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the power of gravity. by aniayy_
the power of gravity.by aniayy_
"I don't want to see you with him ever again.Understood?"I tell her and she scoffs "Or what Hunter?Tell me Hunter ! What are you going to do? Because I a...
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Alpha Maximus Wylde by Crystaljefferson11
Alpha Maximus Wyldeby Crystal Luna
Mila is a young beautiful girl who has everything going for her, until things take a drastic turn and she is kidnapped by another pack, tortured, beat and wants to give...
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WIND-(YA) by cksduf92
WIND-(YA)by chaterine💫🌷
mungkin, angin dan bunga adalah dirinya. ya, itulah WINDYA ARRABELLA. ia pernah berjanji kepada Tuhan. setelah keempat tujuan hidupnya selesai, ia akan pergi untuk sela...
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PROMISE V/S VOWS (a Bts jimin And jin ff )  by ProooSen
PROMISE V/S VOWS (a Bts jimin And...by Prooo Sen
JImin : I love you choi areum.....will you be my girlfriend Areum : yes I will be your girlfriend...I love you too park jimin 5 year later................. Jin : here...
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he had two sides to him a innocent boy that everyone sees and the shadow that's connected to him he's the son of a angle and the devil himself he lives in the hell c...
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Unbreakable by Fluffy_Minnie
Unbreakableby Fluffy_Minnie
Hi my name is Katherine Queen but people call me Kat, I'm 17 years old. I have been "homeschooled" if you can even call it that, all my life after the accident...
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L.O.V.E? Is it something you eat? by tsubasaneesan
L.O.V.E? Is it something you eat?by tsubasaneesan
I have nothing I consider important,cause having something like that means you'll most likely lose it,or it'll abandon you,make you weak,yeah....that's just how this wor...
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Angry Wolf by CitraSari7
Angry Wolfby Citra
Melvin adalah calon Alpha masa depan dari pack Crescent Moon, benar-benar terkenal akan tingkat emosinya yang tinggi, dia bahkan mendapat julukan Angry Wolf. Itu juga sa...
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Gang leader by badwolf233
Gang leaderby badwolf233
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are you ALPHA serious  by alexia_lia_aya_xo
are you ALPHA serious by alexia_lia_aya_xo
"I dont want to be your best friend anymore" "What! !! ?" To say I was confused was beyond an understatement . the car came to a sharp hult sending...
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Saksi ni Jackson by oneitforever11
Saksi ni Jacksonby Forever69
Beautiful and sexy girl named AC dream about a man who have a sexy voice named Jackson Wang She wants to be the a girl in jackson life
Idiosyncratic Academy by EuphemiaLife
Idiosyncratic Academyby EuphemiaLife
adjective: idiosyncratic relating to idiosyncrasy; peculiar or individual. I looked the word up as soon as the letter came in, Idiosyncratic Academy, that's what it said...
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It Still Matters To Her by SwampR
It Still Matters To Herby SwampRat
Isabel is a 23 Year old girl who's life is crumbling apart.... Kathryn is her best friend James is her 'boyfriend' for a wile This is a drama and love story Let's begin...
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Breath  by babydew_14
Breath by babydew_14
mora moon was 10 when it happend ,her father and mother disaperd no one knows why or how it happend with no evidence mora has been looking for them for 7 years untill sh...
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omega worrior, alpha prince by themaskofdeseption
omega worrior, alpha princeby themaskofdeseption
Running Omega posesive alpha, what's more to say?
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Moonless by Cxlore_Gxl
Moonlessby Burning Princess
6 lunas. 6 participantes. Un solo ganador, con la oportunidad de ascender. ¿Entras?
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The Royals  by _CA16_
The Royals by CA16
Gracelynn is a junior at her new high school. She's completely clueless as to how the school runs until she gains help from a friendly face. But what happens when she me...
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Alpha of Alphas  by Anonymous_kid25271
Alpha of Alphas by Anonymous_kid25271
~~~ Completed ~~~~ Vegas is your average 18 year old girl. She lives with her best friend, she goes to high school, she likes to party, and her life's about to get a lit...
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Queen of the werewolves by Alysiatat
Queen of the werewolvesby Alysiatat
Trees, trees, more trees. A forest and, in the midle of it a clearing which helds a small house. This is largely, everything Elizabeth can remember from the last few yea...
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