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DANGER ZONE | Daryl Dixon by bonniegcld
DANGER ZONE | Daryl Dixonby :)
"i know you're not scared of anything, but i am." "i am scared of something." "oh yeah? what?" "losing you." - in a world where t...
Mushaboom • Daryl Dixon by amwelles
Mushaboom • Daryl Dixonby amwelles
Macon, Georgia 1989. Even when Daryl Dixon had close to nothing but his drunk, abusive father and an absent older brother Merle, he always had her. Throughout their liv...
Rotten  ✔️ by FlatMatesForLife
Rotten ✔️by FlatMatesForLife
Seventeen-year-old Spencer has been waiting for this for a while now. Ever since he started watching a new TV show, he has been wanting an apocalypse to happen. Just to...
Dust by angrychinchillanoise
Dustby Ana
All the earth is torn asunder. There used to be grass, and the sun used to be golden. Children played outside, climbing trees with smiles on their faces and grass stains...
The Blast (Watty Winner 2014) by SarahPerlmutter
The Blast (Watty Winner 2014)by Sarah Perlmutter
Now available in its entirety through Amazon and Lulu! After a series of atomic blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker, they emerge to disc...
Fading Echoes . • . X-Men Fanfic . • . BOOK 1 by Happyritas
Fading Echoes . • . X-Men The Archived BS
"Ekka, don't you want to play with the other kids?" Jean asked as she entered the room where Ekka had been hiding away, only staring out a large window. "...
Ashes by angrychinchillanoise
Ashesby Ana
Book 2 in the Burning Series: the sequel to Dust. The world is changing. There used to be men, and there used to be monsters. The line between the two is blurred now. Lo...
Last Refuge of Humanity by Csteptoe
Last Refuge of Humanityby Csteptoe
Elisha, a woman in her late twenties has survived the supernatural apocalypse--just. The normal life of hanging out with her mates and enjoying evenings in watching tras...
The Deathless Trilogy by SarahPerlmutter
The Deathless Trilogyby Sarah Perlmutter
Seventeen-year-old botanist Isla Blume believes every life deserves a chance to survive, even in the apocalypse. So when collector droids kidnap her mom, she knows she h...
NieR Automata (Human x 2B) by Awesomeeh9
NieR Automata (Human x 2B)by Emoli
(DISCLAMER: This is NOT a Reader x 2B story) In the year 5012. Aliens from outer space launched an invasion of Earth. Due to their military creations, called "Machi...
Radioactive Evolution by Balr0g
Radioactive Evolutionby Richard Hummel
The world as humanity knew it was gone. In its place was a radioactive wasteland, scorched by nuclear furnaces. The third millenium passed unmarked and uncelebrated by t...
The Infection: Zombies Awakening (Book 1) - EDITING by 10deadmask01
The Infection: Zombies Awakening ( Art
"It was Hell's kitchen. On the dirty checker floors, was blood. Red mush stained over almost the entire floor. And I see Mommy's body lying there motionless, surrou...
Arknights x Modern Warfare by AjiD27
Arknights x Modern Warfareby AjiD27
"The world as you know it is gone. How far would you go to bring it back?" The word from predecessor keep haunting in this world of darkness. After all attempt...
The Latibule [ A dark Young Adult novel] by MissCassWriter
The Latibule [ A dark Young C. H. Hansson
FEATURED Wattpad Book (July 26, 2017) #4 in Science Fiction (28-07-2016 00:12) Hotlist. #6 in post-apocalypse #32 in thriller When you see a...
Post-Apocalypse Stories by Mirandible
Post-Apocalypse Storiesby Miranda
When you're living in a wasteland crawling with monstrous killing machines, nothing is certain. Resources are scarce, death lurks around every corner, and trust is the l...
Zero by nuckss
Zeroby nuckalicious
Nina lives--Nina *survives* in a world where everyone can do a little something more than walk, talk & annoy the HECK out of her. But for Nina, every breath is a gamble...
Against The World (Carl Grimes Gay Fanfiction) by Riggs4Eva
Against The World (Carl Grimes Riggs4Eva
"Before you, I had nothing. I felt like the world was against me. I wanted to end it all. But now... Well, let's just say I've changed my mind."
Family by That_Emo_Anime_Girl
Familyby That_Emo_Anime_Girl
Eren Jaeger, adopted son of Levi, now twelve, wants to join the trainees so he qualifies for the Survey Corps. Levi Rivaille, his father, refuses to let him. All Eren wa...
The Walled Cities by ChristopherArmstron8
The Walled Citiesby Christopher Armstrong
**Previously Featured in Wattpad Picks, Undiscovered for now.** Earth. Two hundred years after the fall of civilization, the remains of mankind have divided into two gro...
Robot Love by sunflowerstorm
Robot Loveby sunflowerstorm
Sophie Johnson lives in a world where half of it is submerged by the ocean. Before she was born the world changed drastically, and now science overpowers all else. It's...