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Estella by areyoucallingmealiar
Estellaby Not a Truther
Estella Allen and Jacob Fisher were the perfect couple, at least that is how people saw them. The two have been the perfect pair for nearly four years. Estella said no...
His Forever by fanficlover310
His Foreverby His Butterflies
Diego Romano (18) and Isabella Rico (17) have been dating since the last year of middle school but they only started being serious at the age of 14. There relationship...
The Other Weasley Girl || Draco Malfoy by wheezingweasleys
The Other Weasley Girl || Draco Ma...by feet off the table
Mia Weasley, the Weasley nobody knew about. She was born at 7 months, weighed 3.5 pounds, and was the same year as Ron. She was sorted into Slytherin, so nobody cared t...
HIS GALLAGHER GIRL by fanficlover310
HIS GALLAGHER GIRLby His Butterflies
Taylor Gallagher is 17 years old and Is the baddest bitch you'll ever meet. she's very well known in the southside for fighting drinking partying and fucking the boys ev...
Game Over by lafayettesgurl
Game Overby Lafayette’s Gf
Ezra Lewis hated exactly four things in the world. Bananas. Cheap toilet paper. Riverdale. And Kody Vincent. But after a one night stand, she ends up pregnant and K...
Like Father, Like Son ✔ by MackieJay
Like Father, Like Son ✔by Mackie Jay
Cat Logan is a single teen mother with a deadbeat ex-boyfriend and parents that haven't spoken to her since she got herself knocked up at the age of sixteen. She's been...
RAISING BLAKE  by fanficlover310
RAISING BLAKE by His Butterflies
BOOK 1 of the raising series When new girl Aiko Shu moves to California with her Father after escaping from her crazy mother and her family she transfers to a new school...
Death Is Easy, Life Is Hard by Howarewestillalive26
Death Is Easy, Life Is Hardby Madi
Breathe That's what I always tell myself. Just breathe. Except it's not always that simple. I can't breathe when I want to scream. To let out all of my pain. To just be...
It Wasn't Until I Met You by HuMzzzz
It Wasn't Until I Met Youby Humz ;)
My names Lyndsey Olsen, I'm 18 years old and this is my story. NOT EDITED
Growing up too fast by Greys4dayz
Growing up too fastby Taylor Rose
Her mother is a world class surgeon. Her father was too. And 14 year old Zola Grey-Shepherd is a freshman in high school. She was the type of girl who studied every day...
Mafia's innocence girls  by grl_with_no_nam3
Mafia's innocence girls by grl_with_no_nam3
when 18 year old auden paige thatcher has a baby's and is in an abusive relationship gets sold to the most dangerous mafia don and world famous ceo what will happen?
Playdates| E.Kirishima by Hot_Rainbow_14
Playdates| E.Kirishimaby Blue Moon
When it's a little girl's first day of going to a new school, and she meets a girl with black hair, and they become friends, but what happens when they want a playdate...
▬ Bakugo ends up loving a girl he met while he was in middle school. How will he handle handling school and his family? How will his classmates handle the news? ⭐ UNDER...
Me Plus Two by kentrellpluskids_
Me Plus Twoby kentrellpluskids_
"I don't regret my child you see that they make me smile but if I can go back in time wish I never met you"
Teen mom by crazy_writer_2013
Teen momby crazy_writer_2013
Lexi despises her best friend Morgans brother Jake. Somehow things end up happening at a party and Lexi turns out pregnant- with Jake's child. This is the emotional roll...
My Bestfriend's Baby by AestheticSmoke95
My Bestfriend's Babyby AestheticSmoke95
Ava Collins: She's the full package, pretty, smart, funny, loving, a stoner, etc. She cares about other people's feelings more than hers. Ashton Ortiz: He's pretty much...
First and last love ~ pedri gonzalez  by lloverg1rlll
First and last love ~ pedri gonzal...by lloverg1rlll
Me and pedri have known eachother since we were little kids including becoming a teen mum to his child.What happens when the world finds out about you and your son?
A New Beginning (Post-Reveal)(Post Hawkmoth Defeat) by adrienette4life42001
A New Beginning (Post-Reveal)(Post...by MusicGirl42001
Marinette and Adrien have been dating ever since they defeated Hawkmoth when they were 15. Ever since then Adrien has moved in with Marinette and her family. Now they ar...
Little Miss Secret by jodimarlene
Little Miss Secretby jodimarlene
Seth Wood. A boy who left behind the only world he had ever known because he though it was in everyone's best interest. Or maybe it was more than that? Violet Cameron. A...
My Brother's Best Friend's Baby by StrummingMendes
My Brother's Best Friend's Babyby ♡ Sidney ♡
"Girls, girls, calm down! I don't want to get anyone else here pregnant!" He joked. "Anyone else pregnant?" "Are you saying somebody in this roo...