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RusAme- To much, not enough Time by JustUrAverageAngel
RusAme- To much, not enough Timeby JustUrAverageAngel
America looks and acts normal; he's late, lazy, barely pays attention in the world meetings, you know, the normal. But after America passes out on his way to his car, Ru...
I Can Manage by ObnoxiousAmerican
I Can Manageby ObnoxiousAmerican
Everyone thinks America is an irresponsible player. Little do they know, he has the greatest responsibility of all.
states do be texting doe 😳 by BluetreePart2
states do be texting doe 😳by bean
" i'ma do it , dude " " you absolute m a d m a n " " there's no way that god damn j e n n y is gonna answer the Phone " " 867-5309...
Behind Black Eyes by Yeowski
Behind Black Eyesby Yeowski
Summer is over, and things are going back to normal for America. But what happens when this American meets Russia? And what happens with this Russian tries everything in...
54 Secrets And Counting by angy_boop_noodle
54 Secrets And Countingby Mika!^^ (i do slow updates)
so, America is a single father of 50 states and 4 territories. everyone knows he's hardworking and friendly. Wait, sorry I forgot almost nobody knows about his states or...
What America is Made Of by LunarMoonyWolfy
What America is Made Ofby Mentally ill Simp
I probably won't even publish this. Anyway. What happens when America suddenly goes missing, and when the other country's get suspicious and check on him. What happens w...
Americas states by Dragonslair1
Americas statesby Isabella Blair
This is shit. Ok description time. Florida steals Texas's wagon and horse so that America can help Cali and others with the fires and so, Japan Italy China Russia Englan...
The U.S States Territories (Its a oneshots book now) by Sannbruegges
The U.S States Territories (Its 𝔖𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔟𝔯𝔲𝔢𝔤𝔤𝔰
Basically a story about America tring to keep his kids a secret (maby getting a few countries involved) Forgive Bad Spelling Pls. No SH Ships (they kids guys). Ships so...
Fifty and a Half Children [CountryHumans] by Unoccured
Fifty and a Half Children [ Unoccured
It wasn't uncommon for countries to have children, some had few, some had many. Although America is one of many, not 4, not 10, but 52 mouths to feed, all living under o...
I Can Manage: Part 2 by ObnoxiousAmerican2
I Can Manage: Part 2by ObnoxiousAmerican
This is the continuation of the story I Can Manage. It's written from a different profile because I forgot my password... oops!
Fading | CountryHumans America  by _Some_Person_2
Fading | CountryHumans America by _Some_Person_2
This is my first story ever so please do not judge 😅 and sorry if is not that good The other countries have always believed America was always a happy, cheerful , annoy...
Fifty Spies (Not Finished) by Jewelsmaddie
Fifty Spies (Not Finished)by Jewelsmaddie
America, oh America. Showing up late at a meeting again and forgetting his project. Before UN could scold America, someone burst out through the door. "Hey pa...&qu...
Secret States by WeirdestArrow
Secret Statesby (American) History Nerd
Everyone thinks America is an immature country. And he can be. But little do they know he has a lot of kids. Like a lot. Someone should help this man out. I don't own th...
50 Kids by ThemBonesGorl
50 Kidsby Hog Skin
You have to read to find out! But its my first story so im sorry if it sucks.
My Children, My Mess//RUSAME//Statehumans by greatgrasshopper
My Children, My Mess//RUSAME// • {BipBipBrrrm} •
America stared at his papers. God, when was the last time he slept? He couldn't remember. He felt himself slowly drifting off. He slipped into the darkness, thankfully...
States of trouble( countyhumans/statehumans) by gaypenguinhaslimes
States of trouble( countyhumans/ Penguin the enby
Your typical state story, America is out of town, and a group of unknowing countries agree to babysit. What could go wrong? . . . . "Oh god everything things in fi...
An unlikely love ~ Alaska x Texas by Timberwaffle
An unlikely love ~ Alaska x Texasby Weird Texan girl
when Alaska met Texas he knew he wanted her. Alaska tries to befriend her and win her trust. Little does he know that Texas has the same feelings for him. Lol I love thi...
50 Little Secrets by True_Texan
50 Little Secretsby True_Texan
Hi this is my first story ever! I am very excited to do some countryhumans. I am also going to apologize right now for any spelling or grammar mistakes. This will be a...
{**DISCONTINUED**} 51 Children And Counting by RobinDawn7
{**DISCONTINUED**} 51 Children Robin Dawn
(Cover art is not mine) Ships In This Story: -Russia x America (obviously) -Poland x Germany -Britain x France -Scotland x Ireland -Japan x South Korea -Italy x Switzerl...
Wait, You have Kids? 50 of them?! by galaxy-hellhound
Wait, You have Kids? 50 of them?!by galaxy-hellhound
Oh America. The lazy man who sleeps in meeting. Most likely because he plays video games all night. That's what they think. But they don't know he has a very big respons...