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Rejected With The Alpha's Babies by indiaJ06
Rejected With The Alpha's Babiesby indiasanders
Lol sorry guys I forgot to change my description from when I revamped this story. My name is Nevaeh. I have never wronged anyone. So what the hell did I do to deserve a...
Pregnant With The Alpha's Baby by Steph_Omgg
Pregnant With The Alpha's Babyby Steph
"Henley," Aaron whispered. "Yes?" I asked. "They're coming," He said. "W-Who are coming?" I asked. "The BlackMoon Pack,"...
17 Siblings by MBonsey151
17 Siblingsby Addie
This story about a girl who has 10 brothers and 7 sisters. how does life play out when a sibling get badly injured and the oldest has to move back in to help out their s...
Dracon's Royal Quads by NadiaMarvel
Dracon's Royal Quadsby SlyFoxMedia
[ Season 2/ Book 2] [18+ Themes and all pictures belong to their rightful owners, not me] The Quadruplets are a force to be reckoned with. Since their birth, the heirs o...
My Gang, Black Rose ✔ by RA2995
My Gang, Black Rose ✔by RA
After the quadruplets, Tatiana, Kayden, Mason and Laney's parents were killed Jasper Reed took them in. Jasper Reed is the gang leader of the Black Rose's. He trained Ta...
A redo guys . Still don't read it . Cover by: XxJayRxX
Siblings Apart by MeganBraceian
Siblings Apartby Megan Braceian
13 years ago, the Rosaries family changed for the good and bad. The Rosaries were the American Mafia and has five wonderful sons. They wanted one more hoping for a girl...
Chang'an Peasant Girl (MTL) by user10018724
Chang'an Peasant Girl (MTL)by
By:evergreen tree THE IMAGE IS NOT MINE DO NOT VOTE ONLY FOR OFFLINE READING DAILY UPDATE Quietly crossed over to an ancient peasant girl who could be deceived by everyo...
Together Alone...!? by _commoner9114_
Together Alone...!?by _commoner9114_
Athena Isabella Bianchi, not your usual 21 year old. Cold, Blank, emotionless, ruthless, successful and most importantly ALONE are some words to describe her. After a tr...
STEPBROTHERS  by prettyxeeyarh
New life,New family and New siblings Blakely and Blake moved newly with their mom to her new husband's house,she never expected to have a step father.But what worse is...
Paying the Price by ClaraGraceBanks
Paying the Priceby ClaraGraceBanks
Four siblings Not just any four siblings Quadruplets Royal quadruplets All with secrets of their own At the age of 14 Oakley, Oliver, Janae, and June have never left...
beautiful chaos // sturniolo's sister  by hrts444finnick
beautiful chaos // sturniolo's sis...by 𝐥𝐢𝐥𝐲
DISCONTINUED!!!! one word i have to describe this ramé /raim/ something that is both chaotic and joyful at the same time this is what i imagine it would be like if the...
The Maestri Amour (Wattys 2015) - ON HIATUS by KateeSmurfette
The Maestri Amour (Wattys 2015)...by Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
"Child, he doesn't know anything about his own life. You think he's a mystery to you and the world? Little do you know that he's a mystery to himself. He doesn't kn...
Representative of the Moon Goddess by FictionByMJ
Representative of the Moon Goddessby MJ Creations
Meet Selene Moore, a young and ambitious wolf who is the daughter of the Enchanted Claw Pack's Alpha, Eric Moore, and his Luna, Diana. Selene's destiny takes unexpected...
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Past by PokemonSoldier
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Pastby PokemonSoldier
After a particularly boring day at the Bin, Scrooge finds himself looking after three pre-teen boys who happen to be his nephews. Great, just what he needed. As if havin...
Larry one shots  by Larryforever280913
Larry one shots by Larryforever280913
Larry one shots with mostly bottom Louis and a few of bottom Harry. Many many kinks and one shots with big age gaps because there aren't enough in my opinion. They are...
Caught Your Love (Nicky Harper X Reader) by WaningMoon_125
Caught Your Love (Nicky Harper X R...by WaningMoon_125
Y/n has been the Harper's best friend for as long as she can remember. She loves music, baking, and art. Since she is their next-door neighbor, they do practically every...
Awaiting His Attention  by theonlylisa1
Awaiting His Attention by theonlylisa1
This is a story that may or may not be based *somewhat* on real life events. No Smut, just teenagers doing what they do and overthinking
School Pregnancy by Albrittina_Lover
School Pregnancyby Albrittina_Lover
Brittany is pregnant and her and Alvin are trying to keep this whole pregnancy a secret from her friends and school mates. The only people who know is the whole faculty...
F•R•I•E•N•D•S~A NRDD Love story by danielawasheree
F•R•I•E•N•D•S~A NRDD Love storyby dani
Ella Valentine, Mae Valentine's cousin, is new to South Denver Middle School. On her first day, she meets the quads, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. They immediately beco...