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Lion by heart [boyxboy] by 16emmy16
Lion by heart [boyxboy]by M. Anonymous
August is a lot of work. He's slightly childish and has a lot of problems. Benjamin? Well he's just in need of a mate. I've written quite a few chapters so I will try an...
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The Lion Guard Kion X OC  by midnightslegend
The Lion Guard Kion X OC by Midnights a Legend💫
Hi this is my first story on the lion guard plz like I love kion BTW comment and give me some ideas.
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King -Wattys2016- by asullens
King -Wattys2016-by asullens
It was then I heard his heavy breathing, closer than he had ever been before. Hunkered down into the tall, golden grass, I could not see him. Just his shadowy outline, a...
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Spots (mxm) by TheoryKierei
Spots (mxm)by TheoryKierei
Book one of the Shifter Series. Arron had been asking his father if they could move for the better half of his freshman year because of the other shapeshifters and human...
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Brave { Neville Longbottom} by kmbell92
Brave { Neville Longbottom}by 𝐊.𝐌.𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋
Long before she was sorted into the Gryffindor house, Kefira Walsh was known as the "little lion" in her family. The youngest of the four Walsh girls, Kefira w...
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The Girl and the Lions by _Camo_Strike_
The Girl and the Lionsby JustSomeRandomOtaku
What would happen if you got pushed into the lion exhibit at the zoo? Well that's what happened to Dawn. Dawn is a 14 year old 8th grade girl with long brown hair and s...
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Lionheart by TheRandomRhia
Lionheartby 𝔘𝔫𝔟𝔲𝔯𝔫𝔱
Dyanna Waters - the bastard child of Jaime Lannister - felt alone in King's Landing. She didn't know her lineage, and she didn't know her own strength. Taught to act lik...
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Courage {Neville Longbottom} by kmbell92
Courage {Neville Longbottom}by 𝐊.𝐌.𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋
Book 2 Kefira Walsh was always known for her daring attitude and bold nature, earning her the rightful place among the Gryffindor House. Neville Longbottom didn't beli...
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Rainbow Six Siege Oneshots by burzumme
Rainbow Six Siege Oneshotsby burzumme
I don't do male readers. Ich mache keine männlichen Leser Requests are okay. (25/12/18)
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Queen Elizabeth the Courageous by AmericanCowGirl19
Queen Elizabeth the Courageousby Cowgirl19
"You're so beautiful" He whispered, the both of them shocked that he actually said it to her in the voice he had said in it. He didn't regret it one bit though...
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Blood and Tears by Azallya
Blood and Tearsby Azallya
Arcadia is a kingdom where shifters are everywhere. Everyone has an animal form, but everyone thinks that Sang Sorenson doesn't have an animal form. Her inability to tra...
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Irreplaceable Love / Fire Emblem / Byleth x Dimitri short stories/oneshots by LunaDreamyKingdom
Irreplaceable Love / Fire ♥Dreamer♥
Fire Emblem Three Houses fanfic - Female Byleth x Dimitri short stories/oneshots Lots of short stories between the cute pairing during the events that take place in the...
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The fifth Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia fanfic) [Editing] by QueenBitterblue
The fifth Pevensie (The Ellie
This is a story about a young girl named Emily. Emily Pevensie. The youngest of the Pevensie siblings. And she's also Lucy's twin sister. Emily does not talk. No, she's...
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How you fell in Love - Edmund x Reader by AdalynJayce
How you fell in Love - Edmund x AdalynJayce
The title says it all. I'm going to assume your name here is Adara, because..idk why. Anyway, All for entertainment, don't take it to the heart! love y'all! Also, The f...
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The Lion Guard--Humans. by Mintstar1001
The Lion Random Melody
Heya hiya! I decided to write another story about the Lion Guard, but....AS HUMANS! XD
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White Paladin  by Juniperstream
White Paladin by Juniper
What does it feel like? For people to actually care about you? To actually make sure that you're okay? Lance has forgotten that feeling, ever since team voltron had been...
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EDITING - Door To The Supernatural. Boyxboy. by TheAngelsDevil
EDITING - Door To The Elise. ❌
Talks about self harm. M-preg and boyxboy. ****** Spencer is a boy who... You could say is a bit shy and doesn't like being around too many people, but when his mum fin...
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Kyoya Tategami x reader by MandMS4311
Kyoya Tategami x readerby MandMs
Being taught by your family not to speak makes it hard for you in life. Especially when they die. Hiding under a bench you meet Kyoya Tategami. Will he learn to like you...
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The Great White Lion by MoonlitFigures
The Great White Lionby Ally
(LEO - Book 1) There was a boy with a red scarf in the village. Some would say he was weak. He wasn't the type to train with his teachers or maybe even hunt for foo...
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[Trans] QUEENDOM (G)I-DLE Jeon Soyeon by sleepingbanana123
[Trans] QUEENDOM (G)I-DLE Jeon Gừng tắc mật ong
Dịch lại lời rap/hát được (G)I-DLE Jeon Soyeon sáng tác cho việc (G)I-DLE tham gia show Queendom.
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