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Fallout 4 X Reader by ShadowGirl1996
Fallout 4 X Readerby ShadowGirl1996
Involves Hancock, Preston, Deacon, MacCready, Paladin Danse, Aurther Maxsonand others...maybe
Courier 6: Abused reader x BNHA by GASTLY42957
Courier 6: Abused reader x BNHAby Rhogar
I don't own fallout: new vegas(best fallout game ever) I don't own BNHA I don't own you
The Mechanist Rewrite: BNHA reader insert by GASTLY42957
The Mechanist Rewrite: BNHA reader...by Rhogar
Rewrite time! A boy born without a quirk. He dreamed of being a hero. His parents were mechanics, also without a quirk. They They repaired cars, and sometimes super her...
I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanfiction) by Phoenix_Trash
I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanficti...by Phoenix_Trash
The girl hid in the shadows of her dimly lit closet, shaking in fear. Her father Bellowing out curses like there was no tomorrow. A small voice attempted to sooth the be...
Liberty Prime Active by ICantfFndAName
Liberty Prime Activeby ICan'tFindAName
I currently have writer's block. I can't figure out where the plot should go. Rainbow 6 Siege Original Idea A boy is abused then and nearly killed by his family. He...
Fallout 4 reactions/smut/preferences!  by Jaded_Dischord
Fallout 4 reactions/smut/preferenc...by >Carry on!<
(Genius cover right?) all rules will be in first chapter! Remember, REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN.
Yandere Esdeath x Mute Male reader by FalloutRamos
Yandere Esdeath x Mute Male readerby Fallout Ramos
Y/N and Sarah were at work and helping out with the village and people with the food and water to survive and having a good day. Sarah told Y/N to get some wood for the...
The Floating Cradle by MagdaThenAndNow
The Floating Cradleby MagdaThenAndNow
Sixteen-year-old Sarah hasn't seen her sister Allie in nearly a decade thanks to a family feud she can hardly remember. But the world waits for no grudge; around the tim...
Fifty Shades of best friends and lost love by Greyshadesofsteele
Fifty Shades of best friends and l...by Yvonne
Ana is a freshman, and Christian is a senior in high school. Their paths cross when Christian nearly kills Ana with his car on the first day of school.
Duty, Love and the Wasteland // Paladin Danse X M!Reader // by BlueStylz
Duty, Love and the Wasteland // Pa...by BlueStylz
A simple scavenging run ended up changing my life. It all started with my pocket radio picking up an unusual signal once I had almost reached my destination. Out of curi...
Fallout Preferences Collection (3, NV & 4) by sharpietattoos
Fallout Preferences Collection (3...by bleh ✫
[𝓞𝓷𝓰𝓸𝓲𝓷𝓰] ---- This book is a 𝗳𝗿𝗮𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 of an accumulation of many Fallout pieces. There are two separate books that only contain headcanons and prompts...
Metal Love (Nick Valentine x Reader) by Nani_is_Nani
Metal Love (Nick Valentine x Reade...by ✞ɴᴀɴɪ✞
You've known nick for the longest time but you had to leave the commonwealth for a while to then find him in a vault , you decided to work with him to catch up for the t...
fallout x reader one shots by fallout_geek_
fallout x reader one shotsby 🏳️‍🌈
one shots from FALLOUT 4 and FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS HIGHEST RANKS: #1 in fallout & #1 in fallout 4
Snow Angel Of The Commonwealth (Weiss X Male Reader) by Crashbexpert
Snow Angel Of The Commonwealth (We...by Crashbexpert
F/N is an orphan with only one friend, Weiss Schnee, but her father tries to keep her away from him claiming she is above him and shouldn't be seen around him. That chan...
In The Shadow of Steel (Paladin Danse) by daylily_
In The Shadow of Steel (Paladin Da...by Daylily
A nuclear apocalypse, an avenging mother and the wasteland. When her son is kidnapped, nothing will stand in Evelyn's way until he is safely in her arms once again, even...
Caps anyone? (isekai quartet haremx fallout male reader) by Porschetiger1
Caps anyone? (isekai quartet harem...by David Chernous
Your a wastelander that helped out several factions, the brotherhood, ncr, the enclave , and even Cesars legion a few times, then you see a red button, and pressing it t...
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Vegas) by Th3_Sl4y3r
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Ve...by ArandocalledSlayer
Meh, Description are just glorified spoilers
Mission: Impossible Fallout by nachobusiness25
Mission: Impossible Falloutby nachobusiness25
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: join CIA agents, August Walker and Courtney Jenkins, as they team up with agents from the IMF to stop a group of terrorists...
Afire Love- Paladin Danse x Reader (COMPLETE) by justdanse
Afire Love- Paladin Danse x Reader...by justdanse
a story about you and paladin danse falling in love :) this is my first time writing fanfic so i'm sorry if it's not so good! enjoy lol {9.4.17}
/The ranger in remnant/ Fallout  Male reader x Rwby by Thatoneguy4007
/The ranger in remnant/ Fallout M...by yeetusthefeetus
What happens when the entirety of remnant goes to war with itself, Well Fallout happens. I own no art nor do I claim to claim that I do, Rwby belongs to rooster teeth.