia Maids/Butlers - Drabble Series by Hetalia
Hetalia Maids/Butlers - Drabble SmazzyNinja
Each Hetalia character, both male and female; have a maid and or butler. Even OC's are given a maid, butler, or are one themselves. (open for requests) Either the servan...
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Wendolyne || furch by desmadres
Wendolyne || furchby dio(s mío)
"wendolyne, my voice breaks when i say your name."
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Abducted by Jane_owen
Abductedby Maria
When the famous Sandy and normal Christopher meet on a holiday resort in Mexico right from the beginning they despise each other! But when they are kidnapped together e...
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The Ones You Follow by Psycho_Lifestyle
The Ones You Followby Lisa
You love Breaking Bad? Well that means you must also love Better Call Saul?...Right? This story follows Nacho. Tuco's 'right hand man'. A badass.
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more than Friends? (A Niall Horan FanFiction) by 1Dfangirl42
more than Friends? (A Niall 1Dfangirl42
NIall and Sasha have been best friends since they were five years old , when their parents decided to take a joint family vacation to Mexico together. Ever since that mo...
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Mi Niña (Spain x Child! Country! Reader) by I_AM_AN_ANGEL
Mi Niña (Spain x Child! Country! I_AM_AN_ANGEL
When you were born you had no memories of your parents. You've been to many foster homes. You thought you found a good home, but that soon changed after your 'father' an...
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Meeting An Old Friend by Hiddleboner13
Meeting An Old Friendby Tamara
Chelsea is a college student whose spending the summer as an intern on the set of the new Thor film from Marvel. What she doesn't realize is the admiration from one of t...
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The Tres Dragones [The Three Dragons] by AdamRose
The Tres Dragones [The Three AdamRose
A battlefield lies 40 miles south of Arivaca, Arizona, and the battle is less a war, and more an army on the verge of quelling an uprising. The problem lies in the fact...
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