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Fallout Characters - Lemons and Fluff by Samaroni1996
Fallout Characters - Lemons and Samantha
Consists of all Fallout characters (mostly from New Vegas and 4). Contains lemons (you have been warned) and fluff Requests are open and will be done as soon as possible
If the Fallout 4 Companions had Facebook by profanecobain
If the Fallout 4 Companions had profanecobain
companions have facebook (spoilers if you haven't finished the game)
Likely Valentine And Other One Shots by ScarlettMariaRose
Likely Valentine And Other One Scarlett Rose
Likely Valentine and other One Shots. If you want one of these one shots to be made into a small fic, please let me know!
Hancock x oc by Titan_Oblivion
Hancock x ocby Titan_Oblivion
This story follows the sole survivor through her journey to find her son, Shawn. Along the way she finds a romantic interest in someone she never thought she would. How...
Fallout 4 character x reader oneshots by lps123play
Fallout 4 character x reader Mess of fanficton
I'll only use gender neutral terms P.s characters I know or have grown attached to threw fan made content will be in this as a come closer to other characters you will g...
Fallout 4 Companions Imagines and Prefrences by NinjaAssassin132
Fallout 4 Companions Imagines Reanna
Mostly all companions. Not Strong or Dogmeat cause.... Issues. Heh~
Nuked by ESHurricane
Nukedby Emily S Hurricane 🦄
Collection of one-shots in the Fallout 4 universe and others, written for the Fanfic Bootcamp at @fanfic. Can be read together or separately, whatever tickles your fancy.
Treaty of Fort Independence by TH3SPART4N117
Treaty of Fort Independenceby TH3SPART4N117
Just mere weeks after the Institute's destruction, the leaders of the Brotherhood of Steel and Minutemen will decide the future of the Commonwealth
Fallout 4 x male reader  by Dragonborn3457
Fallout 4 x male reader by Goblin Slayer
(Y/n) (l/n) A paladin working for the brotherhood of steel heads back to his homeTown of Boston on a lone scouting mission for the brotherhood but this would turn his li...
Fallout 4 Preferences by Game-Preferences
Fallout 4 Preferencesby Game Preferences
A collection of Fallout 4 preferences and imagines. This is my first story, so please leave feedback, vote and give me some prompts/ideas for the future? :) I'm also wor...
Fallout Oneshots by TransDragonYee
Fallout Oneshotsby TransDragonYee
Smut, fluff, no romance at all, you name it! (cover not mine)
Fallout 4: 'Claw at the Pass by EmersonGrey20
Fallout 4: 'Claw at the Passby Emerson Grey
While fleeing from the Forged, Rosie, Preston, and their group run into more than they can handle. Survival? Maybe, if their luck holds. PG-G, action, light romance.
fallout 4 headcanons + short stories by painted_ro
fallout 4 headcanons + short :^)
i take suggestions! (also these are just for fun, and they're only my opinions 👉👈)
Fallout 4: Rosie Meets the Rifleman by EmersonGrey20
Fallout 4: Rosie Meets the Riflemanby Emerson Grey
Fallout 4: Assassination? Wasteland settler Rosie is desperate to survive. She needs caps, and bad. Things get a little complicated when she'd hired to do something she'...
Voice's adventures in The Commonwealth by mechasonic06
Voice's adventures in The mechasonic06
When a God of Insanity winds up in a post-apocalyptic world he can't help but screw around, but where will that get him?
Piper and Jun Write a Newspaper by MargaretSmoke
Piper and Jun Write a Newspaperby Margaret Smoke
The Minutemen are embroiled in controversy, protests are erupting in Sanctuary, and tensions with Goodneighbor are at an all-time high. It's all hands on deck for Piper...
Fallout 4: Alight by EmersonGrey20
Fallout 4: Alightby Emerson Grey
Many players aren't keen on Preston Garvey, and that's a shame. He's a noble guy, with a good heart. Rosie's growing appreciation of him might just help you enjoy him a...
Imagine the Fallout 4 Guys.  by Hailey_Brooke731
Imagine the Fallout 4 Guys. by Hailey Brooke
Preferences and imagines for the fallout 4 gentlemen. Maxson, Sturges, and Travis includes.
Fallout Through Time | a Fallout Fanfiction by PsychoBuffout
Fallout Through Time | a Fallout PsychoBuffout
General, Soldier, Rebel, Knight, Paladin, Director, Survivor, Father...... All of this becomes united in one man, with an equally cruel and tragic history. Nate sure has...