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Teenage Posts | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Teenage Posts | ✓by katie baer
A list of Teenage Posts.
Zuko x reader  by thereader1244
Zuko x reader by Na
(Y/N) never thought this could happen to her. When she fled the Fire nation she would have never dreamed of this moment where she could be safe and warm again.(Y/N) was...
Introvert Struggles by Sarzofficial
Introvert Strugglesby Just Chill
We all know how it feels to be introverted....why not make fun of it? Introverts, read this for a laugh. Extroverts, read this to understand us. (And laugh a little too...
OneShots // Crush X reader by antisocialxtrash
OneShots // Crush X readerby • Softie •
I Day Dream a Lot. • • X Reader - OneShots - Maybe triggering (Usually Not) • {Highest Rank ~ #1 AwkwardSituations}
Stalker Reader x All might (Toshinori Yagi) by Purplespy888
Stalker Reader x All might ( Purplespy888
While All might runs around town saving the day and trying to educate young Midoriya to be the new symbol of peace, our Reader is enrolled into UA. She may be weird and...
Ice cream, teasing and awkward situations by miadaley17
Ice cream, teasing and awkward Mia Daley
Mia Collins just wanted to get through her senior year of high school with as minimal awkward situations as possible. However, that's kind of hard to do when you have a...
What's a bad boy? by queenofheartsxo
What's a bad boy?by queenofheartsxo
"I'm Hunter. Hunter Jones. Nice to meet you Vee" he greets me cockily. My eyebrows crinkle in confusion. "Only my parents call me that" I warn him. H...
Bad | Jikook by BangtanJiminV
Bad | Jikookby BangtanJiminV
Bad boy Jimin falls for a clumsy Jungkook... not at first sight, hell no, he wants to kill him initially, but he's glad he doesn't. OR An au where hot chocolate gets spi...
Whats being an Indian teenager like..  by Annabella760
Whats being an Indian teenager AnnaCorwin
(Short book) You know. Its fucking hard to be a INDIAN teenager. how? take a look at this.
Switched (Miraculous Ladybug) by LadyNoirShipping
Switched (Miraculous Ladybug)by LadyNoirShipping
Ladybug and Chat Noir switch bodies due to an akuma attack. Reluctantly having to reveal their identities to each other, the duo now must live each other's lives as they...
Loving...Stalking: Yoonbum x Reader (Female) by AmeMame
Loving...Stalking: Yoonbum x AmeMame
(MATURE CONTENT!! THIS HAS A SLIGHT LIME AND A VERY OBVIOUS LEMON SEX SCENE) Yoon Bum has had his eye on a girl at his university for months. One day, they run into each...
Legolas X Reader Stories by thearrowsoflegolas
Legolas X Reader Storiesby Official Human Disaster (TM)
A collection of my Legolas / Reader stories from my tumblr blog, imaginelegolas. There's something for everyone in here, so have a meander, hopefully you'll find someth...
Autism. by Bedfullofroses
#14 Ope
In which a girl named Belle falls in love with an autistic boy. #highest ranking 4th in aspergers on 06/27/2018 #highest ranking 6th in autism on 07/18/2018
The Boy Who Lives Down the Street by JewelFleming
The Boy Who Lives Down the Streetby Blacklilies
A small town girl crushes on her sisters boyfriend. Will her sister find out? Will her sister get mad? What will happen?
⺍ 🕊﹠﹠۰۫  𝔞𝔡𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔶𝔬𝔲.  by soIoneIy
⺍ 🕊﹠﹠۰۫ 𝔞𝔡𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔶𝔬𝔲. by .°◌̊ 🎒 ོ ⋄ 𝙈.
⺍ 🕊﹠﹠۰۫ 𝔞𝔡𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔶𝔬𝔲. Twenty - four - year - old Rayner Mercury is having the time of his life . Others would think that with the...
Scandalizing Eldon by sakinawrites
Scandalizing Eldonby ___
Eldon, a beautiful place filled with serenity and simplicity. There, lived two people. Brenda and Elliot. Two people from completely different worlds. One being low...
Lily's by wwWolfgirl
Lily'sby wwWolfgirl
Lily moves away from her horrid parents and starts a small business called Lily's. After Coronavirus hits her small town of Dandelion Hollow she becomes bored out of he...